Senator John McCain lashed out at the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for not allowing him to take photographs during a recent tour of an immigration detain facility in Arizona.

Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske, a former cop who has served as chief in four departments, told him it was to protect the privacy of the children.

The truth is, it’s to prevent the public from seeing the overcrowded conditions in which the children are forced to live in, which was the case after Breitbart leaked images last month, two which are posted below.

McCain: “I am not allowed to take photographs? Why not? Why not? Why am I not allowed to do that?”

Kerlikowske: “The children have a right to privacy and that’s why we’re not having their faces shown on the media.”

McCain: “I may want to take a photo of something else.”

Kerlikowske: “If you want to take a photo we certainly would make arrangements with you to take a photo, just not of the children.”

McCain: “That’s not the instructions you have given, sir!”

McCain: You have over-stepped your responsibilities and your authority, sir.  And I want those instructions revoked as far as members of Congress are concerned, and I want it done today. You understand?”

Also, the Department of Defense sent a letter to an Infowar reporter last week, threatening him with imprisonment after accusing him of gaining “unauthorized access to a secure military installation to engage in unauthorized photography and broadcast” instead of waiting for a designated “media day.”

But Kit Daniels had stated in his original report that he only took photos from the outside, which is believable because otherwise, he would have been detained on the spot.

When we asked for an in-person interview, the base’s public information office stated that Lackland is not “directly involved” in the management of the immigration shelter and referred us to HHS representatives in Washington, D.C. who did not return our phone calls. The PIO also said that press access to the facility was not allowed because it wasn’t a designated “media day” in which reporters can listen to – but not film – a statement made to the press. Regardless, in the interest of the public we did our own investigation into the temporary housing of illegal aliens at Lackland, taking photos of the facility through various holes in the fences erected to keep the media out.


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