Utah Cops Arrest Man for Recording Mom’s Traffic Stop; Handcuff and Neglect Mom during Diabetic Shock

Police in Utah arrested a man for video recording a conversation they were having with his mother before arresting his mother for failing to disperse the area after her son’s arrest, sending her into diabetic shock as they were walking her from the patrol car to the jail.

That led to Vernal City police dragging her handcuffed, unconscious body into the booking room and plopping it down where they stood around smiling as if it was all some kind of joke.

“I freaked out,” said her son, Coty Tabbee, 27, who had just been transported to the booking room in another patrol on disorderly conduct and interfering charges after he stood up for his right to record on a public sidewalk.

“They just didn’t care,” he said. “They just stood around watching, smiling.”

“I said, ‘do you think this is funny?'”

After more than two minutes of Tabbee repeatedly telling them that his mother is a diabetic and needs help, a deputy retrieved a blood sugar testing kit and tested her blood, indicting that the blood glucose level was 200 mg/dl.

The deputies called paramedics who performed CPR on her before transporting her to the hospital where she was cited and released for failure to disperse as well as disorderly conduct. Tabbee was released from jail seven hours later.

The incident, the second from Utah to emerge this week,  took place July 27 when Tabbee’s mother had gone to the house of another woman who owed her $20. Hi videos are above and below. A local news station ran a story with the headline Vernal man claims police arrested him for recording mother’s arrest as they had not watched the video.

In a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Friday night, Tabbee explained that the woman tends to drink and pass out, so his mother started yelling through the door to get her attention.

The woman called police and dispatchers said they could hear Tabbee’s mother yelling in the background.

After hanging up with police, the woman stepped out of her house and shoved a screen door into his mother, causing her arm to bleed, Tabbee said.

When cops arrived, his mother wanted cops to arrest the woman for assault, but they told her she would have to file a complaint with the Uintah County Attorney’s Office the following day, which was a Monday.

However, they told her they were going to arrest her for disorderly conduct because she had yelled through the door earlier.

At that point, she called her son, Tabbee, to inform him of the situation and to advise him she may be going to jail.

After the call, they gave her a citation for disorderly conduct and allowed her to leave. As she was driving away, she pulled to the side of the road to call her son, letting him know that she is not being detained anymore and he didn’t need to come.

But the cops wouldn’t allow that, so they walked up to her and told her she needed to leave or get cited for failing to disperse.

That was when Tabbee arrived at the scene with two cameras recording, including a smart phone.

He remained on the sidewalk next to his mother’s car, not saying a word until they asked they questioned him and he told her he was her son.

“Go away,” one cop said.

“I can be right here and record,” Tabbee responded.Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 10.50.05 PM

That prompted officer A. Manning to approach him and order him away repeatedly, reminiscent of the infamous Suffolk County arrest that led to a huge settlement this year.

Manning twisted Tabbee’s arm behind him and shoved his midsection into a spiked fence, knocking his iPhone out of his hand where it shattered on the ground.

In jail after they had transported his mother to the hospital, the other officer, whose name is Larsen, told Tabbee the following.

“Ok Coty, If you’re not a dick to these guys, I will tell you how your mom is doing when I get back.”

“And I said ok, thank you,” Tabbee said.

Larsen’s wife seems to be just as pleasant, judging by a comment she left on Tabbee’s video on Facebook, which was captured as a screen shot before she deleted it.

Call the Vernal City Police Department at (435) 789-5835.

Call the Unitah County Attorney’s Office at (435) 781-5436.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.21.15 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.21.06 AM




About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Police Lie

    I predict a nice settlement in this case.

  • Tijuana Joe

    Cha ching. I smell money.
    The photog Officer Milton did this to in NY got $200,000.
    Prior restraint in its rawest form.
    The cop even looks a little like MIlton. Hmmmm.

    • Empty0Set

      Cash money balance.

    • Fascist Slayer

      It’s seems the more you Americans sue the more militarized your police forces become.

      • Rico Suave

        I don’t think the two are related.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        It couldn’t be the other way around huh?

        • Fascist Slayer

          I doubt it.

          • CotyT

            the more militarized they become the more hot headed they become.

      • steve theman

        well, if they don’t get the message we are just as armed as they are! Irresistable force (Police) Meet immovable object (Citizens).

  • Guest

    Looks like this family just hit the daily double.

    The shocker was the almost positive spin the news allowed to air about recording cops and the kid being in the right.

    • Educating Morons

      Because they are as dumb as you.

      • JdL

        Because they are as dumb as you.

        A typical cop: you lecture others about using logic rather than insults, then turn around and dish out insults when your poor pathetic excuse for a brain can’t come up with anything better.

        I realize that you’d like to protect the privileges that you and your friends possess today, but it ain’t gonna happen. Your days of pushing people around and breaking the law with impunity are about to come to an end, and the celebration will last for days, if not for weeks, months, or years.

        But please do continue to amuse us here with your pathetic rants. There’s nothing like a squealing cop to provoke both disgust and humor at the same time.

        • Educating Morons

          HAHAHA! Another shining example of how your hatred blinds your logic. Just because I don’t buy in to the “anti-cop” BS being dished here (and follow the rest of the sheep), I must obviously be a cop. I guess – in your narrow mind – there’s only cops and those who are against them. Well, news flash, I’m not a cop…there goes your whole theory. I’m simply smart enough to realize that there are many good cops and a few a**hole cops, and to lump them all together in the “bad” category is both unfortunate and moronic. Looking at the video is a perfect example. (Officer Larsen was cool to Coty – Coty even thanked him for it.) To be clear – I’m all for getting rid of bad cops…they do exist and should be dealt with harshly in my opinion.

          Open your eyes. This kid and his mother are nothing more than a bunch of whiners who created a situation (yes, momma was being arrested for violence/stalking/public disturbance – basically breaking the law – for a whopping $20), she called “attitude boy” who has little to no control over his mouth, she then apparently faked passing out over blood sugar – which has been questioned by several people here – to keep from being arrested (but “miraculously” recovered in the ambulance) and now they are stirring the pot to get you and yours all riled up.

          You’ve fallen perfectly into their plan. Congratulations for being outsmarted by these two intellectual geniuses. But, you are in good company – as evidenced by the posts from people who are jumping on the bandwagon without knowing all the details! Way to buy in to the hype! I can’t wait for them to try and take this to court! Once they are laughed out of the courtroom, I will come back and see how you feel then.

          The most unfortunate of all of this is that when there REALLY IS a situation when a cop oversteps the boundaries, a REAL victim will be doubted and even harder to believe. (Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf?) All these people who are falsely crying wolf are doing nothing but weakening your cause.

          Take a step back and realize that the very thing you are bitching about the cops doing is what you are doing. You’re no better! Before you jump on and say something “smart” like “We’re just treating them the way they treat us” or some other nonsense, take a look at it from across the room. You are looking like nothing more than a bunch of ridiculous alarmists who jump on the nearest band wagon. All that does is reduce your credibility. There’s a better way to get your point across, but are you smart enough to figure it out?

          • James Michael

            That just shows how ignorant you are….You only have to look at one thing to see the truth here the acts of the man involved…The cop falsely arrested a man doing nothing …That is kidnapping….and took him against his will by force with a gun…that is the definition of aggravated assault of course there is also false imprisonment, ignorance of the law…Breach of oath, duty and trust and many other felonies if you would like to go all the way…Go lick some boots elsewhere slave…

          • Educating Morons

            Wow…talk about an over reach! Just what color are the skies in your world anyway? Out of curiosity, your avatar…as the jacket isn’t red, aren’t you proclaiming to identify with the “turncoats” as the British so lovingly called us? Show me where breach of trust is a felony….please….you’re a joke.

          • James Michael

            What EXACTLY is an overreach? That cops are crooks? That is a fact! I have been watching them and the courts on 4 different states for over 8 years, after a false and malicious kidnapping, (arrest) and that is exactly what they are… You are either to stupid, or deceived to see it…and that is not my problem…Try a deprogrammer or just looking at the facts for what have happened in any matter and when you look at it simply…Most of what a cops does to us….If you did you would be caged forever…We reasonable people call their jubs extortion, aarmed robbery, home invasion, lying, bribery, priacy on the roads, and every other wrong we allow them to have their power to prevent hell they are even raping innocent women on the side of the road and blowing babies up in their beds in home invasions when the suspect hasn’t lived there for awhile….You may like retarded psychopaths running around with guns and explosives…but I don’t…. Get a clue please..AND MORON …Order 2 Americans murdered in cold blood without due process or trial and passing the NDAA is warring against US which is the definition of treason idiot… Just like Bush passing of the Patriot Act, was treason…You are to ignorant to be calling anyone over reaching …What you think, Obama himself has to be coming in my home personally with a weapon, to be warring against me….You are stupid…or blind not sure which?

          • Guest


            Why wouldn’t they use a picture that actually depicted him in real life?

          • 2wheeljunkie

            You fucking moron. That’s not Mike Brown.

          • Educating Morons


            Why wouldn’t they use a picture that actually depicted him in real life?

            This is a great representation of what he stood for…right?

          • Educating Morons


          • Educating Morons


            Why wouldn’t they use a picture that actually depicted him in real life?

          • Nemo

            The media wouldn’t use it, because that’s not Michael Brown. How “educational” is it for you to post false information to this thread?

            Oh, wait. It is indeed educational, but you’re not teaching the lesson you think you are teaching. Thanks for the help, and feel free to reinforce the lesson at your convenience.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    cops hate us for our freedoms

    cops hate Anerican values and everything America stands for

    • Educating Morons

      You’re obviously educated.

      • James Michael

        Aware of the truth at least…. You guys are felons all of you….lmao and you are too stupid to even comprehend it…. Need some education yourself traitor…

  • Falutin Free

    The only thing worse than a scumbag cop is their scumbag wife.

    • Fascist Slayer

      Don’t forget their scumbag kids.

      • ts

        Well I cannot blame kids. They grow up to be their own person. I have seen kids grow up in super restrictive homes and be quite liberal, I have also seen kids grow up in hippy type environments and become conservative as hell.
        But a scumbag wife is and always will be a scumbag wife.

      • Educating Morons

        You’re and idiot.

        • Guest

          hey officer moron… go troll somewhere else

    • bougiefever

      What about the cop’s scumbag husband? I think it’s kind of sexist for you to assume all scumbags are men. LOL!

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Carlos, this is on how your site presents. It’s worth a look at by the designer unless it’s the OS I use.
    I use Debian Jessie, Iceweasel (Firefox, it’s a Debian thing) 31.0 on a 2006 iMac (which is why I use Debian) 20-inch screen. I’ve noticed that your borders force the comments as the thread progresses into one to two words per line. Most sites using Discus do not do that, I can size the window reasonably (1/2 to 2/3 screen) and don’t have the problem.
    If it’s just my OS, not worth the trouble. If others are seeing it from Windows, Mac OS, and other GNU/Linux OS’s, it should be looked at because it detracts from an otherwise great site.

    • stk33

      Does not happen in windows in any browser. Replies move to the right only to a certain point, then go vertically. still with good width. Here’s a screenshot.

      • CotyT

        i just keep getting a java website update page popping up and trying to download a virus everytime i try to come to the comments.

      • RaymondbyEllis

        I get nearly that same view for that length of thread. It’s when it becomes a very long thread with subthreads that it just goes all to hell. It’s also highly dependent on window width, I just increased the window width by roughly 15% and the text section absorbed the entire increase.

        If no one else is seeing it with a window at 1/2 width of screen, it’s just an artifact of my configuration of Iceweasel in Jessie.

  • Guest

    Nice story.

  • T. Patrick Pea

    Say Carlos I was wondering if you were going to retract your call for protests in St. Louis now that it’s come out that Mike Brown had just committed robbery, and a violent one at that? I think it’s quite possible this police officer is a hero and we should use our voice here to support him. After all Carlos time and again you say it’s the bad cops you’re after and not good cops. Let’s not stain this officer’s reputation further advancing this lie that Mike Brown was shot in the back with his hands up. There is a picture that clearly shows he was not shot in the back, and you of all people know the importance of photographic evidence. Do the right think Carlos and don’t make the excuse that you’re waiting for further evidence to come out. You were one of the first people to jump to the conclusion that the cop made a mistake even though there is no video evidence.

    • Mark Olish

      He was stopped for jay-walking and was unarmed .Hero to shoot an unarmed kid with a cobbled up bullshit story after the fact ? I was wondering if you’d take your authoritarian horseshit elsewhere and go fuck yourself. Being both a seriously retentive asshole and a bug -fucking needle dick , that’s at least theoretically possible …..

      • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

        Is the personal attack really necessary?

        • Educating Morons

          Only when you’re too stupid to use real words….

          • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

            that’s very much part of what’s wrong with the world today….people feeling brave behind their keyboards.

          • Educating Morons

            Yep…and when they are faced with an intelligent conversation, they have no other recourse but to resort to a barrage of insults and swearing. They attack what frightens them…kinda like a wild animal.

    • jackassletters

      Let’s say the cop was actually aware this kid was a burglar, wouldn’t thins make the cop a bigger asshole? Instead of calling for backup and arresting their suspect he shoots him? What a dumbass. There’s also no evidence this cop had any knowledge of the burglary.

      I’ve not yet seen photos that showed where he was shot. Not rue it matters other than to diffuse the narrative of “shot in the back.” I say it doesn’t much matter how you shoot an unarmed man to death, but you may feel differently.

      We don’t get to shoot the bad guys. We arrest them, take them to jail, have a trial, and if guilty we still don’t shoot them. Not sure why you think Carlos would suddenly hail this cop as a hero. He’s no hero. He’s a rogue executioner.

    • jcfromnj

      Well, Browns credibility is taking a beating.The “gentle giant” scenario is eroding. He’s beginning to look like a “wanna be”
      The Cops use the 72 hr lag time time wash and dry clean the the crime scene in their favor.
      It looks like the Game Score is Brown 7 Furguson PD 7. To early to tell who will make it to the Goal Post and win this game.

    • Liberaltarian

      WTF? So, if a guy commits robbery, then the police are justified in gunning him down in the street? Are you really that stupid or are you just trolling here?

  • Christopher Shepard

    Time to get PAID. It sucks that it has to come from the taxpayers though.

    But hey, employing Officers who violate their oath has it’s consequences.

  • So What

    Hang those cops on a rope


    1. Todd Blair
    2. Danielle Willard
    3. Tamsen Reid
    4. Haley Owen Hooper
    5. Stephan Cook

    etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

  • NJHC

    Shallow, muddy gene puddle in Utah. Make sure you never spend a dime there & divest in anything Utah.

    Let them rot with their fat, facebooking wives that have no shame.

    • Educating Morons

      You are an immature dolt of the lowest order.

  • Frank

    The wife has a pretty serious hard drug problem herself. Funny how her brother with the same drug addiction goes to jail but she is not touched by the law because her husband is a cop. Keep an eye out now that the details of her drug use are known to the feds her dealers are about to be invaded and shot when they supposivly resist arrest.

    • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

      how do you know this?

    • Educating Morons

      Hey, loser…she doesn’t do drugs. Stop spreading more of your inflammatory B.S. Don’t speak of things of which you do not know. Moron.

      • Guest

        i bet she had her brother do it officer moron

        • Educating Morons

          LOL…Nice comeback. NOT!
          Go on and embellish the story and tell more lies…enjoy the attention…it’ll be the highpoint of your life. At least she had the spine enough to tell the truth – if anything it shows that she has seen both sides of the law and how “jailhouse lawyers” come to be. Why don’t you share with everyone what brought all of this about. Looks like your family has some issues as well….
          Oh, and from your illiterate response, I deduce that you believe I am an officer? No, I am not.

  • Boko Hos

    Morons with badges that “aren’t afraid to be on video”, which has absolutely to do with knowing the laws or how to act in a civil manner, something that isn’t taught at the police academy.

  • jcfromnj

    “They just don’t care” because psychopaths cannot relate to normal people. That’s the bottom line for becoming an effective LEO. You won’t last long without it.

    • CotyT

      they look and smile on their faces told me they were happy she was like that

      • Educating Morons

        Don’t be absurd. You were in the wrong and needed to just shut up. You escalated the situation to try and provoke a response. Time to grow up and quit being a punk who thinks he’s always right.
        All the drama is just you and your family looking for a payout.

        • Empty0Set

          Right, he “escalated the situation”…presumably by continuing to move way further back than was legally necessary, and by asking for the officer’s name and badge number, which was his legal right to ask and probably was the officer’s department policy to give.

          “Time to grow up and quit being a punk who thinks he’s always right.”

          Ironic, given that you’ve been calling everyone up and down names and claiming to always be right.

          “All the drama is just you and your family looking for a payout.”

          The officers made it exceedingly easy.

          • Educating Morons

            You must be confused. I’ve made no such claims…but I do know quite a bit more about this situation than most. No one here has bothered to inquire as to the validity of this kids story or take the time to understand the back story of how this all came about. But then…why bother? Let’s all just listen to the kid (who couldn’t possibly looking to “score big” or get his 15 minutes) and buy into the hype. Wow…

            The whole story (above) is filled with errors, misquotes, and misleading information – all to be used to support an agenda. Which, as I am sure you must realize, is the very thing that you are preaching against the police about. Wake up.

          • Guest

            the truth will come out in court if it even gets there. i will expose the corruption and all the corrupt with be security and krispy kremes

          • Educating Morons

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dream big….don’t forget, the police were recording everything as well! You should have your Mom go fight someone else over $20 again….maybe she can earn enough to buy you an education.

          • CotyT

            the video is clear, there is no misunderstanding it.

          • Empty0Set

            “The whole story (above) is filled with errors, misquotes, and misleading information”

            All irrelevant, because I have two working eyes and two working ears that I can see the video, and see that he was arrested while following the officer’s unlawful orders to keep moving away, and while asking the officer’s name and badge number as he was legally entitled to do. So unless you can show the civilian worked with Steven Spielberg and Industrial Light & Magic to somehow edit the video to show other than what happened…

            “who couldn’t possibly looking to “score big” or get his 15 minutes”

            And even if he was “looking to score,” that is not illegal. In fact, it says way more about police than it does about anybody else to say that the way to “score” is to do what the courts again and again have said ought to be without controversy: we are allowed to film the police. In fact, the courts have gotten so tired of reminding police of this, that they have held that officers can be individually sued for this. In other words, the courts have held that it is so obvious that it is your right to film the police in public, that qualified immunity does not apply for such arrests.

          • Educating Morons

            Well, I’ll sit back and wait to see where this goes. I know where my bet is placed. Have a nice life and pray the police come when you call.

          • Empty0Set

            “pray the police come when you call”

            I don’t believe in any gods; I don’t pray.

        • Guest

          ill record you and your buddy everytime i see you. i know you who are… so why not get a real username and quit hiding

          • Educating Morons

            HAHAHA good luck. You really have no idea who I am or where I’m from. Keep talking big, little one. You will just be chasing your tail…I’m sure you’re used to that.

  • ray brown

    Depending on your blood sugar level-high or low-it can make you act drunk, slurred speech, clumsy, not in your right mind, temper.

    • CotyT

      over the past year my mom has been having these episodes, a couple of them at work. and yes you are correct. im just glad she didnt have one in the car. they would of thought she was drunk and who knows where it could of gone then

      • Educating Morons

        Yeah, she might have jumped out the ambulance once she was out of sight and said she was just fine….oh, wait….where’s your recording of that?

        • kringlebertfistyebuns

          Just to be clear here – you’re saying she was faking?

  • Oldest Man In The World

    Time to start shooting back. Or become sheep in the slaughter.

    • anan

      Obvious troll/cop agitator is obvious.

  • ben dover

    I predict a roasted BBQ pig

  • Chip Seal

    I am astonished that an unconscious prisoner is not cause for alarm or a call for medical treatment.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Cops are not trained to help. They are only trained to hurt.

      • jcfromnj

        Either directly or indirectly, that’s usually the end result.

      • Educating Morons

        Site your source. Where did you attend the police academy?

  • inquisitor
  • Ordinary Citizen

    Lesson learned: don’t walk right up to an active investigation and act as if you’re either:

    a: involved, cause she’s your mom, or;
    b: a disinterested party, cause you’re on the sidewalk, in public, etc

    Absent the usual yellow crime scene tape, 20-30 feet seems like a distance which shouldn’t allow the typical interference/obstruction charges to stick. Doesn’t mean the cops won’t hassle you, of course. But when you walk right up the car and they ask you to leave, don’t be surprised at the result.

    • Chip Seal

      “Go away” is not a lawful order. I’m sure two male police can safely arrest a middle aged woman, even if her son is standing where there is AN AUTOMOBILE BETWEEN THEM!

      Suppose the son had attempted to physically intervene. (This is the claimed concern of the officer.) What was mom going to do while the officers subdue the son? Run away? Get in her car and flee? Escape to Mexico?
      This officer clearly had a contempt of cop reaction.

    • Empty0Set

      How does the fact that he did back up to further than 20-30 feet, and was still backing up at the moment he was arrested, factor in to the point you are making? The cop didn’t want him to maintain a “safe” distance, he wanted the civilian to leave entirely to the moon apparently. That is an unlawful order.

      The real “lesson” here will be learned when the civilian gets his payday.

  • herbygee

    That blood sugar had to be wrong. My guess is that her sugar was 20 not 200. I’m over 200 fairly often and don’t feel any effects. Has to be lower not higher. However, I am not siding with the police either. These guys are the ones that will be out there killing innocents when law and order breaks down.

  • ThreeRing

    Not only did he not interfere, but he began withdrawing when he was told to leave. When they arrested him, he was STILL walking backwards away from the scene.

    • CotyT

      yup i started walking backwards still recording and he pursued me. I just read a story of police shooting a person handcuffed in the back of the head. no way am i turning my back on them and turn my cameras off. i stayed facing him so he could still see my hands. once i asked for his name and badge number is when he initiated violence

      • Ron

        How does it feel to be rich?

  • bob smith

    I hope you do a FOIA request to get both officers personnel files. I would be interested to see if there are any complaints of abuse, false arrest or other things. Please keep us informed on what happens. AND keep using the camera to record. It will work out for you in the end. Good luck and i hope you get the officer punished and $$ for your troubles.

    • CotyT

      Officer Ammon Manning use to work for a neighboring county (Duchense County) but was too bad there and had a bad rep and was either fired or transferred to Uintah County.

  • Educating Morons

    It’s amazing how all of you can give your opinions on something you know nothing about. How many of you have been shot at, or put your life on the line while trying to protect someone who could care less if you live or died? Give me a break…Are there bad cops? Yes. But that’s the minority. Look at the crap they have to put up with on a daily basis…the majority of the people they come into contact with are LAW BREAKERS. They have to look at everyone with a suspicious eye…if they don’t they – or the people they are protecting – may end up dead. The only people who would understand are those who have seen battle. But, then again, if it weren’t for the people who put their lives on the line for people like you, how would you be able to sit behind your little computer screen criticizing someone for doing something you don’t have the guts to do?

    • Empty0Set

      “Are there bad cops? Yes. But that’s the minority.”

      Any cop who does nothing about bad cops within their midst is a bad cop just as well.

      “the majority of the people they come into contact with are LAW BREAKERS”

      Well when you make all sorts of things illegal that shouldn’t be illegal, no shit. Did you wake up today and go outside your house? Then you broke the law.

      “They have to look at everyone with a suspicious eye”

      And then you complain because we look at cops with a suspicious eye.

      The rest of your rant just drips with narcissism. It is not the job of police to “protect” anyone, or to “put their lives on the line for people like [us].” No, those are all Batman’s job. Even the Supreme Court has said so. The job of police is to uphold the law, nothing more, nothing less. Furthermore, this necessarily includes respecting the rights of the people, because that is the whole source of the law itself. A country where cops go gangbusters on everyone and where the
      citizens have no rights is in fact a lawless country.

      The irony is that the battlefield mentality you promote actually puts more cops’ lives in danger. Cops who escalate every situation, and take every opportunity to exert authority, put themselves at more risk. In fact, the police force sets the bar for everyone else. Safe and peaceful societies are a result from authorities respecting the rights of the people; in fact, the way to get “tough on crime” is precisely to get tough on the police.

      • Educating Morons

        Wow! I needed a moment to stop laughing about your post before I could comment. Do you even know the definition of the words you are using? Or, am I to ascertain from your juvenile “Batman” comment that you are nothing more than a pre-pubessant teenager sitting in your mother’s dark basement? If your house was being burglarized, your car stolen, or any other infractions committed against you, what do you do? Most call the police. They protect society from those who chose to break the law – and put their lives on the line to in doing so. (Just ask anyone who has been helped by an officer to live another day.)
        “Furthermore, this necessarily includes respecting the rights of the people, because that is the whole source of the law itself.”
        Duh. That’s why they do what they do…to protect the rights of society against those who choose to violate those rights.
        Basically, you’re response reads like nothing more than the usual anti-cop, BS that allows our society to degrade even further. How can they uphold the law if every time they do, the whiners and the criers cry foul and then people like you support them? It’s getting to the point where the criminals have more “rights” than anyone. Blame everyone but the criminal…right? If you choose to break the law (or interfere with those tasked with upholding the law), then you can’t whine about the consequences. If you want to play, then make sure you’re willing to pay.

        • Empty0Set

          Ironic to quote Ronald Reagan concerning breaking the law and individual responsibility, given that he broke laws specifically passed by Congress, by selling arms to our enemies in Iran and then using the proceeds to fund right-wing paramilitary terrorists in Latin America for example. Of all the people I would quote about the law and accountability, any present or past American president would be amongst the last people I would quote.

          “If your house was being burglarized, your car stolen, or any other infractions committed against you, what do you do?”

          Call a cop so I can file a police report as required to file an insurance claim. I fail to see how this proves any of the narcissism you triumphantly promote.

          “They protect society from those who chose to break the law – and put their lives on the line to in doing so.”

          Wrong! And if you don’t think so, then don’t argue with me, argue with the Supreme Court. They recently held that it is not the job of police to protect anyone, or put their lives on the line for anyone. Their only job is to uphold the law, nothing more, nothing less.

          “BS that allows our society to degrade even further.”

          Crime is even lower in other advanced countries that *don’t* let their police run amok and do the stuff with which American police routinely get away. This is no accident, one leads directly to the other.

          Let me put it this way, do you think people in Mexico mouth off to cops and film everything they do? No, people in Mexico have no rights, they fear the police and know that every encounter will lead to either having to pay a bribe or getting tortured and killed. Does that make Mexico a peaceful place? In fact, the opposite, it ensures lawlessness. The very fact that people distrust the police in Mexico, makes it much harder for cops to work with the people, makes it harder itself for crime to be fought. Even worse, that police are unaccountable there makes it much easier for police corruption to set it, which thus allows for organized crime (which itself leads to more unorganized crime). My basic point: it all trickles down from the behavior of the police itself.

          “It’s getting to the point where the criminals have more “rights” than anyone.”

          Let me make an analogy: it is often said that it is most important to protect the speech which nobody likes, because popular opinions don’t need protection. So you have it precisely wrong, it is exactly the rights of those people who are being accused by the State who need the most protection. You seem to think our rights can only be violated by criminals, no, they can also be violated by the State. In fact, history clearly shows our rights are more often violated by the State than by (civilian) criminals.

          • Educating Morons

            Yawn. You bore me. Go burn a flag.

          • Empty0Set

            This is ironic, because I don’t give enough of a shit about the flag to even burn it. Any flag is just a piece of cloth, who cares.

            On the other hand, authoritarians only ever care about such symbols; they don’t care when those rights that flag is supposed to “represent” are actually violated. In fact, those authoritarians will often try to violate rights to “protect” the symbols.

            But please, quote some other criminal president in attempts to prove me wrong.

          • zerosumgame0005

            meanwhile you dream of burning the Constitution

        • CotyT

          Warren vs DC

    • CotyT

      when the good cops start arresting the bad cops, things will get better. how come a vernal dispatcher left vpd because of the corruption and even posted publicly about it?

      • Educating Morons

        Oh, but then the bad cops would whine and cry about it and then the good cops would then be the bad cops and….huh….how does your logic work again?

    • Guest

      Fuck the police, and fuck you.

      • Educating Morons

        Brilliant response. Kudos for using a word twice in the same sentence! Careful, your intelligence is showing!

    • zerosumgame0005

      so you are saying the son did not have the right to film the cops and say nothing or interfere in any way despite the courts and the Constitution? you are the one in dire need of education.

  • CotyT

    A legal defense fund has been set up for me, please donate any amount you can to help me pay for all legal costs and defend our rights: http://www.gofundme.com/d57vn0

  • Angela Burnham

    I hope the Tabbees enjoy their new lakeside boat house.

  • James Michael

    Another felony aggravated assault and battery and kidnapping by a badged and armed traitor…

  • Cheri Lundstrom

    I’m confused 200 is not a dangerous blood sugar level, what was really wrong with this woman?