The police homicide of Mike Brown by Ferguson PD officer Darren Wilson set off a winter of discontent for protesters against police brutality and counter-protests by cops.
The police homicide of Mike Brown by Ferguson PD officer Darren Wilson set off a winter of discontent for protesters against police brutality and counter-protests by cops.

Missouri Cop Kills Unarmed Mike Brown Holding Arms in Air, Sparking Angry Residents to Take to Streets (Updated)

This time it was a photo not a video that began spreading like a virus on social media networks Saturday night, exposing yet another cop killing another unarmed citizen; a still shot showing a dead man bleeding in the middle of a St. Louis County street fresh after being shot ten times for possibly shoplifting.

The photo posted on Twitter shows yellow police crime tape keeping shocked citizens at bay as a Ferguson police officer stands inside the perimeter with his hand on his belt while blood runs from the uncovered body of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

By the time it started going viral Saturday night, Ferguson residents had taken to the street supposedly shouting “kill the police” in what initial media reports described as a “mob reaction” where citizens even fired shots.

But there has been no video evidence of any of that happening. Just a statement from St. Louis County police spokesman Brian Schellman along with a television news segment showing a reporter talking about how police are keeping them safe from this alleged mob, but admitting he never actually saw anything other than a huge police presence.

In other words, it is most likely the Police PR Spin Machine trying to twist this story to make themselves the victim when the victim was a high school graduate nicknamed Mike Mike about to start college next week.


Schellman also assured the media that they would be conducting a “lengthy investigation,” which is ironic considering the knee jerk quickness it took to pull the trigger ten times on an unarmed man holding his arms in the air. But we know lengthy in this case just means dragging it out until people forget about it.

County police spokesman Brian Schellman promised a “lengthy investigation.”

“We’re still trying to piece together what happened and why,” Schellman said.

The unnamed officer has been placed on paid administrative leave.

It all started when Brown was walking towards his grandmother’s house from a store at around noon Saturday when he was confronted by police.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Piaget Crenshaw, 19, said she was waiting for a ride to work when she saw a police officer attempting to place Brown in the squad car.

She then said she saw the teen, hands in the air, attempt to flee. Several shots hit Brown as he ran, Crenshaw said. She complied with a request that she give photos of the scene to authorities.

We can imagine she was probably ordered to hand over her camera under threat of arrest rather than complying with a request.

According to Fox2:

The shooting happened at noontime Saturday.  The teen and a friend, Dorin Johnson were walking in the street on Canfield Dr. in the Canfield Green Apartments when a Ferguson officer drove up and ordered them to the sidewalk.  Johnson said they told him they were a minute away from their destination and then they would be out of the street.

After a verbal confrontation, witness Piaget Crenshaw said the officer got out of his car and fired a shot.  Both teens ran, she said, and another shot was fired.  Johnson hid behind a car, but said his friend stopped after a second shot was fired at him.  Crenshaw and Johnson say the teen held up his hands to show he did not have a weapon, however the officer fired at him two more times and he collapsed and died in the street.

Angry crowds quickly gathered and several shots were fired not far from the original shooting scene.  That prompted police to call for help including the tactical squads from the county and city. They closed off West Florissant at Canfield for several hours Saturday.

Fifteen agencies ended up responding in what became a tense standoff that lasted throughout the night on the streets of this mostly black municipality less than 20 miles from St. Louis.

The videos posted online by the media and by citizens show angry citizens standing on corners chanting for justice, but nothing near the violent reactions police had been describing earlier in the day.

The video below was recorded from a second-floor window as they were laying a sheet over Brown’s body, showing a growing crowd of residents but no violence.



Below is one of the first photos that began making the rounds showing Brown’s father holding up a cardboard sign stating that police just executed his unarmed son; a solemn contrast to the mob reaction the media was describing.



Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 4.35.38 AM


But it wasn’t until the following photo was posted Saturday evening that the rest of the world began seeing what the anger was all about, learning of a placed called Ferguson where police were holding back leashed dogs as residents chanted “no justice, no peace.”

As it’s done so often these days when the mainstream media relies on police statements, citizens began reporting their own news on various social media platforms under the hashtag #ferguson, ensuring Ferguson will never be forgotten, even though most of us never knew it existed.


Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.14.31 AM







UPDATE: St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar accused Michael Brown of physically assaulting the cop, trying to push him inside his own car before reaching for the cop’s gun, causing the gun to discharge, which is why the cop had to shoot him dead, even though witnesses say they saw Brown trying to walk away with his hands in the air.

But Belmar did not explain why police were confronting Brown in the first place during this morning’s press conference nor did he release the cop’s name, which indicates the press conference was only meant to further spin the story rather than provide new information.

The old “suspect tried to grab the cop’s gun” excuse has proven to be very reliable in the past to justify police abuse and it’s not surprising it conveniently took place inside the patrol car where witnesses could not see what was taking place. Also, not a single witness reported hearing a gunshot during the struggle.

And it doesn’t make sense why Brown would be trying to push the cop into the car when all accounts indicate he was trying to be kept from being pushed into the car.

A PINAC reader who was at the scene this morning reported the following:

A reporter and a camera man from a TV station did confirm they heard that a couple of phones were confiscated by police, with one woman saying she felt intimated to hand over her phone. They signed waivers the police provided. From what I’ve heard the incident wasn’t captured on video, but audio of the incident was captured on the phones.

No one I spoke to could confirm that the crowd was yelling “Kill the cops”.

It was reported that the guy who was shot was suspected of shoplifting from a QuikTrip. Someone I spoke with earlier told me that the manager of that store called a radio station yesterday to deny this.

His name, was Mike Brown.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Ben Keller

    Excellent write up on this, Carlos Miller. I love when people come together like this!

    • Carlos_Miller

      Thanks. If we have any chance of curbing the violence, we need to come together.

      • steveo

        Ok, so the second suspect (Johnson), not the DG (dead guy), says that the leo
        said “Get the fuck up on the sidewalk.” The two didn’t immediately walk toward
        the sidewalk, so the leo pulls up a bit and reverses the car in a reverse K
        turn and blocks the street perpendicular with the driver side door towards the two boys in the street. (this leo is incredibly stupid. What the hell do you want to do that for? Don’t you care at all about your own safety?) We had an incident in Tampa where the leos tell the passenger to get out of the car and both of the leos were standing right up against the car door, the passenger gets out, pulls out his handgun and shoots both of them in the head, both dead. State vs. Donte Morris.

        The leo swings the door open, only to have it swing back at him, and
        maybe he thought the boys “pushed” the door at him, but the witness says that
        isn’t what happened.(He sounds very credible, well spoken) So, the leo reached out the window and grabbed the DG around
        the neck. Again, WTF, If you are going to arrest someone, you don’t
        do it by reaching out your car window and grabbing someone around the neck, with no backup.

        Now, this makes more sense. The leo is pulling on the DG while he is still in the driver’s seat and the DG is pulling back, trying to get out of the grasp, but the car door is blocking both parties. The leo pulls his weapon while still seated in the patrol car and says, “I’m going to shoot you.” and does once and that’s where the alleged shot came from from inside the car. Then the two boys take off running and the officer exits the car and shoots the DG again, whereupon the DG turns and raises his hands and the leo continues to fire several more shots. This leo is going to prison.

        Also, the unions and leo lawyer are amazingly quiet so far. Thunderous silence indicating the leo is screwed.

        • Daniel Wood

          How cute, you actually think this pig is going to get punished for this. I say 3 months of paid vacation, tops.

          • steveo

            FBI should confront the leo shooter with a story that they have a citizen cellphone video of the whole thing (even if they don’t) and tell the leo that he better be telling the whole truth or he could go to prison just for lying to the FBI. “Do you want to change your statement at all before we view the video??” Trouble is by now the shooter leo is so lawyered up he isn’t saying anything.

            See, the leo can say that the DG was the one that reached into the patrol car and tried to “get his gun”, but that doesn’t make any sense,(Before or after you did the squealing reverse K turn?) if the first shot was from inside the car at the DG (maybe if the shot was directed at somewhere else in the car and it went off, proving that they were struggling for the gun, but the shot hit the DG) and then they take off running and then the leo gets out of the car after the threat has passed and keeps shooting. There’s no reason to keep shooting unless the leo initiated the contact in the first place and is so pissed he can’t stop pulling the trigger.

  • DTM

    Was his name Brown or Johnson? Who is Brown being placed in the squad car?

    The US police state is everyday getting more and more unsafe for citizens. PINAC reveals this very well. Whether taking a photo or being pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign – citizens need to worry if they have a cop that believes he/she is JUDGE & JUROR about to enact COP LAW. And don’t even think about invoking or explaining your Constitutional rights, civil rights? “Challenge” cops that way and watch out for sure. Cops believe they don’t exist for citizens – but they sure use them for themselves if they get caught & arrested for their self imposed illegal authoritarian rule.

    • Carlos_Miller

      It’s Brown. I need to correct it. It’s late. I’m tired.

      • DTM

        Thanks. LOL. I know that feeling.

        Enjoy your sleep.

    • steveo

      Shoplifting? Reminds me of “My Cousin Vinny”, “I Shot the Clerk??” “I Shot the Clerk??” I only took a can of tuna!!.

      Yes, your honor the boy confessed to the shooting, he said, “I shot the clerk.”

      Let’s see if i can come up with the shooters explanation: ” I confronted the suspects and they took combative stances. I feared for my life at that time. The suspect reached for his midsection, in the belt area and I believed that the suspect was reaching for a weapon and not obeying lawful police instructions. I fired on the suspect because I feared for my life and the lives of my fellow officers. The reason he was shot in the back is because he turned just as I was pulling the trigger.” ” oh, sorry, he was also struggling for my gun, I forgot that one.”

      They should have a template for this.

      • DTM

        The latest template is that cell phone could be weapon BS. Cops will now say something to get it on record to use as justification.

        I also “like” the one where you got the 5 cops on a guy, in choke hold dying and yelling “stop resisting”

        As the federal government is militarizing local & state police departments with grants build para-military police and feds also supply most of the tanks, humvee’s etc… from military surplus.

        We are a police state on a fast growing pace. Crime keeps going down the last 30+ years – and police departments expand, man up and build massive armaments. To be used only against you know who.

      • Ron

        Dont forget to include “The suspect bladed his body”

      • Liberaltarian

        You need to throw in a few cop shooting buzzwords and phrases, such as “rapidly evolving situation” “ambiguous and stressful circumstances” and “dynamic threat”. You also forgot the smear the victim game plan. You can be sure if this young man ever got a citation for truancy we’re gonna hear about it from the cops, as well as implications that he was up to no good or had gang affiliations or whatever other dirt they can find, or failing that, make up.

        • steveo

          It used to be that leos carried a “ham sandwich” in their patrol cars. That’s code for an untraceable hand gun, so that they could inject that weapon into the scene of an OIS, if it involved an unarmed dead guy.

          They don’t need that anymore because shooting unarmed citizens isn’t going to put them in jail, or even get them suspended.

    • Mark Olish

      North St. Louis County muni’s are particularly bad about it . I was pulled over 28 times in a 6 month period in the Ferguson /Berkely area. Firing a cop in the area is useless as they will be working in another of the county’s 90 some odd municipalities before the week is out. There’s some small hope that the investigation will go somewhere because privately county cops despise muni cops considering them little more than security guards. They’d never say that publicly though .

  • Robert Howard

    Why does no one stand in front of the police station and do all this protesting? I hate cops as much as the next guy but I am getting very very VERY sick and tired of all these people either a) saying “Ooooh how tragic, someone should do something.” and then go back to their family dinners<–Hotel Rwanda reference. or b) protest with picket signs screaming justice but go ONLY that far. "Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense."<–V for Vendetta.

    • Robert Howard

      I understand the meaning behind the quote but what comes before and after pretty much screams in your face, DO SOMETHING!!!!

    • Mark Olish

      You couldn’t fit a crowd of any size around the Ferguson police department. It’s a small building sitting on a residential street.1 1/2 blocks off the main thoroughfare. On court night you wont find a parking place within 4 blocks and you’ll wait outside to be admitted to the court so small. St. Louis County is made up of some 90 small municipalities hence 15 separate departments responding in minutes.

      • Mark Olish

        Don’t click on the link, it’s complements of the cat.

        • Robert Howard

          That would do it though!!! Block traffic, make noise, obstruct them! They will be forced to come out and show the real side of them! Almost guaranteed they will use tear gas, heavy armored vehicles, they’ll call in back-up! It will become so chaotic and the police would look pathetic in the process trying to not only justify the use of force on protesters but it will cause more uproar! It’s baby steps but that’s how revolution always starts!

          • Richard Lord

            No not when the sources of propaganda are controlled by the government. The rest of the Nation will see lawless drug gangsters and welfare queens battling the good hero police officers just doing their jobs. That is what 45 years of drug war propaganda has created. They will call it a riot, when its a peaceful protest and make it a riot by provocing one with tear gas, your solution will be forgotten the next time Justin beaber gets a hemroid

          • Mark Olish

            You called it . It’s a full blown riot with 200 police cruisers on West Florissant .

          • AlexW

            Target the leadership

      • steveo

        This police chief could answer some questions even though he’s taking the “I can’t talk about the investigation” routine, like government agencies do when there is a scandal.

        First, he could say whether his officer has lawyer-ed up, yet. Then we could assume like cops do (about us) that he must be guilty because he hired a lawyer and is taking the fifth. Also, he could answer the question is your officer “cooperating with the investigation” something they always say about us, when we rely on our right to remain silent. Mr. XYZ isn’t cooperating with the investigation.

  • Guest

    I’m trying to figure out what this article has to do with this website. I follow this site to see what problems photographers are having with law enforcement when it comes to photography in public. As a street/documentary photographer in St. Louis all of my work is in public.

    I live about 4 miles from where this happened. I used to live in Ferguson and have had contact with the Ferguson police several times over 15 years and have never had a problem with them. The only thing in this article I read that relates to photography is this quote:

    “We can imagine she was probably ordered to hand over her camera under threat of arrest rather than complying with a request.”

    You can imagine, but you don’t know if that happened. It’s not responsible journalism to make a statement like that.

    • fhfghghg

      You’ve probably never had a problem because you are white. Sounds racist but it’s most likely true.

      • Guest

        I agree. I’m actually following this locally, and what I mean following it is I’m talking to people where it happened and local TV reporters. There is more to it than is being reported in the news and it turns out what is going on does apply to this site.

      • Mark Olish

        Ferguson is about 1/3 white,but don’t be white and north of Airport / Chambers Rd after midnight.. If a cop sees you, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be pulled over.and questioned at length at a minimum.. It depends if the cop has his quota for the month.All the north county municipality’s rely on tickets as a major source of revenue,up to 45% of the budget..

    • Keal G Seo

      I’ve been saying this about several articles posted here over the past few months. This website is becoming less about photographers with police problems and more of a general cop bashing website.

      • Kilroy238

        There are more writers now than just Carlos so things can be expected to will branch out some.

        • Keal G Seo

          Even this article is by Carlos and Carlos would still be owner and editor in chief.

          • Carlos_Miller

            So should I step down to satisfy your demands? Wouldn’t it just be easier if you just not read the site?

            I would love for you to stick around, but if you’re going to get hung up on the stories I write, then this relationship is never going to work because we plan on increasing the number of stories we write about police abuse.

          • Mike Ross

            Carlos, it’s your train set and you can and should run it any way you like.

            I WILL say that I personally think you should stick closely to your core mission, as per the title of the blog. I think there’s definitely a place for a blog that simply reports accurately the bullshit that people all too often try to inflict on photographers.

            That’s what you’re best at; there’s any number of blogs and organisations very ready to point up bad policing. But that’s just my 2c good luck with whatever you end up doing.

            Maybe, maybe, best of both worlds? Split the blog? Or offer a filtered view, so people like me, who are mostly or entirely interested in stories where photography is at the heart of it, can see just those stories? An idea to play with…

          • o0THX11380o

            No this site is too important. I don’t understand people complaining about articles that aren’t strictly about photographer abuse. The issue is not so clean cut. There are larger issues that relate to police being anti-photography. Such as the increasing militarization of the police and the general abuse of the people. Please keep up the good work Carlos.

      • steveo

        is it cop bashing to wonder why a police officer shot a teenager 8 times in the back, when he was unarmed with his hands up?

        • Keal G Seo

          No it is cop bashing to look for any reason to bitch about cops. Yes this deserves some bitching but is off topic for the website…which is what we are discussing.

          • Empty0Set

            Thus far, the incidents posted of other police misconduct (that is, those not simply being cops preventing people from filming) have involved police physically assaulting civilians. There is this case, where police shot an unarmed man, and previously there was a story of a man who was brutally tackled and assaulted by a cop who claimed he looked like a suspect.

            How can any honest person describe these incidents as “[looking] for any reason to bitch about cops.” That is saying the “off-topic” incidents are trivial, that the complaints are “bitching,” as if what happened was something like the cop giving someone a ticket with which they did not agree.

            That said, the “topic” of this webpage is whatever the heck Carlos Miller thinks should be on the webpage. If you think the webpage was exclusively about filming the police, it didn’t start out that way, it evolved into that. Well, it is changing again, that is not illegal.

          • Keal G Seo

            Because they don’t have anything to do with what this site has been about. The degree to which it is a bitchable offense does not change that it is off topic. This story belongs on Cop Block. This site, according to the About page, is about police misconduct towards photographers.

            Maybe you should go read the About page because that is exactly how it started and now it is changing without making that clear. So let’s bitch about false advertisement or misleading URL names.

            I’m not here to argue with you. I was making a comment that Carlos is likely to see and take into consideration. The fact you want to get all butt hurt about doesn’t concern me. If you feel you must get the last word go right ahead but I am done with you here.

          • Empty0Set

            “The degree to which it is a bitchable offense does not change that it is off topic. ”

            Expressing anger about police shooting an unarmed man is not “bitching.” It isn’t a matter even of degree, the present complaints are in a whole other category. “Bitching” is complaining about things that don’t matter. Certainly there can be different degrees to which things do not matter. In other words, it is not possible to “bitch” about police shooting an innocent person, because that does matter.

            “So let’s bitch about false advertisement or misleading URL names.”

            Well isn’t this ironic. You accuse this webpage of several instances of “bitching” but now you are complaining that some of the content doesn’t strictly correspond to what is written in the “About” page; if you want an example of “bitching,” well that is it. In fact, I will make it a point to *NOT* look at the About page, because I don’t care what it says. No one else does, just you.

            “The fact you want to get all butt hurt about doesn’t concern me.”

            You’re the only one that seems to be “all butt hurt” that apparently what is written in the About page is not a Sacred Commandment. You know, it is still possible for a page to be “about” something even if not 100% of the content is strictly related to that thing.

          • Carlos_Miller

            Keal, Again, I am the publisher of this site and if you look through the archives, you will see nothing has changed, except the number of incidents I report about.

            This conversation is so predictable from new readers that it gets tiresome. Do you think you’re the first reader who has been reading a few weeks to suddenly decide what this “site is about” and starts dictating to me what I am and not allowed to publish?

            It’s obvious you are not comfortable reading stories of cops killing unarmed people but I’m not comfortable ignoring those stories, so that’s our dilemma.

          • Keal G Seo

            You are right that you have on occasion brought up something off topic. But now it seems like it is every time I check there is new off topic story.

            I’m not a new reader. I’ve been watching this site for a couple of years now. I just recently started commenting on it. As for what the site is about read your own about page. It shows a focus on photographers being harassed…not general cop bashing. Update the “About” page if you don’t want people to assume that is what the site is “About”.

            It isn’t that I am not comfortable with it. I frequent Cop Block and Info Wars ect on a pretty regular basis as well. This is just the site I check that is or has been about photographers. A topic more near and dear to my heart than general cop bashing.

          • Carlos_Miller

            If you really believe it is “cop bashing” to question why a cop would shoot an unarmed man ten times, then you’re part of the problem.

          • Keal G Seo

            Did you not read the thread? Aren’t you a journalist that is supposed to research before commenting? I have already said that “cop bashing” is not to do with this story, it is looking for any reason to bitch about cops. Here let me do your work for you:

            “is it cop bashing to wonder why a police officer shot a teenager 8 times in the back, when he was unarmed with his hands up?”

            “No it is cop bashing to look for any reason to bitch about cops. Yes this deserves some bitching but is off topic for the website…which is what we are discussing.”

            (IE The WEBSITE is cop bashing…not an individual story.)

          • Guest

            What’s wrong with copbashing? When all of the mainstream news you get is copsucking, don’t you think having a few copbashing sites offering a critical view is valuable?

          • Keal G Seo

            IDK about yours but my local news covers local abuse. But why should I care about your PD halfway across the country on my local news? As for national news outlets…yeah they will but only if they think it will get them ratings. Which unfortunately because this country is full of pussies it wont.

          • Carlos_Miller

            “The WEBSITE is cop bashing…not an individual story”

            Obviously, this site is not for you.

          • Empty0Set

            Again, asking that police not kill an unarmed teenager as he was walking away with his hands in the air is not “bitching.” In fact, if that is “bitching,” well then so is having a whole webpage dedicated to incidents of “people being arrested for filming” in the first place.

            If posting a couple of “unrelated” stories about cops beating a man unconscious or shooting an unarmed kid ten times is “cop bashing,” then so is the entire “related” content of the webpage. Which means that “bitching about cops” is not what is worrying you, you’re just having an OCD reaction to the stories which seemingly do not correspond to the letter of the “law” imposed from high up above by the “About” page.

            Just think of all the children who read the About page and then were subjected to “off-topic” posts!

          • ben dover

            Go hang yourself you POS.. Watch main street media they show a story 30 seconds after found and change there reports about it as it comes to fruition , And they never apologize for being wrong. If i want the real story i dig deep into the net to find true witnesses

          • inquisitor

            Yeah, but you are now sounding like a broken fucking record as you have repeated this in the past and on this thread. Carlos and many regular visitors already heard your perspective.
            It has been duly noted and considered.
            You have your response.
            Move on.

          • steveo

            at least this site, allows dissenters like cops or ex cops or relatives of cops to anonymously post comments and troll as dis-information, hiding behind some type of BS lead in like, “I follow this blog for a long time and agree with most of your ideas, BUT….” not like sites like which only allow for one point of view.

          • n4zhg

            No one put a gun to your head and made you read this web site. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

          • Carlos_Miller

            I will write a disclaimer in the About Page advising that the site does address police abuse, even when it does not pertain directly to a photographer, to prevent any further confusion for future readers. Fair enough?

            I just figured the content would speak for itself, but obviously not.

          • Keal G Seo

            Do what you want to. I was simply making a point that I hoped would have steered you back to focusing more on photography related stories.

          • Carlos_Miller

            No, Keal. Police abuse is running rampant in this country and I will not ignore it.

          • Keal G Seo

            No you wont. Those clicks are more valuable than reader loyalty. Eh, I’m done with topic.

          • Mark Olish

            Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass …..

          • John

            Keal, chiming in to say that I (and many others here) agree with you. This website used to be about photographers’ rights, and in the last year or so it has gone the way of extreme anti-cop rhetoric. We don’t know the reasons. It might be page views, Carlos’s issues with police, or something else. Only Carlos knows.

            Watching the comments section over the last year or so is sad. The intelligent, well-spoken commenters that can talk eloquently about photography have disappeared and have been replaced by extremist 16-year-old cop haters that can’t seem to tell the difference between bad policy and the rogue actions of a bad apple. These extremist commenters have an awful lot of time on their hands. They stomp their feet and “f– you” their way to what they think is a victory, and they generate a ton of page views and long comment threads in the meantime. But they don’t actually help move the needle. They don’t change anything. They alienate the intelligent group of people that can actually effect change. And a would-be journalist-activist should understand that.

            Carlos, I don’t know why you always respond to these comments with “you don’t like it, you can leave.” We know that. We know it’s your website. Who cares who owns it? Do you think when consumers hate a new Apple product that Tim Cook says “you don’t like it? Don’t buy it”? No… he listens, and he builds something people like.

            We, your readers, are asking you to hone your focus on something that is important and unaddressed elsewhere: the rights of photographers. There are dozens of anti-cop websites. There are no other sites that do what you claim to do. Standing up for photographers is a worthwhile mission, and if you can build a brand, it’s a profitable one that serves an otherwise unmet need.

            If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to listen to your users and find the holes in the market that are unfulfilled. If you want to enter the crowded space of cop bashing, you’ll probably get a spike in page views in the short term, but in the end, nothing will differentiate your product. Differentiate your product, listen to your users, avoid the very vocal extremists, and you’ll likely fill a niche that no one else does.

            It’ll be a sad day for photographers of the world if you keep going the route of anti-police rhetoric and lose your focus on your original mission. I know I don’t have to read the website of which you’re editor. But I do hope you keep your focus on photography so that I can continue to do so.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            I don’t agree with your analysis. ProudGrandpa went away, but otherwise, it’s largely the same crowd it was a year ago.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            No, John is right. It has gotten a lot worse over the past year.

          • Boko Hos

            Maybe you need to find another website to justify police violence and intimidation by quoting bullshit policies and “law”. You’re a fuckin’ joke and typical of ex law enforcement. Try policeone out for a while, they’re on the same page as you, the wrong one.

          • ExCop-Lawyer


            Like I would take advice from you?

            You’re funny.

          • Boko Hos

            It wasn’t offered as advice.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Oh, I see. You’re telling me I have to leave, almost like you had some delusion of authority.

            You’re still funny.

          • Boko Hos

            If someone other than law enforcement was arresting and beating cameramen and women or confiscating their personal property, maybe they would stop hating on cops. Until then, deal with it. Carlos talks smack about the police because it’s the fucking police causing all the trouble.

          • John

            With your two comments above, you have clearly illustrated my point.

          • Boko Hos

            And you just made mine and a lot of other people’s as well.

          • John

            You seem to have missed my point entirely. You might want to re-read my comment if you’re going to play the “I know you are but what am I” game.

          • DocRambo

            John: as I said above:

            “And all too often that abuse includes the abrogation of a citizens First
            Amendment rights to record and document the abuse. The message is
            clear, Photography is not a crime, so every citizen should use it, and
            maybe it will prevent crap like this from happening!If Keal cannot see
            the continuum, perhaps he should seek solace in a site less disturbing
            to I see”

            If you can’t see the relationship, you have a problem. I see this site as having a major role in documenting the overwhelming problem this country faces, and if you are unconcerned, just wait till the SWAT team shows up at your door. It is not just for photographers!

          • DocRambo

            And all too often that abuse includes the abrogation of a citizens First Amendment rights to record and document the abuse. The message is clear, Photography is not a crime, so every citizen should use it, and maybe it will prevent crap like this from happening!If Keal cannot see the continuum, perhaps he should seek solace in a site less disturbing to him.

          • Guest

            Seems like a fair and equitable solution to me.

            Considering how many times injustice has been masked by lies and deceit this may also be an effective means of encouraging unknowing witnesses or photographic journalists to come forward with their statements, pictures or footage.

            Or it may encourage a witness to share their content directly and anonymously with PINAC for publication. We all know that threats, coercion, intimidation and terrorism have been used to silence potential witnesses.

            PINAC protects First Amendment rights. This includes Freedom of the Press as well as photography. And it also covers the Freedom of Speech including anonymity.

            All of this, either directly or indirectly, is covered under the umbrella of this organization. It makes good sense to refine, clarify or specify any components, such as goals or objectives, as needed over time in order to enhance participation and avoid confusion.

          • ClintJCL

            They don’t? Confiscating peoples’ phones and making them sign a waiver has nothing to do with this? Does 2+2 = 5?

          • grammy97

            There has been some reporting that phone/cameras were confiscated by the police immediately after Mike Brown’s death. That sounds to me like the precise focus of this blog.

          • DocRambo

            Gee, Keal, we’re going to miss you. This is Carlos’ blog/site, and he can include any damned thing he wants. Take your bitchy self off the scene and start your own damned blog. Us long term PINAC supporters realize just how much time, money and effort this site takes, and the sacrifices Carlos (and contributors) have made in furtherance of all of our First Amendment rights. If you can’t appreciate it, leave, and just leave quietly.

          • JLA1125

            The question was “is it cop bashing to wonder why a police officer shot a teenager 8 times in the back, when he was unarmed with his hands up?.”
            And the very first word from your response was “No.” So what’s your problem?

          • Kyle

            Perhaps a complimentary website titled “Breathing Is Not A Crime” is in order to cover all the other issues that the establishment and their ‘enforcers’ seem to be having with ordinary citizens…

          • AnonymousCoward

            The problem here Kyle, is that Brown is no longer breathing – so even there it would be highly off topic and inappropriate based on my own smug sense of self-satisfaction.

            The other thing that really pisses me off is I was reading the Washington Post and they had literally dozens of stories that had nothing to do with posts (or even poles). :/

            Mind you, the police removing protesting citizens and journalists from the area by a show of force, while a 1st amendment violation has nothing to do with photography – many of the citizens weren’t photographing and the journalists were video recording not photographing.

            I propose we boycott PINAC and all instead go to

          • inquisitor

            Fortunately one does not need to look very far for a reason to bitch about cops. They seem to be fronting the justifications just nicely on their own with no effort on my part.

          • ben dover

            Its on target, cops confiscating peoples vids on threat of arrest and if anything important is found it will more then likely be erased. Cops will start to be held more accountable or more will be killed ! Whats the better of the two? Figure it out and fast because Of the people, By the people, For the people,,, Are itching for the 2nd one

          • pete838

            Behavior like this illustrates WHY it is important to record cops. I find it very relevant.

      • Get Real

        The pertinent issue here is that police will sometimes deadly force in order to prevent some ‘potential danger’. The amount of potential danger in this instance is easily comparable to that ‘perceived’ of camera toting citizens.

      • Carlos_Miller

        You’ve probably only been reading for a few months. The site has always been about police abuse and photographers’ rights.

        If you refer to this site as a “cop bashing” site, then there are plenty of copsucking sites out there that are probably more to your liking.

        • n4zhg

 for example

      • JayBone

        It’s not cop bashing. It’s about police power and control being diminished by the rise of cameras and the internet. The Ferguson police can’t control their narrative as the official version. They seized cameras and released a story about the victim being a suspected shoplifter. But they couldn’t control images of the scene from being released; they couldn’t control witnesses going to social media to tell their version of what they saw. This is the new media paradigm.

      • inquisitor

        Then you should probably head toward a destination more toward your liking.

      • KKerfuffulator

        For some reason (bias?), there are folks that just can’t see that “cop bashing” is not at ALL the same as Cop Accountability.

        To the folks all concerned about “cop bashing”, please feel free to introduce some proactive police accountability options that you have reason to believe actually work.

        Or, if you prefer, just keep whining and enabling unaccountable cops…

      • Rail Car Fan

        It’s not cop bashing if what you’re saying about “Badge Bully” cops is the truth!

        Rail Car Fan

    • Richard Lord

      Our rights are tied together, justice isnt just for photographers. Justice for all. I do not speek for Mr Miller, but I believe this sight has always been about justice. The principles of liberty that every American once valued before they broke us up into groups. I do not think Mr Miller needs to justify what he is passionate about. Im pretty sure this sight has always been about basic human rights. When unarmed Americans are shot on our streets every American website should be screaming for justice. When that starts happening photographers will be safe.

    • Richard Lord

      If thomas pain, Sam Adams and Franklin had written after a journalist class we would not have a country, I do value journalists having ethicsl boundaries, but the rules have to be broken the boundaries have been crafted to protect the government and not the people.

    • Carlos_Miller

      I decide what goes on this site. Not you.

      I’ve always written about police abuse because that is what drove me to launch this site, an incident where I had my head bashed into a sidewalk repeatedly for taking photos.

      The point of this site is that cops need to be monitored as well as that hobbyist photographers should be allowed to take photographs without getting harassed.

      That’s not going to change.

      This article shows the importance of citizen using their cameras in situations like this because we can’t depend on the media to always be truthful. And we can certainly not depend on police to remain truthful.

      • Guest

        “I decide what goes on this site. Not you.”

        Well Carlos you could have been a little more diplomatic in that response. If you looked at my other comments you would have seen that I am actively following this story. It’s happening close to where I live. I just spent two hours at a protest and shot a lot of photos. I’ve spoken to people involved. You obviously have this covered, so I’ll share what I have on another site.

        • Carlos_Miller

          I just woke up and the first comments I read were people questioning my right to publish this piece, which is a little irritating.

          If I get something wrong, I will gladly correct it and apologize.

          But to read comments telling me the story doesn’t belong on this site is not much different than cops telling me what is newsworthy or not.

          That’s my decision.

          I can understand you are taken aback by my less than diplomatic response, but diplomacy has never been my strong suit.

          If it was, this site would not exist.

        • inquisitor

          Yeah, get lost….beat it.

        • Guest

          So Carlos gets angry at times. Ignore it. Post your contribution. There are many more viewers here and this site reaches a lot of people.

        • Charlie

          Speaking of diplomacy, I think you could exercise some more.
          You come across pretty judgmental.

    • JayBone

      I see a lot of overlap between a photographer’s First Amendment right to film and holding the police accountable for their actions. Anyone can be a part of the media and I believe this story reflects that. The original photo of the man laying in the street was taken by someone on the scene with a phone. The other images are from the people who were on the scene. The rise of smart phones and cameras has altered the power structure. This article fits with PINAC’s slogans of “Be the media” and “Little Brother watching Big Brother.”

      I’m glad to see PINAC report on events of this nature.

    • steveo

      After following PINAC for about 7 years and commenting on many stories, I’ve found that it’s always better to wait a bit on these stories to see how they develop before complaining about content. Like this one that has literally exploded all over the MSM and exploded into violence in this community. I read about this story first on this blog. Then the networks started to mention stuff about a kid shot in MO, then all hell broke loose.

      Today, if you were a street photog in Ferguson, I’d recommend you go to somewhere safe like Baghdad. .

  • Richard Lord

    If they choose to take on the police they will loose. The police do violence better than anyone short of the military. They need to organize against the politicians who fail to reign in thr police. They need to organize to reform who gets qualified immunity. They need to get guns out of the hands of gangsters and end the drug war being waged against them. Edit change them to us. And they to WE

    • hang3xc

      The word is LOSE. Third grade spelling. Why is this word spelled wrong so often. IT’S FOUR F’IN LETTERS

      • DocRambo

        One usually uses a “?” at the end of a question. If you can be the spelling Nazi, I’ll be the punctuation Nazi. Elitist, impolite, and rude, is what comes to mind. Also, “F’IN” isn’t a word. If we are going to concentrate on spelling, let’s get it right.

  • Guest

    Just a quick update. There is a press conference with Ferguson Police and St. Louis County police (County is investigating) at 10:00am CST. I’m going to be there.

    A reporter and a camera man from a TV station did confirm they heard that a couple of phones were confiscated by police, with one woman saying she felt intimated to hand over her phone. They signed waivers the police provided. From what I’ve heard the incident wasn’t captured on video, but audio of the incident was captured on the phones.

    No one I spoke to could confirm that the crowd was yelling “Kill the cops”.

    It was reported that the guy who was shot was suspected of shoplifting from a QuikTrip. Someone I spoke with earlier told me that the manager of that store called a radio station yesterday to deny this.

    • steveo

      great to have a PINAC follower on the scene. this is what we’re concerned with….accuracy in reporting and a big no to censorship

      • Carlos_Miller

        That PINAC follower got pissed off and stopped following, seeing how his username changed to “guest.”

    • Carlos_Miller

      So the statement I made that you called “irresponsible” turned out to be true?

      • Guest

        It was irresponsible because you just assumed it happened and haven’t checked the facts, like a responsible journalist would do. How do you know the people I spoke with even knew what happened? If you’re going to represent yourself as a journalist, then act like one.

        • Carlos_Miller

          Steve, I’ve been writing this site for seven years and it’s pretty much like Groundhog Day because the incidents are all the same. The only difference is the name of the police departments.

          When cops kill somebody in public, their automatic response is to confiscate cameras.

          I was up all night reading through the media reports from the so-called “responsible journalists” and I saw through much of the police spin they were reciting, which I tried to highlight in this piece.

          When I read “she complied with a request that she give photos of the scene to authorities” in the same article that was also reporting mobs of angry people that are chanting “kill the police,” it just didn’t add up to me.

          I’m not the type of journalist is just going to regurgitate press releases. I’m the type of journalist who will do my own research, report my own observations and form my own analysis based on what has become my expertise.

          • Charlie

            Carlos, don’t get me wrong, I’d sooner read your analysis than parroted mainstream tripe. However, I think there’s merit in separating instinct from analysis based on facts.

            Your instinct is probably right much of the time due to your experience but if you blur the distinction between those gut feelings and commentary based on facts, then you can become unreliable as a source.

            Can I suggest you make it really clear when you are making an assumption versus a conclusion based on facts you know?

            Having said that, I understand that you post these stories real quick and there’s a lot of research that you do behind the scenes to get your stories accurate. I’m not trying to bust your balls, I have too much respect for your work.

    • JayBone

      Since it appears most of the pictures were taken after the police were on the scene, the cameras were seized not as evidence, but as an attempt to control the images that were being released.

      Good on PINAC for being an outlet to show these images. Social media and smart phones has changed the structure of the media. The power has shifted away from the hands of the few into the hands of almost everybody.

  • Buford2k11

    We are starting to see more “Judge Dredd” type of policing…who needs lethal injections when we have trigger happy bigots???

  • OhSnapDJB

    Fact is that Americans are COWARDS and are comfortable with being STEPPED ON by the government! The residents of this community will do absolutely NOTHING!

  • Guest

    There’s a protest scheduled tomorrow morning at the Ferguson Police station.

  • Dave Moritz

    So instead of trying to deescalate the situation they show up in mass for one thing, to intimidate citizens to show they are in charge and can do what ever they want. They need to show some respect to those that they claim to protect and serve because of the simple fact they are totally out numbered even with all the back up that came in. And of course law enforcement is lying about what is going on to perpetuate the myth of the war on police bs. The facts show that if there is a war, it is a war on citizens and law enforcement is out shooting people and getting away with it! In Fullerton, CA when officers murdered Kelly Thomas people demonstrated in front of the Fullerton Police Department which made the Fullerton Police nervous as hell. And people flooded Fullerton City Hall and proceeded to scream at and threaten the jobs of all city council members! They demanded the job of the police chief and a short time later the chief of police lost his job. The murderers with badges how ever escaped justice and where not sentenced for there crimes! People need to be sick and tired and law enforcement needs to not only realize this but they need to be put in there place so they stop running around playing god!

  • Difster

    Armed people need to storm the police station, arrest everyone and hold a citizen trial.

    CopRoaches are not above the law.

  • Fedup

    Haven’t had time to read the write up. Still getting my ass chewed for having the video’s audio start blaring through my speakers. PLEASE… If you’re going to embed video, please make sure it doesn’t AUTO play. Some of us will get fired, or suffer other extreme consequences if caught looking at this while at work

    • Carlos_Miller

      I hate auto play myself, but I’m not even sure which videos you’re talking about because they are not auto playing on my computer.

      • Guest

        It’s the last video in the story. It auto played on my computer too.

        • Carlos_Miller

          I removed it and linked it from the story.

          • James M Morriss

            that would explain the “cannot connect to sever” message I got in the middle of watching it

  • bob smith

    The revolution is coming. Even when you raise your hands up they shoot you. stop raising your hands…

  • Falutin Free

    To those complaining about stories being off-topic:
    Unless you went out of your way to actually donate to the site the content is free to you. You don’t dictate what Carlos does and does not write about. If you are so disturbed about what you perceive is “this website is heading in the wrong direction” I’m sure there are plenty of other sites to suit your tastes. You all sound like the people who complain on YouTube for videos being too short or not uploaded frequently enough.

    • inquisitor

      True that.

      And I don’t believe anyone that donates has bought an opportunity to dictate what Carlos does or does not write about.

      • Carlos_Miller

        People who donate fully support what I write about. That’s why they donate.

        • inquisitor


  • Richard Lord

    Let’s take the alleged facts provided by the police. A struggle for a gun inside of a police car, teen did not get officers gun, non stolen gun is used by the officer who now knows the teen is unarmed because the gun is in the officers hands is used to shoot a suspect moving away from him 35 feet away . We should wait fir a better investigation. These things will happen.

    • Guest

      “the officer who now knows the teen is unarmed because the gun is in the officers hands”

      This is not a logical conclusion. Trying to take the gun from the cop is not ‘proof’ that he’s unarmed.

      • Richard Lord

        Having proof that a human being is armed and intent on killing you is usually required of decent human beings before they shoot another human being. Troll alert if you intend to have a normal conversation ok, but if your going to whip out the list of logical fallicies because you enjoy trolling someone discuss ing the death of a human being then play your games with mr spock.

  • Guest

    Belmar is not the chief of Ferguson, he’s the Chief of St Louis County. His department has been trying for years to get the Ferguson department shut down.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Thanks. Just changed it.

  • dundy12

    fucking idiots still don’t use Bambuser or other similar app. I bet someone caught the shooting on video and now the police have it and its gone.

  • Mr.44

    It’s sad but this is the way you have to deal with the common afro… They can’t be trusted to act civilized and it’s better to shoot first and ask questions later when having to be in close proximity to the species.

    • Falutin Free

      Congratulations, you win the Bigot Of The Day Award.

      • Cynic in New York

        Pat Buchanan’s ilk are quite predictable

      • Mr.44

        Thank you thank you… I would like to thank the ghetto rat community for which without their raising their vile offspring to be such worthless criminals that this award would not be possible… Keep it classy Afro’s!

  • Cynic in New York

    Simply disgusting, some want to say that statism is reaching a tipping point but I honestly dont see it. Go read the comments on this story on MSM sites, lots of coproach badge lickers doing their standard “The law is the law” BS and injecting race into the matter.

  • Mark Olish

    Prepare for more violence….

  • nospamformo

    Nothing says “we are mad at the police” and “want them to follow the law” quite like destroying property and stealing other people’s stuff.

  • Remy Lynne

    They want a violent mob reaction so they can implement marshall law.

    • Guest

      They’ve already proven they can implement a version of martial law at will in an area while searching for one person. So that seems like a stretch. But in any case they do seem to be fanning the flames of hate. Why would a police department make a public statement blaming the victim? Why would the media be focusing on pointing out the violence as driven by racial divide?

      It’s starting to look more like a Trayvon 2.0. Although this time since it was a cop in the shooting you won’t hear Obama say the kid could have been his son.

      Whether the event is even real or not is irrelevant. The one’s jerking the marionette strings will twist the puppets to take the actions they need to meet their agenda. Now there’s a good photo shoot for you.

    • inquisitor

      Anything to promote their job security and militarization.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      I assume you actually mean martial law.

      • Jerry

        I assume you are incapable of such errors and that is why you are always a nitpicking and condescending jerk to everybody else here. I point this out solely because this is all I ever see you do on here. How often do you just agree with somebody on here? How often do you correct somebody in a constructive way?

        I feel sorry for your wife (if you have one)

      • Boko Hos

        Thanks Mr. Helper.

    • Ronaldo Magno

      Who is Marshall?

      I think you meant Martial Law.

    • A Default

      Marshall Dillon will be leading the charge

  • Dk

    Here is food for thought. Disgusting facts about racial profiling in Ferguson. Straight from the State Attorney General’s Office.

  • nospamformo

    Looting and burning a store, stealing the ATM, and other acts of vandalism against private property all in the name of wanting police to follow the law.

  • steveo

    It’s 2014, not 1981. Shouldn’t every patrol car be equipped with video/audio that runs whenever the car is running? How many Ferguson cars have cams, none, surprising, no. The head leos always love the cams when they exonerate the leos, but the claim that over 90% of the recordings exonerate complaints against leos is suspect, especially when an agency refuses to equip the patrol cars or release cam recordings when legitimate public records requests are made.

    There’s an interesting story in NJ about an assemblyman who was targeted by a leo on a politically motivated revenge charge and the dashcam exonerated the politician, so he filed a bill to require all patrol cars in NJ to be equipped with video/audio which was passed by both the house and senate only to be vetoed by ex-prosecutor governor Christie. Why don’t prosecutors and leos want the cams? Right out of Shakespeare, “Methinks, thou protest too much.”

    And something else, if the police unions demanded the cams, they’d have them. It’s just easier, maybe not safer, to deny accountability without a recording.

    • Ronaldo Magno

      Christie was clear in that he vetoed them because the money was not in the budget, because they spend most of it on pensions and healthcare for retired government workers.

      Chris Christie didn’t veto the cameras in order to facilitate cops beating and murdering the citizenry. Get real.

      • DickVanstone

        It’s called killing two birds with one stone. Of course you don’t admit to the one that’s only beneficial to the state while harmful to the citizenry. Instead you can have stooges vigorously defend the actions which are given the illusion of fiscal responsibility. Your welcome, Uncle Thomas.

        • Ronaldo Magno

          Not spending money you don’t have IS fiscal responsibility.

      • BigJared

        Oh, okay. THAT was the necessary either/or decision.
        C’mon, dude. Are you actually Clarence Thomas?

        • Ronaldo Magno

          Are you actually “big” Jared?

          • BigJared

            Been told as much 😉

  • Karl Krautner

    Too bad that at least dozens if not more fine, upstanding members of the community decided to “respond” to this tragedy by looting the local foot ware stores, a QT and a Dollar Store. This will play right into the police narrative and muddy the waters some more. What a shame.

    • Fedup

      Agreed. Things will change when the people in the affected community turn their anger towards the perpetrators of the original crime – the police. Imagine if 15000 went straight to local precinct and started lynching anyone in uniform. Yeah, that would get the attention of the nation – and more importantly, of the cops. You kill ours, we kill yours. No more of this “IA cleared officer” stuff.

      • Karl Krautner

        Yeah, very helpful attitude! Let’s go lynch some cops. Where did your socialization take place? In a kennel?

      • A Default

        Heck, why wait for an investigation or trial for anyone, let’s just start lynching people because we read something on the Internet.

        • Fedup

          Because trials and investigations result in very predictable and consistent results. Worst case, officer is terminated, only to be rehired by the neighboring agency. How many times does that need to happen before people like you and Karl below have had enough to realize justice is not blind when it comes to the police policing themselves?

          At this point, the only thing that will cause an immediate change in how the police interact with the people they’re supposed to protect and serve is a healthy fear of backlash. Same goes for our politicians. If they feared actual repercussions from asinine laws – i.e. the Capitol surrounded by thousands with pitchforks and torches – perhaps they would factor this into the decision making process.

  • Jerry

    One or more protesters loot or riot and they all become criminals in the general public view. One or more cops commit crimes (that go unpunished) and the general public view doesnt perceive all of them as criminals.


    • Film The Police Always

      Because people in general see black people as soulless pariahs with no value to society. They are treated like shit by cops everyday, and the court systems do whatever they can do across this nation to keep them down.

      People don”t and will not see police as an issue until “they’re” directly effected by one of these thuggish scumbag swine. Americans are lazy to stand up to what’s right.

      It’s a vicious cycle and the only change that I can see that could possibly make a difference would be if there were mass riots and killings. I only say this because nothing else works, and when those two things happen then it’s FINALLY talked about. Black people around this country need another movement.

      • Ronaldo Magno

        First, people see blacks as “soulless pariahs” because most are illiterate and inarticulate. You said, “…people in general see’s…” What???

        Then you said “…directly effected…” when you should have used “affected” as you are using it as a verb.

        You then go on to call for mass riots and killings (I presume against white citizens, 99+% of them have done nothing to you, and have no issue with black people…they’re just trying to live their lives too.

        Finally, you claim that black people “need another movement.” How about a movement to sit in school everyday, speak clear and articulate English, and get educated in trade schools and colleges, which are provided to everyone either free or next to free? As for another movement, you’ve got one going on in the White House right how? How’s that working out for you? For most of us, it mostly resembles a bowel movement.

        • Film The Police Always

          I dont CLAM, I claim Mr. DumbASS English professor. Also, I didnt call for mass riots and killings. My comment was thats the ONLY TIME that people and the system listen.

          • Ronaldo Magno

            There’s a difference between your idiot English and a typo. But you’re too stupid to understand the distinction. Allow me to correct my typo…you can’t correct poor syntax and Ebonics.

        • o0THX11380o

          Please take your ignorance and racism somewhere else.

          • Ronaldo Magno

            Up your a $ $. Truth is NOT racism. Educated, articulate and productive blacks who are integrated into America’s society and culture don’t have these issues. Many of those black men marry white girls and live in the suburbs just like us “racist” folk. They live on our street, work in our building, and drive a BMW, just like us. And guess what…we don’t bother them, give them crap, harass them, or outcast them. And you know what??? We invite them to our neighborhood BBQs because we don’t care that they’re black.

            Not educated, articulate and productive? Guess what happens? I know the story that this kid was heading off to college, with big dreams of owning his own business, etc. If that’s the case and he was murdered by a rogue a-whole cop, then the cop should go to prison, but it should also be recognized that this young man was a victim of his surroundings too — surrounded by dirtbag, uneducated, inarticulate and unproductive blacks that do their entire race a disservice.

            TRUTH IS NOT RACISM. Get that through your sorry white-guilted skulls. Until we recognize the TRUTH, nothing will change. Suck on that reality for a moment.

  • Guest

    After reading this story and other on various news sites and comments made by poster here and elsewhere. I can honestly say, unlike the vast majority of commentators I have no idea what happened and whom to believe. Unlike most poster here I don’t beleive that every cop is a liar, no more then I think every black likes fried chicken. In no way am I saying no cops are liars nor there isn’t a black guy that likes fried chicken either. However very often the communities in which events like this happen ( not always but more often then not) are riddled with crime and violence, filled with rage and anger against the establishment that has been seen to oppress them. The police represent this oppression and are vilified. The police often (not always, not everyone of them) begin to see this community as the enemy as well. When a a tragedy such as this strikes, both sides versions become highly questionable, as the are tainted by their own past experiences.

    • frank-kintz

      I agree with your post 100% but I must take exception to one point. Everyone, with the exception of possibly P.E.T.A or the hard core vegetarians like fried chicken. In fact even the the veggie folks sneak a piece occasionally. Not like fried chicken____ balderdash.

    • Charlie

      OK, let’s simplify it. These are important facts we know:
      1. The deceased had no weapon of any type.
      2. The officer involved was/is not injured.
      3. No witness thus far support the police version of events.
      4. The police have released no evidence that supports their version of events.
      5. Cell phones at/near the scene were seized by the police. Refer to point 4.
      Are you willing to form a preliminary view based on the available facts?

      • A Default

        Let’s expand a bit:

        1) According to the police he attempted to get a weapon, I don’t know if he was armed when first shot or not but it appears he wasn’t armed when he collapsed and died.
        2) Irrelevant whether or not the officer was injured, I don’t know for a fact that he wasn’t.
        3) Neither you or I have any idea what every witness has said
        4) We don’t know what the full police story is, or at least I don’t. I haven’t seen any evidence released that refutes the police story to this point either.
        5) Agreed

        So let’s list the actual facts from your list
        1) The guy had no weapon on him or near where he collapsed and died
        2) Cell phones were seized

        Answer, no I don’t think a preliminary conclusion can be reasonably derived from the few available facts

        • Charlie

          There are some gaping holes in your retort.

          Whether the officer was injured or not is kinda important. If he was even so much as scratched it indicates evidence a tussle. The police would have told us if he was injured – that you can be sure of.

          We know what witnesses say based on interviews and raw videos. They’re out there. Take a look. As for the witnesses we haven’t heard – um, we don’t know what they’ve said.

          “I haven’t seen any evidence released that refutes the police story to this point either.” Are you on the same planet as the rest of us? The onus is on the police to provide evidence when they’ve shot an unarmed person dead. If they want to quell the fury it would be a simple matter of releasing evidence eg the seized cell phone audio recording, the deceased persons’ “weapon” you spoke of, officers’ sworn statements (if you can call that evidence), a single written statement from a witness that supports the confrontation in the patrol car……etc.

          • A Default

            1. You are assuming facts not in existence. We don’t know if the officer was injured. We don’t know if he was so much as scratched. You can get in a tussle and not be injured.

            2. We only know what a few witnesses, maybe as few as one, have said. Thank you for admitting that you don’t know what witnesses YOU haven’t heard about have said. You originally said “No witness thus far support the police version of events”, since YOU don’t know what every witness has said it is not a fact that “no witness thus far support the police version of events”.

            3. I’m on the same planet as you, please tell me what evidence has been released that refutes the police story. Yes, the onus is on the police and since they haven’t completed their investigation it is premature to think they should have released all the evidence.

            You said “These are important facts we know: ” and I simply pointed out that few of your “facts” you claim “we know” are in fact facts that we know.

            You are as irrational as the people rioting in the streets while spreading rumors on the internet. Nothing but a lynch mob in action. Shameful.

          • Charlie

            Comprehension and deduction are not your strong points.
            Your last lines show that you like to ‘split’. You’re quite happy to talk about facts but then throw everyone on the street and me together. Talk about irrational. And lynch mobs? WTF, do you think that hyperbole makes your point right?

            Let’s take a look:
            In the absence of proof of injury, a person is not injured. That is, unless you believe that people are by default injured. So until the cops say the officer was/is injured, he’s not. And you can be damn sure we’d know by now if the officer was injured. That would strengthen their case significantly.

            Of course no one knows what every last person has said – are you serious? Do I really need to preface my statement with “From a cross-analysis of reliable media in the public domain” we can summise that witnesses describe a very different version of events to police. If we waited to hear what every last witness said we’d be fucking waiting forever because only some witnesses step forward ad make a statement. There has been more than 1 witness statement so far – again, go and find them.

            Good on you waiting for the police investigation to be completed in order to see all the evidence. Do you really think they’d be bringing 100s of agents rather than simply release some evidence to clear the officer’s actions? You are irrational.

          • A Default

            You started off claiming a set of “known facts”, I pointed out that most of them aren’t known facts.

            As for my comment about lynch mobs, read some of the other comments on this forum, here is one “and pull the cop out and lynch his or her ass”.

            I’m puzzled by your assertion that someone is not injured until they can prove they are injured. I think someone is either injured or they aren’t injured and it isn’t the proving it that causes the injury to spring into existence. I simply said you can’t claim as a “known fact” that the cop was not injured, you simply don’t know.

            As for the witnesses, again you state something is a “known fact” when in fact you have no idea who all the witnesses are or what they have told the police. Neither does the “reliable media in the public domain”, whatever that is.

            I’m quite willing to wait to see what an impartial investigation turns up before jumping to any conclusions. You’ve already tried and convicted the cop in your mind, that’s your right but it isn’t based on “known facts”.

          • Charlie

            Look, for what it’s worth, I can see some of your points. For me, some facts can be established by inference, ie deduction, and others require a higher degree of proof/evidence. In the case of injury, which we argued about, we can establish a fact by inference ie it is a fact that the cop is not injured until we have evidence that says otherwise.

            I would love to say that all the facts will come out once the police have investigated the police but experience tells us that the police are not always reliable in this regard. Sure, we tend to hear more about the times they don’t act impartially but it’s happening enough that we should be very skeptical.

            I haven’t jumped to any final conclusions but I have make a judgment *so far* based on a bunch of mitigating factors and the fact that I’m not alone outside of this forum says something. I could be 100% wrong in the end. I kind of hope so – it would be truly awful if what we are hearing is true.

            Sorry I got a bit worked up at you.

          • A Default

            From the CNN website Wed:

            “On Wednesday, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson told CNN that the officer had been hit and suffered swelling on the side of his face. He was taken to a hospital and released the same day, Jackson said.”

            Like I said, it was not a known fact that he was not injured, we simply had no information at the time.

  • Scott Hendry

    anyone try to get ahold of the dashcam video from the cop car that was supposedly involved?

  • Hal Stoops

    What the heck is going on with the police? Do they think that they are judge , jury and hangman? My God you can get shot today for jaywalking while the police shout stop resisting after the body slam you to the pavement.

  • Hal Stoops

    Shaoul be slaming not slam.

  • dundy12

    This is why blacks should vote for Rand Paul. Blacks are disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. America needs to end the war on drugs which is actually just a war on the citizens of America.
    Vote for Rand Paul and end the federal governments massive funding of grants to state and municipal police departments to fight the failed war on drugs.
    Vote in your state elections to end state laws that criminalize drugs.
    A huge portion of police abuse and intrusion into citizens lives is due to the war on drugs.

  • dundy12

    This website isn’t “cop bashing” its “cop exposing”. Bashing is when you take a large flashlight or billy club and repeatedly strike someone causing physical and emotional damage.
    Citizen journalists like Carlos don’t “bash” the police. He merely exposes them.

  • o0THX11380o
  • Dolt

    Police start targeting journalists, presumably to prevent them from exposing the real truth and to save the police narrative of a “war zone” and other falsehoods used to justify the miliarry-type invasion of neighborhoods.
    “…Downs also reports that officers are shooting the tear gas directly at journalists.”


    Aug 11, 2014, Michael Brown Shooting Once Again Exposes Racist Media

    Manuel Rapalo reports on the shooting of 18 year old St. Louis resident, Michael Brown, highlighting the disproportionate violence against blacks in the America, as well as the race-baiting by the news media that helps perpetuate a cycle of police violence.

  • Chipster

    it’s become a sad state of affairs when we on a daily bases hear of cops killing citizens.. I hope these people riot and burn the precinct down.. and pull the cop out and lynch his or her ass. this peace stuff is far out of date,,, murder for murder

    • Cynic in New York

      Problem is thats what the state wants. The state loves when people get violent because they and their badge licking “law and order” vermin can then justify their brutality. Granted not the most recent example but look what happened to Adam Kokesh for simply loading a shotgun in the ironically named “Freedom Plaza”

      • Chipster

        it has to stop- since the
        ( PATRIOT ACT ) it has gotten worse for all of us.. was watching a film on NETFLIX called — SPIES OF MISSISSIPPI – real eye opener about the 60’s – and an eye opener about how it’s getting now

    • A Default

      I hope you stop by Ferguson, resemble the cop, and experience the thrill of being on the receiving end of a lynch mob.

      Nothing different than when blacks were lynched in the deep south based on unsubstantiated claims of white people.

  • andrew
  • kerfuffulator
  • Jesara

    MSNBC covering the protests just reported 2 reporters arrested for/while covering this, and even noted that it was blatantly false arrest and encouraged the employers (Huffington Post and Washington Post) to file against the officers for the false arrest.

  • Charlie

    Watch from 7 mins onwards. Is this what a police state looks like? On the positive side, there are videos still getting out

  • LibertyEbbs

    After all this dies down, I wouldn’t want to be the first cop running through that neighborhood with my gun drawn. Just sayin’.

  • Dolt

    Journalists contine to be arrested by Ferguson police to cover up police abuse and false story. In this story, two main stream journaliats are assaulted and arrested after taking photos and video of cops illegally closing down a McDonalds that the journalists were using as a wifi hub to file stories about Ferguson.

  • steveo

    This walking in the street thing, we had this issue come up in our HOA. People in the community were complaining about the kids walking in the street after the bus let them off at the entrance after school. We said ck out all the seniors walking in the street in the early am hours, the one’s I’m nearly running over every time I back out of my driveway to go to work.

    People started calling the leos and they did come and direct the kids to walk on the sidewalks, of course, they did nothing about the seniors in the am. If you started arresting seniors in the am for walking in the street in FL, you’d fill up the jails, the Sheriff would be re-called in an election, the local pd would be disbanded and the county commissioners would be looking for other careers rather than politics. See, kids are easy targets because we believe and the leos believe that they don’t have the same rights as adults. I even heard one of the local leos say that they can search any car of a kid who is driving who is under 18 without suspicion or pc.

    Sometimes leos have the tactic of trying to start fights with the teens they confront because they don’t have any charges until the teen reacts in a negative way. Don’t tell me that doesn’t happen.

  • CT_Yankee

    police fire tear gas to chase away reporters, then take down their video cameras

  • CT_Yankee
  • Jesara

    reports from the police press conference… they refer to a robbery (that the convenience store has already denied having occurred when it first got mentioned days ago), witnesses describe a Caucasian male officer, police chief names… the african american president of the Ethical Society of Police.!board-members/crhc

    • A Default

      “the convenience store has already denied having occurred when it first got mentioned days ago”

      But was it the same convenience store that reported a robbery in a 911 call? That’s the problem with jumping to conclusions, they aren’t based on complete data. Was it Big Mike who robbed the convenience store? I don’t know, it certainly isn’t conclusive, but it is a fact that a nearby convenience store reported a robbery and has surveillance video of the robbery and the robbery was the subject of a radio call to police in the field. The robbery occurred 10 minutes before the fatal shooting and the last radio call with a more detailed description occurred just minutes before the shooting.

      Jumping to conclusions based on little evidence is the wrong thing to do. Even IF the police determine that the shooting was legally justified it is quite reasonable to continue to demand that the police show more restraint in choosing to use lethal force and holding cops accountable for doing so unreasonably (though lawfully).

      • A Default

        Further information, if true it is an admission that Big Mike and the witness were involved in the robbery of the convenience store. It means Big Mike might very well have had good reason to tussle with the officer, he was afraid of going to jail, and it should make you question whether the witness told the entire truth about the encounter as well. Just one MORE reason why it is foolish to jump to conclusions, much less demand the lynching of the cop who pulled the trigger.

        FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) – The friend who was with Michael Brown when he was shot and killed by a police officer near St. Louis over the weekend is reportedly confirming that he and Brown had taken part in the theft of cigars from a convenience store that day.

        That word comes from the attorney for Dorian Johnson, speaking to MSNBC. Police in Ferguson had earlier announced that Brown was suspected of taking cigars from the convenience store in what was described as a “strong-arm robbery.”


    Why Should White People Care What Happens to Black or Brown People? Posted on August 15, 2014

    I Remained Silent Because I’m Not Black Preface: German pastor Martin Niemöller initially supported Hitler. But he later opposed him, and was imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp for years. Niemöller learned the hard way that keep your head down doesn’t keep one out of trouble … in the long run, it increases the danger to all of us.

  • ken

    Heard the officer was black.. anybody have a photo of the guy? Google images blocked for the search of officers name most likely to prevent anyone from knowing what the guy looks like. Question is.. will blacks continue to loot and pillage their own neighborhoods if the learn that the ‘racist’ black-hating police officer is black? How will Al Shart-on hype this?!

  • Guest


  • dan from stl

    The Missouri ACLU files for a TRO to keep police from preventing filming in Ferguson. The TRO hearing was today and the defendants agreed they had to allow filming. Settlement agreement Request for TRO

    Seems like this might be a better approach for you guys. As soon as someone tells you to stop filming, go straight to the courthouse and file for a TRO. You don’t have to mess with getting arrested, long drawn out suits for money, filing complaints etc etc. Get your rights violated, file for the TRO, and see a judge within a couple of days.

  • A Default

    A further update, a video recording made shortly after the shooting at the scene inadvertently records an eyewitness in the background. While it is difficult to clearly understand it appears the witness describes an event similar to the way the police reported it and not like Michael Brown’s friend reported it.

    The gist of the recording is that the officer original pulled away from Michael and his friend, just as described by the witness, then when he heard the call over the radio about the suspect he recognized that the suspect matched Michael Brown and Michael looked to be carrying something that could be the box of stolen cigars. This doesn’t contradict the police report that clearly stated that the INITIAL reason for stopping the two was because they were walking in the street.

    The witness goes on to state that the officer reversed, pulled up next to them, tried to get out and Michael violently shove the door and officer back into the car. A struggle commenced with Michael trying to get the cop’s gun. The gun went off once in the car then Michael and his friend took off running. The cop got out of the car and commanded them to stop. They both turned, Michael taunted the cop and then charged him. The cop shot multiple times, the witness thought he was missing because Michael kept coming, he finally went down.

    Truth? All witnessed or some was just overheard from what the cops on the street were saying (he obviously couldn’t have overheard the radio call)?

    It’s certainly plausible and the autopsy should clear up some of it. If Michael was in fact hit in the front with all shots it would refute the claim he was running away when shot. Since this audio recording was made at the scene within minutes of the shooting it can’t be claimed the police spent a week conjuring up a good story to fit the facts.

    The story makes perfect sense and explains all the known facts in the case. Certainly new facts could come out that poke holes in the story, particularly the autopsy, of the new facts could confirm the story.

    Maybe some of the members of our resident lynch mob would care to comment, particularly if they think cops should be lynched because of mere allegations. I’m all for holding cops accountable, I’m also a believer in holding people accountable.