Chicago Cop Snatches Camera, Handcuffs Man for Recording her without Permission

A Chicago police officer stepped out of a patrol car with her phone recording before snatching a camera from a citizen who was recording her, handcuffing him and telling him he had no right to record her.

“Did I give you permission to record me?” the cop demanded to know.

“I’m recording the whole situation that is going on,” the man said.

The cop then demands his identification before the video turns off.

The incident begins right after the 2:10 mark.

The first two minutes of the video show a bunch of cops kicking a group of citizens out of a public park for reasons that are not clear.

It appears as if the citizens were not doing much more than receiving therapeutic massages from a woman who had her massage chair with her and was telling the cops she is a professional and they intend to come back the following day.

One cop tells her they are only trying to “reduce crowds” to “reduce the potential for violence” and mentions smoking and drinking, but the people in the video don’t appear to be doing any of that.

The woman is trying to rationalize with the cop, telling him that that Garfield Park is the safest place to go because so many other parts of Chicago are violent and that they, themselves, monitor the park for potential violence.

The female cop then arrives on the scene, proving that the safest place to go for this group is completely unsafe from cops.

It was only a few years ago where it was illegal to audio record cops in Illinois without their consent, but that was determined to be unconstitutional. 


Screenshot 2014-08-08 00.35.43
This Chicago cop apparently never received the memo that they can’t arrest people for recording them anymore.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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    • John

      I wish people wouldn’t bring conservative/liberal bs into the discussion. It has no bearing in this video and only serves to create an echo chamber of 1 sided rhetoric.

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      • Wandering_Bard

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        Focus on the issue, and not your left/right puppetshow blame game.

        • #ChicagoStandUp

          Hey Everybody! How are you, I am the Massage Therapist from the video, & I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for your legal advice, and words or encouragement! Please keep us in your prayers for fear of police retaliation etc, she filmed us & took down our address, so we are not comfortable at all, we have contacted Chicago’s Independent Review Board called Impress & we are waiting on Internal Affairs response & press release. Thanks & God Bless

          • AlexW

            Your not alone!!

          • #ChicagoStandUp

            sure feels like it, it’s scary too!

        • G

          John was focusing on the issue.

          • Wandering_Bard

            I was speaking to Hot Sauce, not John.

            John said the same thing I did, albeit more eloquently.

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    Talk about “stuck on stupid”! The folks who want to act like police accountability is some kind of partisan issue seem “stuck on stupid” to me. People of every political stripe can and do advocate for police accountability. Any other approach is a distraction that helps those who wish to not be held accountable. You know, unless they are just trolls…

    • John Rogers

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  • hot sauce

    did the owner of this video give PINAC permission to post it on Liveleak ?

    • Quinton

      I’m downloading it now in case CPD tries to get it removed.

      The bad news is that the city will settle the suit without making the PD admit wrongdoing, and nothing will change.
      The good news here is nigga gonna get PAID.

      • msrody

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      • #ChicagoStandUp

        1st of all I’m not a nigga, & I will not allow it to be settle without admission of fault for ALL the money in the world!

    • Carlos_Miller

      Are you his agent?

      • hot sauce

        How come you don’t just answer the question. I see you often post other peoples copyrighted property on Liveleak so I am wondering if you have their permission to do so.

        • Carlos_Miller

          I post these videos on Live Leak because Youtube has a habit of removing them.

          I’ve paid people in the past for use of their videos and photos, but most people refuse payment because they are happy I’m putting it out there.

          If this guy would like to talk to me about receiving money for use of his video, he is welcome to contact me, but I don’t actively seek out their permission to repost the videos before reposting them because it’s usually impossible to get a quick response from them and I’m in the business of posting these videos as quickly as possible.

          Just to give you an idea of how I work, last May when photos from a Tennessee photojournalist started going viral, showing a cop choking a student, I reposted the images on PINAC (story linked below), then sent the photographer a message through Facebook, asking him to send me an invoice because it was clear he was a professional photojournalist and did this for a living.

          It turned out, I was one of the only news sites to do this, even though his photos were used by countless mainstream media news outlets, which required him to send them copyright demand letters.

          He charged me a reasonable fee and gave me unlimited rights to use his images in the future and we are now friends on FB. And he has become a supporter of PINAC.

          The goal of reposting these videos on Live Leak is not only to expand the viewership, but to maintain a database of these videos because as I mentioned before, these videos tend to disappear from Youtube, sometimes by Youtube itself or by the account holder who may be receiving pressure from the local cops.

        • Carlos_Miller

          I should also add that I keep the original videos on the blog until they are taken down.

          So far, this video has received more than 28,000 views. When I posted it, it had less than 100.

          Anymore questions?

          • Briosity

            What day did this incident happen? And do you have an exact location

          • #ChicagoStandUp


          • Guest


    • #ChicagoStandUp

      no I didnt! lolbs

  • guest

    Another picture for the PINAC database

    Any progress on it yet Carlos?

    There’s a regular rogues gallery building up from all the stories here

    • Carlos_Miller

      Right now, we’re still trying to raise funding to rebuild and redesign the site, but perhaps we can add a forum thread where readers can post the photos along with names once they come up. This is all a work in progress. Very slow progress.

      • #ChicagoStandUp

        Carlos, you are the one who posted my story, thanks!!

  • bengelo

    Fucking Bitch.

    • John Rogers

      She’s the same woman who molested her own son, it’s in the news archives!

  • John H Johnson III

    “Miss didn’t know?” And when she asks for ID, “I don’t have it with me.” Are dumb answers. Yes, the cop should of gotten the memo but those were not the correct responses.” By now the citizens should know their rights and how to assert them.

    “I have the 1st amendment wright to record.”

    “I don’t consent to searches!”

    “What crime have I committed?”

    “Am I free to leave or am I being detained”

    “Where can I stand to record”

    And so on, google Flex Your Rights or something, jeez.

    Those are cops are doing it because their citizens are not asserting their rights and they are much of the problem as the pigs.

    • Falutin Free

      1st amendment right to record, not 4th.

      • AverageJoe

        There is a 4th amendment due process right in addition to the 1st amendment right to record. Glenn Reynolds (Carlos, he would make a great interview ) of Instapundit fame has written fairly extensively on this topic. They go hand in hand.

        • sfmc98

          There is a 4th amendment due process right

          No such thing. There is a Fifth Amendment due process right, applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment is search and seizure only, not due process.

    • John Rogers

      No the cops are doing it because you American faggot have not learned to POUNCE on the pigs when they go after your buddies.. you girls run away!

      • #ChicagoStandUp

        I cant say I agree with pounce on them but you are right, these American faggots all ran & left us there alone to speak with them solo, no witnesses against 7-8 cars! Glad we did film. It would’ve been our word vs a Lieutenant, a Sargent, & 4 to 7 officers!! I’m still scared today 4 days later, they started surrounding us like wolves!!

  • Boko Hos

    Another cunt, I mean cop, that needs a bullet in the head.

  • Paco Townsend

    Lawsuit coming thank your local police Chicago taxpayers.

  • So What

    Actually, you can fix stupid!!! You put it on the end of a rope

  • ThereIveSaidIt

    Classic bad policing. Barge into a perfectly civilized, non-violent, non-threatening situation like a bull in a china shop and start banging heads for absolutely no reason at all. If these police departments had any integrity at all they would fire low-IQ cops like this on the spot.

    • Guest

      But there is a reason. The police think this is good policing. They want goons for their goon squad. They train them to be traitors.

    • dravo1

      Integrity??? What’s that??? Do they get that at the academy?

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      Thank you for your comments, being the person that endured this, I really appreciate your support & concern!

  • joe mama

    someone should forwards this to the mayors office in chicago..Maybe even ACLU?

  • Christopher Shepard

    Chicago 11th District, (312)-746-8386

    The Officer who answered the telephone said to call back maybe after 2pm to talk to the 3rd watch supervisor so they can take the appropriate action.

    • Matt Storms

      I just called and the guy said “I believe it is”. Everyone needs to call and just ask if it is okay to record a police officer in the public space.

      • Christopher Shepard

        Everyone knows it’s legal to film Police. I’m calling to inquire as to what steps are being taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Ove course, the man in the video will probably get a pretty penny if he sues.

      • #ChicagoStandUp

        Thanks for calling police station, about my video!

  • Michael Lindsay

    law suite can sorry tax payers.

  • graham1024uk

    Wow… in London and i just happened to be listening to Chicago Police Radio when this was going on…….PINAC dont know why cops were there…….from what i gathered there was reports of a few 100 in the Park a DJ had setup illigally and thats how it all transpired…….this million to one chance that i heard this going, i dont listen very often….wow

    • Liberaltarian

      Is there some website for listening to police radio from various US police departments?

      • Frugal Fannie

        there are a number of websites and apps that you can use to listen to various departments

      • graham1024uk

        yep……… add me i have list some where, drop me a message ill send it over

    • Zee-L Usay

      They reacted to an illegal DJ with five or six cars, 12 men+, because there is no other, more dangerous crime to investigate. Even if there was a dangerous crime they wouldn’t go, someone might shoot at them.

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      million to 1 chance that the person in the video would read this comment, but I am, & no, there was no illegal dj, & 100 people gathered, we live here, this is our neighborhood park, we did nothing wrong! Nothing at all, I just asked them why do they close the park early every night, & is there a community meeting I can attend to address the issue & they got pissed! PERIOD

  • Hierarchy of Disagreement

    Don’t worry, all those good apples standing around will set her straight /s

    But seriously, is there no crime in Chicago anymore? How many cop cars have to be taken off the streets to go harass a massage therapist?

    • John Rogers

      Well if somebody would have clocked ten bullets into ten police, then maybe they’d be happy… i can’t believe how wimpy you yanks are however… if i pissed in your wives faces.. you’d let me get away with it? 😉

      • #ChicagoStandUp

        Dont worry John we not afraid to handle things legally!! We wouldnt even be talking if we were afraid or wimps, wimps are the other citizens who all fled the park for no reason, afraid to ask the police why we were being swept!

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      Thank you, being that massage therapist, I AGREE 100 %!

  • Bigmike101202

    Quit massaging,,quit massaging !

    • inquisitor

      Drop the oil bottle…it could be a weapon.

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      LOL, NOT FUNNY YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bigmike101202

        I know sweety we are just playing. Most interactions with Leo’s are nerve racking these days. As more activists join the fray ,I think we may prevale. Thank your friend for filming, lol.

        • #ChicagoStandUp


  • DocRambo

    Please post appropriate names and contacts, emails, calls, and the light of day scare the crap out of these cockroaches.

  • Frugal Fannie

    so is the female cop too stupid that she doesn’t know the law or is she just a scum bag who feels she is better than the rest of us?

    • A Default

      Why does it just have to be one or the other?

      • Frugal Fannie

        You are correct. She could be both.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Fire her. Do the world a favor.

  • jackassletters

    I am sure the other cops stopped her from making a mistake, informed her she was wrong, told her the actual law, apologized to the man, and offered to arrest this woman for assault.

    • IcedTeaParty

      Yep, the “good cops.”


    • #ChicagoStandUp

      in a perfect world, but no, she tried to give us a citation for intoxication instead!

  • Drako Marley

    so did the pig get fired? or just another slap on the wrist with paid vacation

    • A Default

      I’ll take door #3, nothing happened to her

      • #ChicagoStandUp

        not yet! We working on it!

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      I dont know I’m waiting to speak with Internal Affairs!!

  • Zee-L Usay

    The stupid bitch had the most perplexed look on her face. Either that or she shit her pants as she got out of the car; she had the same look of concentration my kids got when they shit in their diapers.

    • inquisitor

      The resemblance is quite remarkable.

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      seriously, she did have a weird look, it was kinda scary!

  • Georgie Boy

    Should’ve knocked the dyke unconscious the second she grabbed him. Resisting unlawful arrest is perfectly legal.

    • A Default

      Resisting an arrest you believe is unlawful is an excellent way to get a beat down and lawfully arrested.

      Besides, she didn’t arrest him so he wouldn’t have been resisting an unlawful arrest.

      • #ChicagoStandUp

        You got to understand, we asked the Lieutenant a question, she said we had broken the law after the camera went off, she screamed to her partner to go get me & he came & cuffed me as well!! Sounds like we were being arrested to me, & from the tears building up, It sure did feel like it as well!!

      • Georgie Boy

        I’m sorry that’s the urge I feel watching the video haha! I don’t know even know about beat down and arrested, more likely you’d be riddled with bullet holes.
        And about the arrest… did you not clearly hear the handcuffs click near the end?

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      We were terrified to be honest, 15 guns against us our word against theirs!!! No way we would resist. We not stupid…. Eric Garner just got choked to death on video!!! What do you think they would’ve did to us, say we tried to go for their gun like the little 17 year old boy shout 10 times in the streets of Ferguson & his hands were in the air!! Come on Georgia Boy be for real! We did exactly as we should’ve!

      • Georgie Boy

        Excuse my words, just got a little pissed lol. There’s no way I would have the balls to resist either- It would be suicide.
        My response shoud’ve been: “This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to punch a woman in the face”.
        I do applaud you for filming the incident and keeping your cool. The one thing I would ask is why are you talking to police. Never talk to a pig- simple logic: nothing they say will help you, and anything you say will hurt you.

  • John Smith

    Another belligerent pig with a two-digit IQ.

  • A Default

    Not allowing people to film the police is for officer safety,
    the safety of their pension
    the safety of their arrests not getting tossed out
    the safety of not having any evidence to contradict what they claim happened

    Officer safety is very important

  • #ChicagoStandUp

    Hello Everybody! How are you, I am the Massage Therapist from the video, & I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for your legal advice, and words or encouragement! Please keep us in your prayers for fear of police retaliation etc, she filmed us & took down our address, so we are not comfortable at all, we have contacted Chicago’s Independent Review Board called Impress & we are waiting on Internal Affairs response & press release. Thanks & God Bless

    • sfmc98

      I think its great you chose to engage the police in this conversation. You were having an honest, frank discussion with a lieutenant, expressing your concerns in a firm but polite manner. And the person filming was simply standing there quietly, documenting the exchange. You were petitioning your government and your companion was recording it as a newsworthy event. If there is a textbook case of citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, this is it.

      And here comes an abject incompetent to ruin what should be an ordinary, American event.

      What happened after she ripped the camera from his hands?

      • #ChicagoStandUp

        They cuffed him & me!

        • sfmc98

          What did the lieutenant you were talking to say to her?

          • #ChicagoStandUp

            nothing to be honest he looked just as shocked as I was!

  • Enjoyinglife312

    I really would like to know how that ridiculous arrest plays out in the legal process

    • #ChicagoStandUp

      Ill be sure to update Carlos Miller to post a follow up story!

  • grepo

    Time to sue her for assault, false detainment, and intimidation. And don’t settle like Carlos did with the rail security in Florida because you just gag yourself from exposing these retards. The worst thing you can do is to settle and waive your First Amendment right for ever about the incident.

    • #ChicagoStandUp


  • Briosity

    What date did the incident happen?

    • #ChicagoStandUp


  • Guest

    Let us all hope and pray no fewer than 100 police in Ferguson get murdered this week.

  • Guest

    As a police officer that woman is exactly what is wrong with my job. Learn the law mam.

  • Homan Square