New York Governor Candidate Arrested for Recording Aggressive Arrest, Charged with “Menacing” Cops

Randy CredicoRandy Credico

Randy Credico, the challenger to Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York’s upcoming primary election, was arrested, handcuffed and jailed Thursday for video recording two plainclothes police officers aggressively arresting a man – only days after the NYPD issued a memo to officers stating recording is allowed.

Credico began recording video on his cell phone after witnessing two men without badges aggressively stopping an older black man at the Van Cortland Park subway station in the Bronx. Credico, who has spoken out against New York City’s “stop-and-frisk” policy, was on his way to a campaign interview when he saw the older gentleman being arrested. 

“The guy got right into my face, and says, you’ve got to move back,” Credico told radio host Fred Dicker, while in a holding cell in the Bronx. “The next thing you know I got arrested.”

Credico was charged with menacing a police officer, obstructing government administration, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. According to Credico’s friend, attorney Margaret Ratner Kunstler, the police tightened Randy’s handcuffs to the point where his hands went numb.

Credico, a former comedian who once appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and former Director of the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice, has been a frequent public critic of the police, attacking the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policies and frequent racial profiling.  Years ago, Credico started a project in Harlem that provided locals with cameras to halt the use of police violence against innocent civilians. Credico has also championed the legalization of marijuana as part of his campaign and claims to smoke publicly in violation of the law as a political tactic.

Perhaps this latest incident of New York Police Department misbehavior combined with the well-deserved outrage over the NYPD’s recent murder of a man for allegedly selling loose cigarettes will awaken New York voters to a gift-wrapped candidate that might truly change things in the city.

At the very least, Credico has more ammunition for a civil lawsuit to reinforce for the NYPD that Photography Is Not A Crime.

Finally, here’s some more of Credico’s entertaining campaign promises:

But just beneath banksters and taxes is a vow to begin reining in the NYPD by firing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (to be replaced with Frank Serpico) and abolishing the NYPD’s unconstitutional policies of racial profiling, stop and frisk, domestic spying, entrapment, and its infamous (albeit unadmitted) quota system.”

Central to that policing reform plank, Credico says, is reclassifying the smoking and carrying of marijuana as no longer an arrestible offense. He also vows to fire any officer who lies or perjures himself on the stand, and to bar the use of “no-knock” warrants and stun grenades “except in the case of legitimate terrorist attack.”

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  • Virtualfrog

    If only it were possible to elect such a man…

    • pbird


  • Guest

    Is there a link to the original news story on this? Where did this information come from?

  • Elliott Whitlow

    So where is the video? Love to see for myself what really happened..

    • Guest

      It’s most likely already been deleted by the police. Just another crime these traitors routinely commit.

  • BabbaZee

    the Van Cortland Park subway station in Manhattan

    It is not in Manhattan it is in the Bronx

    • BabbaZee

      West 242nd Street & Broadway

      Bronx, NY 10471

    • Carlos_Miller

      Thanks, just fixed it.

      • BabbaZee

        no problem
        I’m a Bronx chick 😉

  • n4zhg

    It seems that every time a court decision, restraining order, or department directive comes down, the first thing that happens is that the cops ring the union attorney and ask “how do we get around this?”

    NYPD needs about $20 million worth of “YOU DON’T, ASSHOLES!” from every police paycheck in the city, from the chief to the academy cadets.

    • Tijuana Joe

      “It seems that every time a court decision, restraining order, or department directive comes down, the first thing that happens is that the cops ring the union attorney and ask “how do we get around this?”

      Yeah, they have a saying in French.”Cops and thieves” will do this with every ruling.
      So what;s the point of having courts and judges?

  • Guest

    He was put in a holding cell and may still be there waiting for arraignment.

    “Credico was reportedly held at the Transit Police office at 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue in The Bronx. The officers decided to maintain him in detention rather than issue an appearance ticket, claiming he has an outstanding warrant as the result of a 2012 disorderly conduct arrest. (Credico denies this claim).”

    Credico claims the outstanding warrant is for another man named “Gredico.”

    “The spokeswoman said there was also an outstanding warrant, which Credico told Dicker was actually for an unrelated man named “Gredico.” Credico is currently awaiting arraignment in the Bronx.”

    If that is true, he’s got one hell of a lawsuit.

  • rust

    OK, so I’ll ask the obvious again: How long are we going to let these FUCKERS do this? I say, ARM YOURSELVES. THIS is what the Constitutional Second Amendment was for.

    • Chris

      Right, because a gun in this situation would have made for a better outcome /s

      • John Rogers

        Absolutely. If 10 cops died for every one citizen.

      • rust

        I think Enforcers would fucking think twice if they knew there were ARMED Citizens On Patrol to even out the odds before they attempted their thuggery.

  • Police Lie

    hey look, another complete moron who didn’t use a live stream app

    • n4zhg

      Live stream apps aren’t the be-all and end-all. They require a 4G or WiFi connection to be at all useful.

      • quadeddie

        And there’s probably not connectivity underground. Think about the situation before you start ‘moron’ bombing

        • Police Lie

          there is in the Bronx so……

        • Pmormr

          This station is above ground.

      • Police Lie

        which the vast majority of people have. if you don’t have it then don’t confront police and film them.

        • Beniamino

          According to the article, he didn’t “confront” anybody. The cops confronted him after he began filming.

  • Cdb Spender

    What happened to the video from the phone?

  • steveo

    I’m starting to believe that most PD’s have no supervision. The leo on the beat or in plain clothes can do just about anything they want and tell the supervision to go fly a kite. If they want to stop someone from recording, they just do it. They don’t care if the PD or the jurisdiction gets sued, so what. They certainly don’t give a crap about lying on police reports and affidavits.

    And they don’t have anything to fear from “management” because there isn’t any. Just look at this mess in Missouri, the slugs (that’s what the leos call the management) have no control over anything. I personally think that the main problem is that we’ve given the public employee unions way too much power.

    i said, that after the Alvarez decision that this arresting/detaining folks for photography and copwatching was going to exponentially explode and I was right.

    Why don’t the leos just make up their own statute, put a number on it and charge people with that. Call the kettle black, just charge people with backsassing, or contempt of cop, make up a statute.

    • Film The Police Always

      It’s called THE UNION! We need to get unions out of public safety jobs. I’m so damn sick of cops. I hope when I’m on my run tomorrow I get to see a group of people attacking a cop just so I can chill, watch and feel good. Corrupt bunch of thugs!

      • PINAC Troll

        Which are you an LEO or Government Agent?

  • ben dover

    this is the way we hang the cops hang the cops hang the cops, this is the way we hang the cops so early in the morning

    • rust

      Next VERSE!
      This is the way we shoot the cops, shoot the cops, shoot the cops, this is the way we shoot the cops who break the law & constitution.

      • Richard Lord

        Thanks officers. Do they pay you to sit in the fusion center to go out into social media calling for violance. Ordinary americans who read these messages will certainly be more willing to pay taxes to their authoritarian rulers when you scare them. The thing is its not gonna work officers.

      • Rail Car Fan

        Third verse…

        Give the cops a chill pill, a chill pill, a chill pill.

        Give the cops a chill pill that’s made with one ounce of lead.

        Rail Car Fan

    • Jeff Mo

      I think that would be illegal. How about we just make sure they follow the law, or suffer the penalty, just like anyone else? And how about we terminate the employment of the ones who violate their oaths?

      • John Rogers

        Why not continue with what hasn’t worked up until now and we can ALL call ourselves a bunch of fags!?

        • Jeff Mo

          Judging by your comment, I suspect you don’t care, but I simply don’t think your contribution here is helpful or thoughtful.

  • it’s obvious

    of course they arrest him. how else can they prevent people from ending their corruption?

  • Pat Tapley

    Just have all settlements be paid by the pension fund and the union not the tax payers and…POOF….problem solved cops will all of a sudden get rid of the bad ones when they endanger their own nest egg.

    • ben dover

      Pat that is truly the best and only way things will really change.

  • w4yv4yvvewu6yvw

    Lol 4 charges?… What a joke. These cops are making a complete mockery of our justice system.

  • sapphire

    I find his campaign promises more practical than “entertaining”

  • John Rogers

    We should have celebrations on Sept 11th of every year for all the putz police bitches who died in the towers, we’ll call it “Ha ha ha Day”! :)

  • Jose

    I would so vote for this guy. He’s someone that would help make this city better.

  • Wandering_Bard

    I’d vote for him, if only for the fact that he got arrested standing up for what he believed in.

    That takes guts, and shows serious resolve.

  • bob cooley

    Okay, I am probably going to be flamed for this, and I’m Not making any kind of statement on the overall situation; but it’s disingenuous to state that Credico is a NY gubernatorial candidate.

    He never recieved the Libertarian endorsement he sought for candidacy, and he’s very unlikely to get on the Democratic ticket (which he’s seeking now).

    He ran for mayor of NYC, first failing to get on the Demographic ticket, then failing to get on the Libertarian ticket, finally getting on the Tax Wall Street ticket, and only garnered 690
    votes (in a city of 9 million people).

    Point is, it’s a bit inflammatory (and false) to call him a NY gubernatorial candidate (he’s a
    hopeful at best), to add some additional weight as his ‘prominence’ as a citizen for the sake of the headline.

    The Tax Wall Street movement folks tend to be instigators (and perhaps rightfully so), so
    I’d be wary that we aren’t hearing the whole story here. I’m not making a statement defending ANYONE here, there isn’t enough data for a judgement – all we have is the initial ‘he said’, and a potentially inflammatory headline.

    Again, this isn’t a statement on the conduct of the NYPD, which if true as reported, is improper to say the least – but let’s not use hyperbolic headlines as click-bait. It should be beneath a site that should take the high-road…

  • martymarsh

    What is really wonderful about all of this, is we get to feed these individuals for the rest of their life once they retire, somewhere in the neighborhood of a 100 grand a year per clown.

  • Tsv1138

    So, could he claim abuse of power and sue the NYPD for targeting him due to his campaign stance to reign in an out of control police force, like the mess with Rick Perry?

  • MamaRea

    This won’t stop until and unless cops face penalties, still penalties, for these arrests.