Florida Police Chief Defends Cops’ Aggressive, Violent and Life-Threatening Reaction Against Men Video Recording them

Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz defended the aggressive reaction of his officers in a Youtube video Tuesday, claiming the men in the car were “escalating” the situation by “recording the interaction,” causing one of the officers to fear for his life when a man “reached out of his window with a black object in his hand,” which was nothing more than a camera phone trying to record the cop’s name tag after he refused to provide it.

That cop slapped the phone out of his hand, then yanked the man out of the car, throwing him facedown on the grass while another cop with his gun drawn comes charging towards the other men, threatening to shoot one of them for who knows what.

“I’ll put a round in your ass so quick,” the cop said, even though none of the men in the car were doing anything more than being assertive about their rights, even if they were doing it in a profane manner, which is protected by the First Amendment.

The video cuts off when the gun-pointing cop moves to the backseat and arrests the man with the camera, eliminating the deadly threat they were envisioning.

The incident apparently took place last year but was uploaded to Youtube last month where it remained under the radar until Tuesday when Katz began defending the officers’ behavior in the comments section, trying to justify their behavior by claiming there had been a “violent home invasion robbery” within a two-mile radius when we know they didn’t stop everybody else in that same radius.

Katz, who prides himself on being a social media whore on Twitter and Facebook, comes across arrogant and condescending in his statement (posted below in its entirety), stating that the men deserved to be attacked because they did not show enough “fear.”

When I watch this video, I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police.

And that’s what it really boils down to in this video. Contempt of cop.

 The driver and occupants of a vehicle have far more to do with the outcome of a traffic stop than does the initiating officer. Respect begets respect. Antagonism and hostility are met with defensiveness and it escalates the officers’ stress response – this never leads to a more productive and civil engagement.

The young, black men in this video not only questioned their authority, one of men turned up the attitude after a cop ordered him to stop recording.

No, I have rights. I’m not intimidated. I have rights.

Sir, I’m recording your ass. What the fuck you going to do?

Bitch, you’re on camera. What the fucks wrong with you. Stupid ass cracker.

That cop walks away, only for another cop to walk up to the driver’s side where the driver asked for his name and badge number. The cop provided a badge number but not a name, which is when the driver apparently tried to stick his phone out the window to record his name tag, striking fear in the cop’s heart, leaving him no choice but to yank the driver out of the car and slam him to the ground (his name was Danish, according to the man in the back seat).

Meanwhile, another cop comes rushing up with his gun drawn, also apparently in fear for his life.

Katz also said they were unable to fully investigate the incident because the men had never filed a complaint with the police department, even though we all know it’s pointless to expect the police department to investigate itself.

This is a common tactic that police use, insisting that a person who has been abused come into the department in person to make the complaint, when it’s the very same department that abused him. Even if a person does come into the station, many times they will be threatened with arrest or intimidated from filing the complaint. It’s just how the Blue Mafia operates.

Katz,  according to his department’s website, has done “extensive research in destructive leadership, organizational incivility, and corporate psychopathy,” the latter which is defined in a medical report as having “a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others.”

And that sounds just about right for the Boynton Beach Police Department, who have arrested several people in the past for video recording them in public.


Screenshot 2014-08-27 03.21.57

Here is Katz’s comment on Youtube defending his officers, a shining example of the Police PR Spin Machine in action.
A message from Boynton Beach Police. Chief Katz: Boynton Beach Police Chief Katz I’ve seen this video before – probably about a year ago. It continues to surface despite the fact nobody has made a complaint or provided helpful information from which we could put this incident in context or take corrective action if applicable. Despite this fact, my staff and I did an exhaustive search of our records in order to try to identify this incident, which occurred on February 4, 2013. What we learned is:
• The persons within this car were within a 2 mile perimeter officers established in response to a violent home invasion robbery in which the suspects were armed with a machete (BBPD Case number 13-5715).
• The persons within the vehicle were – as you can see on the video – less than cooperative and, in some cases antagonistic toward the officers.
The driver reached out of his window with a black object in his hand. The sergeant immediately felt threatened by this gesture and took actions to protect himself and others on the scene.
People these days seem to like to draw strong and definitive conclusions based upon clips of video and information. That’s not how this complex world works, folks. The driver and occupants of a vehicle have far more to do with the outcome of a traffic stop than does the initiating officer. Respect begets respect. Antagonism and hostility are met with defensiveness and it escalates the officers’ stress response – this never leads to a more productive and civil engagement. When I watch this video, I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police. These young men are escalating this incident, being uncooperative with officers who are investigating a violent crime, and recording their interaction – presumably with the hopes of catching a “gotcha” moment on the part of our personnel.
I hate to disappoint them, but no gotcha moment exists here…which is why I suspect nobody ever came forward to make a complaint about this. Rest assured, absent a complaint we still looked into this incident and found the officers’ actions to be appropriate and justifiable given the totality of the circumstances. To those who are attempting to use this video to stoke racial tension and fear – I’d encourage you to work toward a solution and engage productive behaviors. For example:
• Report what you perceive to be police misconduct – and let us know when we are doing something right as well!
• Participate in our citizen’s police academy, and learn more about why and how we do the things we do… Ignorance is a terrible catalyst to judgment.
• Make an appointment to come chat with me about the direction of the department and offer your suggestions for improved service.
If you didn’t know the information I shared with in about the broader context and circumstances of this incident and drew a conclusion, reconsider with these facts in mind. Facts are a stubborn thing.

He’s right about one thing. Facts are a stubborn thing.

And the fact is, he never mentioned any probable cause for having pulled the men over in the first place.

Call Chief Jeffrey Katz at (561) 742-6104 to see if there is something else he hasn’t told us.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.53.25


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • steveo

    Just read a kindle book on How to arrest proof yourself. The author is a former Miami patrol cop, FBI agent and now a defense lawyer. At times reading the book made me so ill, I wouldn’t keep reading, but I got a really good look into the mindset of leos.

    What’s one situation that will almost always get you pulled over by the leos? 4 black young men in a car. I know it’s racist and not right and profiling, but the leos are going to shake you down every time. This one is especially egregious and why all black and brown people need to start filming their police encounters. You may not get any immediate justice, but it’s going to do something that the city commission hates and that’s bad publicity. Or you could take Chris Rock’s advise and when you go out in the car, take a white friend.

    • n4zhg

      What do you call four black men in a Mercedes?

      Grand Theft Auto.

      • Joseph Murray

        What department do you work for?

        • JJ_Swiontek

          Chill Joseph, it was a joke. :)

          • Winston Wallace Jr

            It wasn’t funny, it was offensive and it has no place in polite society just like the comments about stringing up cops and suggesting they be murdered.

          • ben dover

            You can not murder someone who deserves the death penalty. So on that note, Hang Em High

          • lken

            Douchebag, no one “deserves” the death penalty.

          • rust

            MURDERED? Executed for crimes against humanity.

          • Rail Car Fan

            “Winston Wallace Jr” said in part…

            “…has no place in polite society just like the comments about stringing up cops…”

            Q: Is that “stringing up cops” done before or after the cop has been made to walk the plank at high seas, or is it after they’ve been taken from the firing squad?

            Inquiring minds want to know.

            Rail Car Fan

          • nunya

            Welcome to America , where nobody gives a shit if you’re offended , nor should they , get over yourself .

          • http://www.policemisconduct.net Film The Police Always

            Whats wrong with a dead cop? Pennsylvania is moving along just fine. Cici’s Pizza is still selling pizza in Las Vegas, nothing has changed so I’m thinking all is ok right?

        • n4zhg

          No department. Couldn’t dumb down the IQ test enough. I just know what their mindset is.

        • gearbox123

          Get a sense of humor, it don’t cost nuthin.

      • Guest

        Ignorance comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and costumes. And those that benefit continue to relish in the division that ignorance perpetuates.


    • Jefft90

      Don’t disagree on your broad point but I know of several neighborhoods in SoCal that 4 white guys in a car will get you pulled over almost all the time.

      • steveo

        Which is why we need a national movement to go to city council meetings and demand that leos record encounters. The last two stories here have one thing in common. PD’s that have no dash cams and no body cams. And they do that for a reason, that don’t want to be held accountable. But in many of these locals in FL, There are significant pockets of African Americans surrounded by very rich white people, like West Palm Beach, Sarasota and even larger cities like Miami. All that has to happen is another Michael Brown incident and they just lit a match. The leos don’t care, in their minds, they’re never wrong. The only ones that get really hurt are the neighborhoods and the taxpayers.

        • Waldetto

          Sorry, but we need a national movement to dissolve all socialist police departments and have all free market protection were people can withhold their money from corruption! That’s the only way to make a difference! Do you think they care about anything you think when you are still forced to pay them through taxes? No. Google “Private Police”, there are some now in Detroit and Houston, and the SERVE the public!

          • Kerfuffulator

            You think Socialism is the problem?? LOL. Define what you mean by Socialism (no, don’t google or wikipedia it now.. what you meant when you posted)

          • inquisitor

            He said “socialist police departments” not “socialism”.

            He elaborated on socialist police departments related to their being financed by taxes and in contrast to private police forces.

            What is the alleged mystery for you that one could not easily extrapolate from his post?

          • Waldetto

            The main socialist and negative aspect, there are others, of the police department structure is the way it’s paid for, everyone is forced to pay for it whether it serves them or oppresses them! This eliminates any incentive for the police to treat anyone better. Imagine that when the black community is treated in an unacceptable way if instead of merely protesting, while still being forced to pay your oppressors, they could simply take their business and their money to a competing agency that promised better service! This would result in a police service that protected people and served people instead of what we have now.

          • Kerfuffulator

            Except for this little thing called voting.. which actually does hold public servants liable for their actions. Voting is a much more realistic way to change things.

          • Waldetto

            “Realistic”? Did you just really say that? Are you delusional? Hmm.. we could have a system where each individual could be empowered to stop paying for racism and oppression the minute it was revealed, ending it today, or a “much better” system, like what we have right now where things get worse every year, but people hold out for ‘hope and change’ years down the road that never comes. You must be a Marxist Socialist, they love their oppression!

          • Kerfuffulator

            Straw Man much?

            try again.

          • Waldetto

            So you are here to support the status quo? Sounds like society could not be structured any more to your liking!

          • Kerfuffulator

            Depends on what you mean by the status quo.

            If you mean “Do I support a federal government of a republic of fifty states that constitute the United States, as well as one capital district, and several other territories. A federal government composed of three distinct branches: legislative, executive and judicial, whose
            powers are vested by the U.S. Constitution in the Congress, a
            President, and federal courts, including a Supreme Court, respectively. With powers and duties of these branches are further defined by acts of Congress, including the creation of executive departments and courts
            inferior to a Supreme Court.”, the answer is, that as non-traitor to the United States, I do in fact support it’s system of government.

            Thanks for playing.

          • Waldetto

            Much more local than that, do you support the actions of the government police in the above article?

          • inquisitor

            “Voting is a much more realistic way to change things.”

            Yeah, if you are the one hacking the electronic voting machines in your favor.

            What do the dead have to say about it?

            How will voting fare when 15 million illegals are given amnesty and another 15 million over the next ten years?

            Or let’s ask Catherine Engelbrecht how her efforts are panning out concerning voting as a much more realistic way to change things…


          • Kerfuffulator

            Ahhh “Voter Fraud”, the Myth that keeps on giving.


            Perhaps you should try a different fairy tale…

          • Kerfuffulator

            Oh, if those “illegals” vote, that’s actually a GOOD THING. Participatory Democracy is major goal if you want a government of the People, by the People and for the People.

          • inquisitor

            That’s it?
            That’s all you can provide?
            Weak. Impotent,

          • Kerfuffulator

            But Hay, if you can link to some studies that Voter Fraud is real & large enough to actually be an issue, I would be VERY interested. If it were real (as in happening with enough frequency AND numbers actually effect election outcomes), then that would be very important information.

            ps Fox “news”? I guess I should be glad you didn’t cite the Onion

          • inquisitor

            So that is how it is done for you?
            Every source provided considered a fabrication.
            Even though the guest on the Fox show had testified before Congress and it is the meat of her experience that is to be focused upon and not the venue.
            Why would I waste my time with a serial mooter?

          • nunya


          • Nemo

            I don’t recall ever being able to vote on a police union contract, let alone vote as to whether or not to retain a specific police officer. Further, I haven’t ever seen the issue of whether or not the police departments local to me should be allowed to self-investigate, in any of the states or communities i have lived in.

            Thanks for playing, as you said.

          • jonquimbly

            Yup. Once upon a time, communities in parts of America paid a subscription fee, instead of taxes, for fire fighter service.

            You didn’t pay, your house burned down. I say, let ’em burn. Subscription police: you dial 911 but didn’t pay up? Well, maybe they’ll stop by just to record video of the armed rapist busy at work on your wife.

            A modern example, a rural TN home burned down because the homeowner forgot to pay the annual $75 fee-


          • Waldetto

            What about homeowners insurance? Forget to pay for it and they don’t rebuild your house! OMG! Are YOU petitioning your government for ‘free’ government supplied homeowners insurance, or are you just a hypocrite?

          • Waldetto

            I love the smell of defeat from ignorant liberal pundits that have their opinions formed for them by Rachel Madcow, and then when they reach the limit of that opinion they have only the ability to shut the f up! Duh!

          • nunya

            state controlled……….. derp

          • History Guy

            Yah! Bring back FEUDALISM! That will solve everything! (facepalmdeaddesk)

          • Waldetto

            The opposite of socialism is not feudalism.

          • Kerfuffulator

            Opposite?? Who said that? Was it a straw man that said it?

            Feudalism = Libertarianism


          • jonquimbly
          • Waldetto

            Funny story, too bad all the socialist stories end with 250 million innocent people being dead! Now what about homeowners insurance? Forget to pay for it and they don’t rebuild your house! OMG! Are YOU ACTIVELY petitioning your government for ‘free’ government supplied homeowners insurance, or are you just a hypocrite? After all, homeowners insurance should be a human right! Right?

          • jonquimbly

            What would happen if the state and federal govts just said “you’re on your own” after a twister touched down in the Midwest? Or a hurricane tore up parts of FL? An earthquake flattens parts of Los Angeles?

            Why do we have a government in the first place? Are there any common needs that are better served without a profit motive? (Take defense out of the list of answers, because that cow is so fat with profits…)

          • Waldetto

            What the hell do you ‘think’ they do? They did nothing of value in Katrina! Most people have nothing to do with any government after events like that. Private insurance money flows in and gets repairs made! If it’s big enough the Red Cross may pass out water and basic supplies. Any and all FEMA money is fraudulently obtained and quickly wasted. You must be basing all of your comments strictly on preconceived notions because there are no facts backing them up!

          • qweztionz5

            These filthy pigs are fascist not socialist. They would have loved it in the Gestapo, in fact their grand dads probably were in the Gestapo!

        • Yvonne
    • inquisitor
    • Charlie Grapski

      Share the title and author. That sounds very interesting and informative.

    • SiNNeR

      Arrest proof yourself = don’t be black. I’ve seen so many videos and have had a few altercations with cops myself, and I can see I would have gotten my ass kicked a few times by police officers if i was black. But, because I am white, and oh so pretty, they are weary if I come from a good family with a lawyer.

      If anyone thinks they deserve to have gun in their face because they mouth off a bit, they are already slaves to the system and are just happy they are above other slaves. Just like the nazi’s , just glad they were on the side with the guns.

  • Captain Obvious

    I can’t be the only one who was thinking about what bullshit this is. Until race got brought into it. The second I heard Cracker, all sympathy went out the window. While I completely agree with these guys and the recording, I don’t like Racists in any form! Even if we agree on things

    • Carlos_Miller

      I knew many would not be able to get past cracker,not stopping to think that perhaps the initial harassment was racist to begin with. No, of course, that never happens.

      • Tom Stedham

        what was the original “suspect description”???? if it was “four black males”, then… how could this encounter possibly be “racist”

        • steveo

          What the chief is describing is what I call the “Magic Call”. That’s an anonymous call they get from somebody that allows them, they think, to violate every single constitutional right you have because, well, we got a call. The DCA’s and the Florida Supreme Court doesn’t agree with them and says that there are degrees of calls, substantiated and unsubstantiated, but for most of the calls the leos are supposed to tread lightly and make a non-confrontational investigation (they don’t) , so there’s that.

          • n4zhg

            OK, you got a call. My attorney will be filing a subpoena for all verbal and electronic communications for the 48 hour period centered on right now.

      • Guest

        Couldn’t your presumption of knowing also be considered racist?

    • IcedTeaParty

      Do you think race was not “brought into the picture” until the word “cracker” was uttered?

      I love the notion of free speech more than I hate the words of a racist. Anything less is fascist.

      And personally, I prefer to be called “Saltine-American.”

      • steveo

        actually cracker could also mean any race because the definition of “cracker” is a person born in FL or a person born in GA, hence, GA cracker or FL cracker. Has kind of stuck to white people, though.

        • John

          That is incorrect in this context. The origin of “cracker” refers to white slave owners cracking the whip on slaves to force obedience.

          It’s a disgusting racial epithet and I hope its racist users drop it from their vocabulary, as I hope racists of other ethnicities drop terrible racist epithets from theirs. The best response to racism is not more racism.

          And just because I’m as pasty as one form of the word doesn’t mean I can’t abhor the other.

        • inquisitor

          Never heard that cracker could refer to any race born in FL or GA and that it has “kind of stuck to white people”. It was originally a non-racist term used amongst whites in reference to other whites.
          Never heard another black person refer to another black or latino person as a cracker. Never heard a white person refer to a black or latino person as a cracker…..ever.


          • steveo

            doesn’t matter it’s not a “fighting” word. Fighting words trigger a disorderly conduct charge. Like, “I’m going to kick your ass, or Keep it up, I’ll rip your face off, Something like that.

          • inquisitor

            I don’t know which argument you are making or which debate you are in.
            I am merely addressing your comment on the usage of the word cracker applied to those of any race.

          • NotTalkingOutOfMyAss

            Or “I’ll put a round in your ass so quick”.

      • TSI

        Cracker has no racial undertones, It’s a term used to refer to cops being similar to slave owners aka whip crackers. It has more to do with police corruption than race. -

        • inquisitor

          You are wrong.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      the people in the car are not on duty, in a job where they swore to uphold the Constitution. Private Citizens can be profane, sexist, racist or even practice a faith you don’t like.. ALL are due EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.. that’s part of the Constitution.

      • PINAC Troll

        What is with you about pizza being a crime?

    • TSI

      Cracker has no racial undertones, it’s a term used to refer to cops being similar to slave owners aka whip crackers. It has more to do with police corruption than race.

      • Brian Wirth

        TSI you are incredibly ignorant of reality if you truly believe that.

      • inquisitor

        You are wrong…again.

    • Brian Wirth

      I find it pretty sickening that you all are okay with these guys using racial terms just because YOU THINK the stop was racist. Are you saying anytime a white officer pulls over a car full of black people it’s racist?? You realize just saying THAT is racist! The camera didn’t start until after the officers were antagonized. We don’t know what happened before this. The driver asking why the officer needs to see his ID is just ignorant. You are driving, you are required by law to have a drivers license failure to present one is against the law. Like it or not. These guys escalated the situation by once again not being educated on the do’s and don’ts of police interaction. I see it alot on here, people starting a camera well after the stop was initiated, after the police have been antagonized. How can any of you speak on anything other than what is videoed? You are all making assumptions and committing the egregious act of profiling yourselves. You are profiling the police, you don’t have the full story, you fill in the blanks with made up information. There are plenty of videos on this site which have no need to be here… This included.

      • Kerfuffulator

        feel free to start your own blog. indeed, good luck with it. Let us know how it goes.

        or, in the alternative, just keep whining, as if it matters

        • Brian Wirth

          Or you and the little children on this site can grow up a little an realize all you are doing is giving the movement a bad name because you are too egotistical and ignorant to execute it properly.

          • Nemo

            I’m not sure if I’m ready to try to execute corrupt systems yet. Can I practice on you, first? 😉

          • Chumscrubber

            You don’t know the law from your asshole (you sure you’re not a cop):


            The driver asked WHY the cop wanted to see his I.D., and according to the law, my ignorant friend, the cop must have reasonable probable cause to request it. The cop antagonized the driver and the occupants of the vehicle, by refusing to answer a simple question about a condition he must satisfy in order for the request to be considered lawful and for the driver to be compelled to comply, and by then compounding his transgression by demanding the occupants produce their IDs, again, without explanation. The police cannot legally stop citizens simply because they are present within a two-mile radius of where a crime has been committed (please refer to the FS linked to above, or if that doesn’t convince you, try the Fourth Amendment). For this interaction to even be remotely considered legal to begin with, the cop must have at least had a reason to believe these individuals committed the crime (e.g. a matching description of the suspects or the vehicle) Chief Katz is claiming they were suspected of committing (or some other crime they either did, or were about to commit). Of course, like most cops, Chief Katz is a shameless prevaricator, because while he mentions the home invasion and a vague, unconstitutional “dragnet”, he neglects to provide any legitimate, direct connection between either of them and the molestation of these black men, or mention anyone else harassed that day by his ad hoc “dragnet” excuse. We know that Chief Katz is full of proverbial shit, because not only didn’t the officer approach the vehicle in a manner that would in any way indicate that he actually suspected the occupants had just invaded a home and were armed with at least a machete, but Katz lets the real “reason” they were harassed slip; “I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police”. That does not constitute probable cause; no way, no how, never.

            Furthermore, the cop(s) had absolutely no legal right whatsoever to demand that the occupants stop recording, tell them to watch their language, slap what he knew damn well was a cell phone out of the driver’s hand, drag the driver out of the vehicle (who was complying with his request), or point a gun at a passenger while cursing (hypocrite pig) shooting threats and nonsensical commands at him (“put your hands on the thing”?).

            Why the hell should anyone have any respect whatsoever for a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER WHO HAS NO RESPECT FOR THE LAW? Don’t we call armed goons, like these so called “cops”, who violate the law and physically abuse citizens and their property, while recklessly pointing guns in their faces and threatening to shoot them, dangerous criminals?

  • Crabby the dinosaur

    If these cops felt threatened by the recording device and really thought it was a gun, these guys would all be dead with about 10 holes in each of them. These cops all know what a frickin camera looks like. I don’t care if the occupants in the vehicle were cooperating or not. The job of a peace officer is to remain calm in the face of adversity, not behave like a schoolyard bully who pisses himself anytime someone stands up against them. The lack of respect for law enforcement is increasing exponentially because the number of these instances are increasing exponentially. Law enforcement tactics are breeding this lack of respect for officers. Stop acting like scared little bitches all the time, show people some respect and things may take a turn for the best.

    • jimbob91389

      he should have yelled “gun gun gun” as well if he actually thought it was a gun, correct? and I did not hear him yell that so I think this is just a classic example of police bullying.

    • Brian Wirth

      I agree with this. However due to the fact that the camera was started well after the stop was initiated AND clearly the officers were already antagonized, there is clearly more to this story than the cameras are showing.

      • Nemo

        Perhaps the police officer pulled them over because there was a report of an attack a couple miles away, and was arrogant and aggressive from the get-go because he assumed that the car was full of killers, and thus treated them like criminals.

        Just because there might be “more to the story” doesn’t mean that it was the victims’ fault here. The police escalate in order to “gain dominance”, by training and policy, so that is a more plausible scenario than “blame the victim” is.

  • steveo

    The last two court cases on cell phones, Riley and Smallwood involved the argument by the respondents’ attorney (the cops) that the cell phone could either be a weapon or appear to be a weapon, as a reason for the confiscation of the device. In both instances, the Justices in the SCOTUS ruling and in the Florida Supreme Court ruling actually mocked the respondent and just kind of laughed that argument off. I don’t know why the leos are still holding on to that ridiculous argument. But hands free is preferable, you can buy a landyard for your phone, I have one, and I see people with those on all the time. That’s becoming acceptable, the phone around the neck on a landyard.

    • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

      In most situations where I record public officials I typically use my phone as a camera simply because it’s always with me. When it came time to upgrade from my iPhone 4s I intentionally went with a yellow iPhone 5c. I also take yellow masking tape and put strips of it on my other cameras. I try to make all of my cameras or any thing I “point at police” as highly visible as possible and to look nothing like a weapon of any kind.

      • Winston Wallace Jr

        The significant advantage to using your cell phone as a camera is it gives you rock solid legal protection from the police searching it or even accessing it without a warrant.

        • Rail Car Fan

          Yeah Right…!

          As if that will stop the cops from doing it anyways, or in some cases, return it to you (if at all), with whatever you recorded deleted, memory card missing, having it come up missing in the evidence room, or innocently dropped and stepped on.

          One again, Yeah… Right. Dream On!

          Rail Car Fan

          • Kerfuffulator

            Or flatly denying they ever had custody of an item which was not listed on the report…

      • steveo

        Like Jeff said, the “smartphone” has a number of advantages when recording police. 1) there’s no doubt anymore that they have to have a warrant or consent to get anything off the phone 2) if you make a motion (make sure you include the sd card and battery, in your motion) in your case, if arrested or phone confiscated, the court will side with you and order the police to return it 3) you can password protect it, but they can still remove the sd card or you can set some of the phones to record directly to the built in memory 4) you can use a program like True Crypt to secure the video files, no way anyone is going to copy or delete that clip without you giving up the 24 character password 5) you can set it to automatically upload the document to a cloud, but kind of cumbersome with 4G without a wifi connection, but a small clip will automatically upload, if the battery hasn’t run out. 6) there are precedents like the Sharp case concerning tampering with the device to delete any clips.

        If they tell you that you have to give up the passwords, tell them, “I don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

        • Steve_Mart1n

          A few points to your post.

          Correctly protected smartphones, anything with post android 4.0, the removal of the SD card will do nothing as to the cops getting access to the video. Android 4.0+ is able to 100% encrypt the device and the memory card and the cops cannot access it without your password, even if they pull the card and read it in a PC or manufacturer device designed to read the card – once encrypted, it’s unreadable in any device other than the phone it was encrypted on and having the password it was encrypted with. (tested and verified)

          Supreme court has already ruled that you do not have to give them the password.

          Using bambuser or Qik, you can record while the phone is ‘locked’. (there are a few other apps like these, but they are the best – bambuser is THE best IMHO and was designed with secure recording and preservation in mind)

          Using either bambuser or QiK, your video is sent to the internet automatically and immediately. The only way to stop that is to either turn the phone off (which requires a password) or pulling the battery out, but as soon as the phone comes back on it will finish uploading whatever it has still waiting.

          Truecrypt does not work on most phones it’s more of a PC application, Android 4.0+ encryption is the only secure android encryption since it is built in – trucrypt goes into effect AFTER the phone boots, which means it can be gotten around.

          Using bambuser or Qik, you can access the video even if the cops take the phone (i.e. you have no physical access to it).

          If they tell you that you have to give them the passwords, tell them NO due to the supreme court, not because you don’t deal with terrorists… that is the quickest way to get yourself arrested and hassled in a way you will be unable to protect yourself.

          No need to be obnoxious or rude to the officer… keep your cool and use the courts after the fact to be obnoxious and rude to the officer in a way that has a real chance of doing something.

          • Rail Car Fan

            @ “Steve_Mart1n”… who said in part…

            “Use BamBuser”…

            As I have pointed out many times on this web site, “BamBuser” is very limited in not only their “Free” 15 day trial program, but also in their $45 program too.

            Most posters here can’t afford either one of their top tier program that costs $300-$400.

            Wish there was a more affordable program/web site that could do the same thing.

            Rail Car Fan

      • Guest

        Pink with a my a little pony cover would have been better. When they finally decided to assault you claiming it was a gun the whole internet could mock the shit out them for being a bunch of gutless paranoid pussies afraid of a girlie phone.

  • Kirkus1964

    Jeffrey Katz – yet another morbidly obese LEO.

  • nospamformo
  • Falutin Free

    Katz is not only a social media whore but also a doughnut whore. The most important part of his day is when the “hot light” turns on at the Krispy Kreme.

  • Tom Stedham

    I lost any interest in the plight of these fine young Americans when they hurled a racial slur….

    “Bitch, you’re on camera. What the fucks wrong with you. Stupid ass cracker.”

    • IcedTeaParty

      You would abandon the notion of Free Speech over your personal opinion about how offensive you find their language?

      Are you really sure how this whole 1st Amendment/Constitution thing is supposed to work?

      • Brian Wirth

        It has nothing to do with rights, it has to do with the fact these guys were using abusive and violent language. Beyond that, I am pretty sure there is a set of rules posted that states when interacting with police remain respectful. This isn’t so you show your submission, but rather, if you are recording the situation, it shows that you were calm and collected while the police officer was the one who was out of control and abusive. Once you start throwing out insults, racial remarks and using generally abusive language towards the officer, it shows anyone in a court room that you were being aggressive, which to the general public and those who are brainwashed, means you deserved everything that happened. Remember the majority of citizens in this country think that cops are angels.

        • IcedTeaParty

          A “set of rules” posted where?

          As someone who has interacted with the police, I’ve learned that you can literally show absolute respect with the police in language, demeanor, and behavior, and they will still suggest you are “aggressive” simply because you don’t submit to their “commands.”

          • Rail Car Fan

            “Strey Dawg”…

            Shouldn’t that say… “Badge Bully” commands..!..?

            I gave your post a thumbs up anyways.

            Rail Car Fan

        • Rail Car Fan

          @ “Brian Wirth” who said in part…

          “…when interacting with police remain respectful.”

          RESPECT is a two-way street. You get respect when you give it… not because the person you want respect from is now looking at the barrel opening of your gun that’s pointed at their head.

          I guess then your definition of RESPECT is a whole lot different than mine.

          Rail Car Fan

          • Brian Wirth

            Yes it is a two way street… And in this video neither party ever showed any respect. I am suspicious of how this video ended due to the beginning of it starting after the stop had taken place, as well as the fact that the officers and passengers were already irritated. YOU choose to side with the guys who posted the video, which by the way doesn’t tell the whole story… I on the other hand side with nobody, due to lack of evidence. All I hear out of the vehicle passengers mouths is disrespectful, and that is well before guns were drawn.

          • Kerfuffulator

            solution: Cop bodycam public record. But we don’t have that.

            So we have to go with the best available evidence. If you have additional or alternate video for this matter, I’m sure most of us would be very interested to see it.

          • Nemo

            You say you side with nobody, but from what I have seen, you are far more critical of the men who were abused by the police than the police doing the abusing.

            If “the police are normal people, and can react badly when insulted”, then they should be arrested, charged, and tried like normal people, when they commit assault with a deadly weapon.

        • inquisitor

          You use very arbitrary non-legal terms to justify your position…

          violent language
          remain respectful
          calm and collected
          out of control and abusive
          throwing out insults
          using generally abusive language
          being aggressive

          This is the shit the police fill their reports with when they lie to justify their unjustifiable actions.

          • Brian Wirth

            Other than proving your a douche, I am not sure what your point is.

          • Nemo

            The fact that you don’t seem to understand the point goes far towards explaining why you hurled an insult at Inquisitor. I suppose Inquisitor is now justified in your mind to point a gun at you, though.

    • Boko Hos

      Not surprising. You only like certain amendments to the Constitution. STill a two party voter?

    • steveo

      just words, words is just words unless they are fighting words, those words aren’tt fighting words. Great case in FL…K.Y.E vs. State kye was a juvie hence the abbreviation, Kye was a bystander at a police encounter and sang the Ice Cube rap song, Fxxk the police, got arrested for 843.02, DCA said, “just words, not criminal”

      What if I called him a pendejo, a cabron and a cujolito. Those are tremendously offensive words in spanish, but if you only speak english, they are only words in a foreign language.

    • TSI

      Cracker has no racial undertones, It’s a term used to refer to cops being similar to slave owners aka whip crackers. It has more to do with police corruption than race.

      • BigFurHat

        What are the undertones of “stupid ass”?

      • inquisitor

        You are wrong.

  • Boko Hos

    More of ECLS’s paranoid sociopathic friends

  • FABO

    Cops should have body cams … so shit like this cant be perged in the report

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

    I have no sympathy for those punks.

    • Kirkus1964

      Are you more concerned about them than you are about the egregious encroachment on our rights?

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

        I believe in exercising your rights. But I also believe that
        with rights comes the responsibility to behave civilly and respectfully towards
        each other, even if it’s a police officer you’re dealing with. I’m not an
        anarchist, and I believe in order to have a civilized society there has to be
        rules. The police are tasked with a tough job of enforcing our rules against
        many thugs every day while putting their lives on the line. These punks were
        obviously street smart idiots that thought it would be cute to “exercise their
        rights” irresponsibly while behaving like thugs and punks. We don’t know what
        led up to this interaction with the cops, and I know that if I were a cop in
        this situation, with a car full of obviously belligerent punks grabbing “things”
        from their person and pointing them at me, I’d have probably been on edge too. The
        cops don’t get the last say, the courts do. And if you want respect, you ought
        to give it. These punks are as responsible for the erosion of our rights as the
        cops, if not more so. It is because of people like them that cops end up
        stepping over the line because they have to deal with imbeciles like this every
        day. I’ve never seen Jeff Grey get face-planted for exercising his rights. He
        does it in a tactful and respectful manner. It’s a tenuous thing to exercise
        one’s rights, but if you do it like these punks did you are probably not going
        to get any sympathy from anyone when a cop body slams you in the dirt, and
        rightly so.

        • Steve_Mart1n

          Who disrepected who first???

          The officers disrespected them first.

          Do police have a tough job… sure, I know, I used to be one.. you know what? TOUGH FUCKING SHIT, that’s the job and you knew it when you signed up.

          You say the courts have the last say… I suppose the cops got the last say in the case of Brown, or the numerous other people that never made it to the police station.. hell there is a case right now where the black guy gets taken to the police station, after 2 pat downs, and somehow miraculously shoots himself with a gun he had hidden, while in the back of the patrol car, while in handcuffs behind his back… yet he shoots himself in the FRONT and it’s ruled a suicide…. I have MANY MANY MANY more examples of this….

          How did the courts have the last say there???

          Stop kissing LEO/Authorities ass so much.

          You are right, if you want respect you have to give it.. SO WHY DIDN”T THE COPS GIVE IT??? It goes both ways and the cops do NOT get automatic respect until THEY earn it too.

          I don’t care how up in your face someone is, if they are not breaking the law is all that matters – respect is a subjective thing and therefore should not be even in the conversation, since if it is, you just made every cop out there judge jury and executioner if HE THINKS he got disrespected.

          Will every cop take advantage of the power they have to act that way? No, but if even ONE does it, that’s to many, especially for something that in the end boils down to the officers feelings being hurt because he was not respected.

          Respect of him is not a requirement for him doing his job and the police officers reaction to ‘disrespect’ is a personal one, in a job that should not be personal and when it gets personal is when you end up with cops acting as JJE, all because their feelings where hurt, not due to any ACTUAL violation of the law or threat to the officer.

          Bluntly, cops are paid to have fuck you said to them and more, cops are paid to have ANYTHING said to them and ignore it. That’s what a professional does, their job and only their job.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

            We fundamentally disagree. Like I said, I have no sympathy for these punks, nor would any rational person. Chief Katz sounds like a very rational person, and if his side of the story is accurate, I side with his officers in this isolated case. If it’s not the case, then the punks should have filed a complaint and pursued it. They didn’t. Unlike you, I won’t paint all law enforcement with the broad brush of being inherently bad. I hold punks like these (and their enablers like you) as equivalently accountable for the erosion of our rights. If you deal with the cops like them, don’t be surprised when you get face-planted into a curb, or worse, and no one bats an eye or offers you a modicum of sympathy.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            No, you are fundamentally wrong, per the law and the constitution.

            I am not painting all in a broad brush but you sure are.

            The difference between you and I, is I have the law and the constitution behind me, you don’t.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

            “Rights” are not unlimited. And it’s not up to you to decide what is and is not Constitutional.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            You are right, the constitution already laid it out and it’s not up to the police to decide what is and is not constitutional, it’s again, already laid out and the citizens were within their rights, end of story.

            The cops were not.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

            Maybe, maybe not. If they felt they were within their rights and the same were violated, then they should have brought a case. They didn’t. If they had, I doubt they’d have garnered any sympathy from judge or jury, and would have summarily lost. Which is quite likely why they didn’t.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            BTW – no one said they were unlimited so not even sure where you are bringing that in at, other than to distract of course.

            Rights are rights, neither you nor the cops get to take them away from me just because you don’t like that I am using them.

            They were using their rights within the limits outlined in the law for those rights, the cops decided they did not have those rights without a crime being committed.

            The only ones trying to decide what is and is not constitutional is the cops and that’s not their job.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

            Your interpretation of these events and the underlying constitutionality of the officer’s actions is not the same as those of the overwhelming majority of all rational, logical people’s. This wasn’t brought before a jury, and there is a lot facts that I don’t know, so I can’t say. All I can say with certainty is that I have no sympathy for these punks. But then, I’m just repeating myself.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            btw – don’t bother responding, you are clearly a brown nose and don’t care about anyone else or their rights, only yourself and your rights

            You are the definition of a hypocrite

        • Rail Car Fan

          @ “Smash Anarchy”, who stated…

          “The police… putting their lives on the line.”

          Here’s another one who’s been drinking the gov’ment Kool-Aid as to “How Dangerous” being a cop is.

          I’ve included this link http://www.forbes.com/sites/jacquelynsmith/2013/08/22/americas-10-deadliest-jobs-2/ of “America’s 10 Deadliest Jobs”… of which Law Enforcement/cops are NOT even mentioned in those ten.

          So much for “SA’s” post on how cops “put their lives on the line daily”.

          Rail Car Fan

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

            Those all look like jobs where people die due to their own negligence, not due to drug addicted thugs and miscreants popping them off.

          • Kerfuffulator

            Why don’t you cite some numbers to back up those claims & excuses?

          • Nemo

            How do “drug addicted thugs and miscreants” smarting off kill cops?

            If you mean that those “miscreants” are shooting at cops, however, as best as I recall, more people in retail die by gunfire every year than police. Of police deaths, only about 30% are due to violence, most of the rest are due to (often self-inflicted) traffic fatalities, plus a certain number of suicides. Which is to say, their own negligence.

        • Kerfuffulator

          Nothing in the Constitution requires being polite or respectful. Unpopular Speech is specifically protected.

          Your theory and belief have been over-ruled by the courts.

          In a San Francisco case in 2011, a jury acquitted a man who, when asked by an officer for his name, responded, “What if I tell you it’s Fuck You?”

    • Steve_Mart1n

      It’s interesting you call them punks, not knowing them…

      You take offense at them using offensive language towards someone else, then YOU use offensive language towards them…

      What makes what you are doing any more right than what they did? Aren’t they both free speech?? Why do you get the right to call them punks, but they don’t get teh same right of expression????

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9O1KQPypbI SmashAnarchy

        If it quacks like a duck …

        • Steve_Mart1n

          Using that logic, makes it clear you are a hypocritical bigot

          After all, if it talks like a hypocritical bigot…

          Enjoy your award, you certainly earned it

  • RogerfromOhio

    Is it really the job of police to promote fear of the police force?? Fear is not productive….. and escalating a situtition because the victim is not fearful of police is just ignorance….. it seems to me that police are way too afraid of the general public

    • steveo

      I think our learned police chief wishes he could take that back. A Freudian slip at best, a cop who believes in leos as masters, at worst. He probably would like to substitute the word “respect” for fear.

    • Ordinary Citizen

      You’re not reading the sentence properly. “…behaving in a manner consistent with a fear of the police…” Isn’t about actual fear of the police, it’s about the excuse many minorities offer to explain their behavior, ie “I was afraid of the police.”

      These wayward youths weren’t fearful, they were arrogant, profane pricks. Based on their own actions, they (or their apologists/advocates) couldn’t later claim they were “in fear” because they clearly were not.

      • Kerfuffulator

        Umm… having a brave front or even arrogant does not mean one is not fearful. Declining to kiss cop ass does not make someone less deserving of Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Jerks are just as protected as saints. Everyone means everyone.

        On the other hand, the arrogant pricks in the video were clearly the cops.

        • Brian Wirth

          I would have to assume that these fine upstanding gentlemen were just arrogant. My reasoning is simply this. The police pulled guns on them. The response wasn’t fearful, it was contempt. Any rational person would not respond to a gun pointed at their face with smacking of the lips and tongue and saying “aww man”…. These guys are clearly used to having firearms pointed at them, be it by police or other fine upstanding gentlemen they meet on their day to day drives.

          • Kerfuffulator

            None of which is illegal. equal protection under the law and all that

      • Kirkus1964

        You don’t think acting arrogant and using profanity can be a front for someone who is actually afraid? False bravado and all that.

      • Empty0Set

        To further demonstrate the point made by the other people who replied to you, if you want an example of someone interacting with the police who is not afraid of them, look at HONORYOUROATH’s youtube videos. I’m sure even he has a certain amount of fear of the cops, but that is about as close as you’ll get.

        In other words, you are thinking of a dog that is barking and growling at you, but that is likely to be a dog which is scared of you. Think instead of a dog that doesn’t even bother to turn its head to see what you are doing.

      • RogerfromOhio

        No they were not in fear…. and they should not have been…… honestly it was the cops who were afraid… afraid because their authority was being challenged by 4 black kids

    • redditall

      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”
      Fear of the police is the beginning of oppression

  • RogerfromOhio

    Isnt it cute how some people are upset by the word cracker…. but the comment “I’ll put a round in your ass so quick,”
    has limited impact on those same people

    • steveo

      Plus they’re not taught to put rounds in peoples’ asses. They are taught to shoot at the body mass, the upper torso around the heart. That has the most stopping power. Shooting someone in the ass probably won’t put the threat on the ground.

      • RogerfromOhio

        That is one of the problems…. the “shoot first ask questions later” attitude of our American police needs to come to an end

    • Brian Wirth

      Considering we couldn’t see what the other person in the front seat was doing, I would say the officer may have had every right to use that verbiage. You and most of the other people on this site seem to enjoy saying the cops are always wrong, and they have no right to become defensive. I find this ignorant. You don’t have the whole story in many of these videos, and in this case only a camera on the cop rather than the subjects who may or may not have antagonized the situation.

      • Nemo

        Why is it that the video is invalid because it was shot by individuals who may or may not have antagonized the cops, rather than shot by the cops, who may or may not have antagonized the individuals?

        Further, the cops don’t bother with “the whole story” when they make an arrest. All they care about is enough of the story to get a conviction. Your double standard is telling.

      • RogerfromOhio

        It is a cop’s job to be professional….. and that means not being defensive and losing control….. when a cop makes a mistake people die

  • les

    Ah the blue mafia showing us all how to be a REAL thug! and there mafia boss praised their good show….

  • https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeValleyConstitutionalist?ref=hl tvcs

    If I’m not mistaken, those colleges listed on his “resume” are online universities. Probably not the best training.

    • inquisitor

      Wouldn’t mind taking a look at his entries on a Brady (Laurie) list and his personnel file alongside that resume.

      • Steve_Mart1n

        I see a FOIA request (or more than a few) in your future… :)

  • BabbaZee

    First they came for the foolish muthafuckas who said crackers,
    but I did nothing because I was a cracker………

    “First they came …” is a famous statement and provocative poem attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group. There is some disagreement over the exact wording of the quotation and when it was created; the content of the quotation may have been presented differently by Niemöller on different occasions

    • inquisitor

      I don’t believe it was so much the cowardice of German intellectuals as it was that they were in agreement and supporters of the purging.

  • rust

    What an UGLY FAT FUCK. Hey KATZ, go on a diet, you piece of SHIT.

    • Guest

      Do you realize you just gave some helpful advice to someone that would undoubtedly find a way to justify your death because you didn’t show him enough respect or fear?

      Do you secretly care?

      Or did you mean to say something like I hope you eat yourself to death before you or your department murder someone you fat f>>k.

  • walsh

    Sent email….

  • Art Kha

    почему полицейские у вас такие охуевшие в край ? я в ахуе, вот вам и свобода

  • stop please

    How come Carlos often mentions black victims but NEVER mentions white victims ?

    • Guest

      Have you noticed the red fist on his book?

      Symbols can say far more than words.

      I’m still waiting for Carlos or one of the staff to post the highly public blatant disregard of our rights that occurred in Martha’s Vineyard yesterday.


      • Steve_Mart1n

        That was not a disregard for your rights, just a disagreement as to should the pics be taken.

        If it was a disregard then they would have gotten physical and started seizing things.

        Those agents are within their rights and the law to keep a distance buffer as they said and they are also 100% within their rights to stand right in front of your camera.

        Does it suck? Sure.
        Does it make the camera person have to move and that’s a pain? Sure.

        But they have as much right to stand there as you do. They have as much of a right to try to block it as you do to film it, so long as they do not get physical and break the law.

        Just because someone else uses their rights, does not automatically mean they are violating yours.

        Welcome to the United States of America and the Constitution.

        • Guest

          Just so I’m clear. You’re saying that when some stranger, possibly a member of “law enforcement”, comes up to you for no lawful reason and interferes with you lawfully exercising your rights to their fullest extent by obstructing, intimidating and actively attempting to block you from exercising those rights they are not violating them?

          • Steve_Mart1n

            No, they are not, they have as much right to physically occupy the space in front of your camera, between you and whatever you are shooting as you do.

            As to intimidation, that’s not what was in that video.

            It’s 100% legal for someone to attempt to block you from filming so long as that person does not get physical.

            This is no different than you are filming something and a truck pulls in between you and what you are filming. That truck has a much right to that physical space as you. The fact he is blocking your sight line is immaterial and on you to move for a new sight line.

            Exercising your rights to the fullest extent does not mean that others have to stop exercising theirs.

          • Guest

            That’s some interesting logic. So if you or someone else doesn’t agree with someone exercising their 2nd Amendment rights they could logically just keep stepping in front of that person in order to try and stop them from shooting. Try it. Have your next of kin let us know how it works out for you.

            For the benefit of everyone reading please explain further how either a stranger or someone in a position of authority repeatedly getting in your face and blocking you as you move and try to evade them isn’t obstructing or limiting your rights or intimidating. And if it isn’t intimidating for you maybe you could record yourself trying the same approach with a LEO and see if they feel the same as you do.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            That does not even equate.

            1. The 2nd amendment is about your right to OWN guns, not carry them or shoot them.

            2. HUGE difference between a person stepping between you and something you are photographing and something you are shooting at – if YOU are stupid enough to step in front of a gun, thats on you.

            3. Even if you were stupid enough to do that, yes, the gun owner would be in the wrong for shooting you, not you for stepping in the line of fire.

            Wow you really do believe you are a ‘privileged’ one and everyone else owes you.. grow up

          • redditall

            “….the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

          • Jefft90

            Walk into a bank tomorrow with your pistol or rifle in your hands and let us know how you make out.

            Don’t forget to film it.

          • Anonymous

            Watch it and learn

            Always consult your federal, local laws and state ordinances. Do not listen to dipshits online who’s goal is to swallow chaw hook, line and sinker.

          • Jefft90

            Darn link won’t work, I was hoping for a few chuckles this morning.

          • Rail Car Fan

            I’ve walked into my bank MANY a time with my pistol… and not a single thing has been said about it.

            Rail Car Fan

          • Jefft90

            In your hand?

          • inquisitor

            Actually the 2nd amendment is not just about firearms ownership but their ownership in regards to a MILITIA.
            Which has a purpose which includes carrying them and shooting them.

          • Nemo

            At the time, the MILITIA was considered to be all able-bodied adult males, give or take a few. Or more than a few, given the racism of the time. “The People”, however, wasn’t necessarily limited to adult White males, even back then.

          • Kerfuffulator

            Der. Prior Restraint is NOT legal. Try again

        • Richard Lord

          Agents of the goverment acting in official capacity do not have rights, they have authority, and acting under the color of authority they do not have the authority to unlawfully and purposely prevent a American citizen from engaging in a clearly established constitutional right. They are paid to protect the Presidents wife from danger, not cameras capturing her in public. The moment they purposelessly stood between a photographer to the purpose of prior restraint they violated the law and their oaths. Another Citizen would certainly have the right, to stand in between a photographer and his subject so long as that other citizen was lawfully present. . A agent of the goverment does not. It is not lawful for any agent to prevent the press lawfully present from exercising rights.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            Incorrect. The agent is an agent/rep of the govt. which is an entity legally no different than you.

            They do have the right to stand between you legally, they do have the legal right to enforce a 100′ buffer zone.

            These are the facts and are constitutionally sound, you might want to learn them.

            What you outline is how you want it to work, not the reality of how it works nor the constitutionality of how it works.

            Your outline would actually be constitutionally incorrect.

          • Richard Lord

            I am not talking about a buffer Zone, do not change the subject. I am talking about the hand placed with no lawful purpose, other than prior restraint. between the subject and the camera in this video. The words of the agents themselves intimidating a lawfully present photographer. You are wrong. that is about it. and I am not going to waste time with someone purposely trying to cloud the conversation by backtracking on what you did say.
            ” They have as much of a right to try to block it as you do to film it, so long as they do not get physical and break the law.”

            . You said very plainly they also had the authority to purposely block cameras from taking pictures. you are wrong.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            No, I said they have the authority to occupy that space – thats what the truck analogy was.

            If you are going to quote me, do it without deliberately taking what I say out of context or only quoting part of the context I use.

          • Richard Lord

            It’s 100% legal for someone to attempt to block you from filming so long as that person does not get physical.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            and the rest of the context and example… that you are conveniently forgetting and ignoring…

            “This is no different than you are filming something and a truck pulls in between you and what you are filming. That truck has a much right to that physical space as you. The fact he is blocking your sight line is immaterial and on you to move for a new sight line.”

            and now that you have done this twice, you have proven yourself to be someone who is not interested in the discussion on it’s merits, but only on your aspect of it and your opinion of it, facts and reality be damned…

            in other words, don’t bother answering, I am done attempting to converse with someone who has no desire to converse, someone who only wants to manipulate and twist for their own benefit.

            Have a nice life

          • Richard Lord

            Just have the courage to admit your wrong. Your words will not be used against you. Maybe you can let your ego go go do some research and because you have met me you will have learned something. I hope you do that.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            I don’t say things that are not factual, unlike you.

          • Richard Lord

            Mr Martin I very much enjoyed your Wild and crazy guy skit. Have a good day.

          • Nemo

            You did say, or at least imply, something that isn’t factual, however. a police officer coming up to a photographer and holding his hand in front of the lens might be legal, sure. It might even be “legal” if the officer follows the photog around for the purpose of preventing photography, insofar as the other police certainly won’t arrest him for it, nor would a DA ever charge him for it in the unlikely event he were arrested.

            That doesn’t mean that a concerted attempt by a cop to censor a photographer isn’t “prior restraint”, however. Even if the cop breaks with tradition and doesn'[t employ violence.

          • anonymous

            It depends on if they are working or work for the state or law enforcement dip chit.

          • Kerfuffulator

            I think Lord nailed you there.

            1) it IS what you said.
            2) As your point is wrong, since you fail to even address the Prior Restraint issue, the rest of your analogy is meaningless. He nailed you.

          • Steve_Mart1n

            BTW – ur right to record, does not trump their right to stand in a place between you and what you are recording.

          • Richard Lord

            They have no authority to purposely stand in a place for the purpose of prior restraint.

          • Richard Lord

            You should call Mrs Obama she is a very intelligent women she would agree with me.

          • Frank Talk

            In the Sharp decision in Baltimore, the Justice Department opined that “officers should be advised not to … intentionally block or obstruct cameras or recording devices.” This, to be sure, is not a law, and the cops certainly have the right and predisposition to be dicks. The Baltimore department adopted this as part of the settlement with Sharp.

          • Kerfuffulator

            umm.. 100′ buffer zones were recently (McCullen v. Coakley – June 26, 2014) ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

            Which, incidentally ruins this claim too
            “I don’t say things that are not factual, unlike you.”

            You might just want to check your facts next time dewd

          • Rail Car Fan

            “Steve” sounds more like “EC-LS” with every passing post. I wonder how long it will take before he loses this argument too?

            Rail Car Fan

      • BabbaZee

        “Have you noticed the red fist on his book?

        oy vah voy.

        Thank you for the insight Mr.McCarthy


      • Carlos_Miller

        I also sell a t-shirt with a raised fist, so I guess you can call me Che.


    • Carlos_Miller

      Juan Montoya! You’re back. Or is it Police Lie? Or Dundy12?

    • BabbaZee
  • Robert

    I grew up in Delray beach which is Boynton’s southern neighbor. From 1971 to 1975 I got pulled over many times and hassled by those Asshole Boynton cops. In High school I drove a brown 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T hot rod. It was totally street legal and passed State inspection every year. Their favorite pullover tactic was citing you for “following too closely” which was BS. They also had a speed trap on Federal highway going north. When you crossed the city line it went 55-45-35mph in about 10 car lengths. They used a motor cop. and a patrol car and it was Vascar or radar, can’t remember which to nail you. I-95 wasn’t completed then and you had to go thru Boynton to get to West palm beach. The Ocean Ridge PD were pricks too. I never got a ticket in Delray. Those Delray cops back then were peace officers and were respected. One very well liked Delray cop Officer Kennedy was murdered in 1974. He helped my mother once when she had a flat tire.

  • jpriest2121jr .

    If the chief defends these cops he is as much as a punk thug tyrant as the cops are! All of these thugs should be in jail instead of wearing a badge! They are sworn to protect constitutional rights and they act like criminals! Every one of them that denies peoples rights should be treated like a traitor and thrown in jail or killed period!

  • anon101

    This KATZ defended the actions of this group of crim excuse me cops.

    “I’ll put a round in your ass so quick,” one cop is heard saying.

    Police in USA is a fucking gang and Katz ir fucking moron. He will get his soon.

  • coradon1

    I see a car full of assholes who earned what little they got.

  • Shep

    Coward Waffen-USSA Stormtroopers.

    Just look at his picture.

    He has the USSA Storm Trooper mandated look.

    1. Shaved head…check

    2. Wrap around sunglasses…check

    3. 52 inch waist…check

    4. Signs of massive steroid abuse…check

    5. Ultra violent, lawless, starts fight for no reason…check

    6. Smug, with a superiority complex….check

    7. Extra small penis..check.

    8. Will get away with murder…check

  • GreenTriumph1

    Even the banner on the police website looks aggressive. Is this how they view themselves? Shouuldn’t they be trying to show positive interaction with the community?

    • inquisitor

      Bad ass posturing and stares do not stop “stray” bullets, but attracts them.

      These look more like the faces seen on criminal mug shots.

  • Christopher Shepard

    Looks like a case of DWB.

    Driving while black.

  • Guest

    I look forward to a similar media relations videos from PINAC

    Your Boynton Beach Police Department


    • Richard Lord

      they didn’t put the video of officers brutalizing a handcuffed child. I am happy they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. It does not make silence acceptable when they blatantly screw up. Doing what they did to that child has repercussions. It will take a lot more videos like this to atone for harming a child.

    • inquisitor

      The chief admits that the department needs to “develop civility and accountability” because as we all know those qualities do not presently exist.

      @ :26 We have an example of what “civility” means with the Terminator Sun God depiction.

      @ :47 I am reminded that all departments should have mandatory quarterly drug and steroid testing. Penalty for positive results…termination and lifetime ban from law enforcement or security jobs.

      @ 1:19 Upper left. I am reminded that a demilitarization of the police is overdue. This isn’t Fallujah and citizens are not terrorists.
      There is absolutely no reason for police to be wearing CAMO on city streets.

  • Empty0Set

    In his defense of the officers’ behavior, the Chief makes a claim which is very pernicious. He says:

    “I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police.”

    I will skip the obvious point that in civilized societies, the people should not be expected to fear the police…

    …the more salient point is that the response by the civilians in the video IS EXACTLY the behavior of a person with fear of the police. Why the fuck else do you think they are recording the interaction? In fact, the natural response by any human in fear is either Flight or Fight; what the chief interprets as “aggressive” is nothing more than the civilians defending themselves exactly because they are afraid.

    Any person who so fundamentally misunderstands human behavior should not be in charge of other people.

    ADD: Even better is when police bomb up to a scene, shouting (often contradictory) orders at the top of their lungs. They then use people’s reaction as justification to escalate the encounter, as if they really expected anyone to react in any other way but the way we apriori expect people to react in those circumstances.

    • BabbaZee

      “the Chief makes a claim which is very pernicious…”

      Yes. Excellent point.

    • inquisitor

      Had they peed themselves…then they would have been sent on their way.

    • Rail Car Fan

      You’re right about “contradictory orders”.

      There are (and have been), many videos showing a cop yelling (commanding) someone to do one thing, while his partner yells something completely opposite.

      If you do what the first cop says you’re shot by the second… and if you do what the second cop says you’re shot by the first.

      Rail Car Fan

    • Nemo

      Please do not call citizens “civilians”, since police, being non-military, are civilians, as well.

      Police do not kill “civilians”, they kill American citizens.

      • Empty0Set

        Well yes, I agree that technically, police are civilians. On the other hand, it is definitely true that civilians are civilians. I thought the word “civilian” would be a short and clear way to refer to the people involved in the incident who were not employed by the State as law enforcement officers.

        “Police do not kill “civilians”, they kill American citizens.”

        Sometimes police also kill people who aren’t American citizens as well.

  • grepo

    Time to sue these asshole cops. And don’t give up your first amendment rights if you decide to settle!

    • Geuse

      One of the problems with being profane and offensive is that it tends to make juries think they got what they deserved. There chances of winning in court depend on their chances of finding an attorney willing to take their case on contingency which is approximately zero.

      • Kerfuffulator

        yet cops are often profane, offensive and abusive…

  • apost8

    in an alternate universe the passenger sees LEO #2 approaching with gun drawn, and swats it out of his hands, claiming he feared for his life.

  • Falutin Free
    • Ordinary Citizen

      As your resident reporter on the scene here in Omaha, I can attest that all of the local media – from left wing call-in radio to right wing call-in radio, as well as the print and broadcast TV media – are very relieved that the robber was, in fact, actually a robber, not just another urban thug who was just about to ‘get his life together’.

      The robber, Mr. Washington, had a lengthy criminal record and was sentenced to a 7 year stint for armed robbery only a couple of years ago. Thanks to the namby pamby liberals who now run the justice system, Mr. Washington was released early and was allowed to transfer his parole to Nebraska.

      No riots or calls for justice here. Just another miscreant put down for the sake of society. Too bad he had to take another innocent bystander with him.

      • Fedup

        And yet, the sound guy wasn’t killed by a pellet fired from the robber, but by friendly fire from the cops. How on earth does that happen? Was the sound guy conducting an interview with the robber? Or is the lack of gun safety/training so great that these ‘hero’ cops were just firing in random directions? With these kinds of mad shooting skills, who need robbers? Personally, I’d take my chances with an “armed robber” than reckless shooter with a shiny piece of metal.

  • gearbox123

    Clearly the guys in the car will never win a popularity contest among cops, but the cops were WAAAAAAY out of control on this one. One twitchy finger and they could have killed those kids. Idiots like that should stick to desk duty.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    posted a question on his FB page

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    At .47 seconds into the video the initial officer says “cut that phone off” and then again a second later “cut that off” and this is after the driver announced that he was recording. The officer never said anything about a gun or a weapon of any kind and he knew very well that the “scary black item” in the drivers hand was a phone because he referred to it as a phone.
    I am curious as to what the initial officer said over the radio to the back up officer who drew his weapon and pointed it at the gentlemen in the car. What ever he said over the radio put the back up officer on edge and resulted in reckless endangerment of the lives of the gentlemen in the car.

    This is nothing more than a case of Contempt Of Cop and it is one of the most terrifying as well as egregious examples. We should all be calling for the resignation of the Chief as well as the other two lunatics in uniform.

    • inquisitor

      Agreed. I second that motion.

    • Richard Lord

      Do you know what public records request to make to determine if they are running the names of posters to their facebook page through david?

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    I wish I lived closer to Boynton Beach because if I did I would make these clowns my new hobby.

    • inquisitor

      I have no doubts about that Jeff, no doubts at all.

  • BabbaZee

    Candles and flowers marking the spot where Brown died were soon run over by police vehicles.

  • qweztionz5

    I wonder if that fat pig Jeffrey Katz shot the photographer after he took his portrait?

  • HangingJudge

    Fat bald and stupid he’s a police triple threat.

  • stk33

    Send message to the city mayor, if he is comfortable with his police chief expecting the residents to be in fear of the police as the norm. Or maybe that comment alone is sufficient for the resignation.


    • nospamformo

      Call the Mayor on his public cell phone, since he never seems to be in his office…561-389-2216

  • inquisitor

    Police lobby fights to keep its military gear and continue militarization…


    Once obtained, power is never relinquished.

    Meanwhile, several police departments cannot account for their military equipment…
    Seems like the blue mafia is keeping a few items for their own personal collections or are selling them on the side.


    One thing is for sure…these fucks cannot be trusted…ever.

    • JWE

      How in the hell do they have 2 cases of missing Humvee vehicles??? http://fusion.net/leadership/story/americas-police-departments-lose-loads-military-issued-weapons-984250

      i can see how a department may lose one or two guns, as they are easy to conceal. But 2 Humvees!!!

      • Rail Car Fan

        They’re worth their weight in Gold on the Black Market!

        Rail Car Fan

        • JWE

          I understands that, but it still is exactly something a rogue cop can put in his duffel and sneak out of the station.

    • Kerfuffulator

      never relinquished voluntarily.

      But that’s not really true. Our system of Government involves repeated voluntary relinquishing of power, as people lose elections. Even very close, hotly contested elections.. at the end, the loser accepts the results & we move forward without armed insurrections.

      It’s the American way.

      • inquisitor

        Obviously you missed the point.

        But that’s not really true…but that’s not really true…polly want a cracker.

  • BabbaZee

    While protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, are demanding that a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager be prosecuted, in Connecticut since 2001, there has only been one case out of 38 completed investigations of police use of deadly force in which an officer faced prosecution.

    A Hartford police officer was acquitted in that case.

    Michael Dearington, state’s attorney for the judicial district of New Haven, has served in his current role since 1987. In 27 years, he’s never elected to prosecute an officer who was found to have used deadly force in the line of duty in his district.

    “All I can say is that the state gives a fair amount of latitude with respect to the use of deadly force,” Dearington said.



    I know we view allot of police acting inappropriately here so, I found one that shows a good and positive encounter.

    Aug 28, 2014 Father Confronts Police While Searching Daughter’s Home

    O’Fallon Missouri Police are confronted by the father of a young lady who’s home is being searched. Little does he know his daughter gave them consent. I later learned, the reason police asked to search her home was the people living next door were caught with large amounts of counterfeit bills. They had been under surveillance for weeks. Since they were friends, they suspected her of being an accomplice. Nothing was found in her home nor did she know anything about the counterfeiting.


    • Kerfuffulator

      Heh. That “Father” sounds like no other than Kenny “I don’t answer questions” Suitter.

      • MOLON LABE

        That is because it is Kenny! ; )

  • nospamformo

    Here is the Mayor’s public cell phone


  • Daniel Shenise

    Complaining to elected officials is one thing, but lately I’ve taken to posting to the local chamber of commerce Facebook and other social media as well. Nothing like a constant stream of, “don’t visit this town and spend money here because the cops are out of control,” posts to maybe wake up the money men in town to get their dogs under control. I just posted this article to the Boynton Beach Chamber’s Facebook page for instance, and I think it will become a habit for all future posts. Calling the PD office can help a little, but moving the local Chamber might help even more. Just a thought.

  • JWE

    “‘No police department should get federal funds unless they put cameras on officers,’ Sen. Claire McCaskill”

    A good start, but doesn’t go far enough: It should also have the requirement for all departments to have civilian review panels, as well as make it a federal offense to interfere with photographers, recording them in public.

  • Mike TheVet

    “I’ll put a round in your ass so quick.”

    Absolutely disgusting. How is this officer not indicted on a criminal threat charge?

  • average citizen

    Jut caught the story … http://www.dailmail.com out of London, England.. seems to be a comprehensive story . Really puts the town of Boynton beach in a rightfully bad light, not a good place to visit !

  • average citizen

    Just sent a email to the chamber of commerce .. noting real nasty but slammed them for employing such a incompetent alleged PO-lice force.. not good for business. Also sent post to Trip Advisor.com advising Brits not to visit the town … as per the video….

  • Guest

    incredibly, the chief used the old cell phone gun as a defense….

  • http://oculardock.blogspot.com Randolph Pembroke Stoughton II
  • Guest

    It seems as though the mayor’s cell phone and email can easily be located as well. Don’t abuse them you thugs. If you want to see change people can believe in market your message effectively.

    You may all like to know that you are considered “customers” by BBPD. And the agency is “branding” itself using many forms of social media.


    It appears the tendency to threaten or use violence on unarmed or even handcuffed individuals, including children, is an ongoing problem at BBPD. But don’t worry the Chief has everything under control. At least as far as the sales and marketing message goes.


    • inquisitor

      That was quite the manly sweep of the handcuffed black child.
      Notice it was a black on black crime.
      But no Sharpton showing up.

  • ben dover
  • ben dover
  • ben dover

    Great site too all the PINAC lovers out there , share it email to everyone , spread the word as much as you can about all these sights , and tell everyone how corrupt the PIGS are that we pay for.


  • inquisitor

    “I Am Not Your Brother” – St. Paul Cops Allegedly Taser and Arrest Black Man for Sitting in Public Space

    Twin Cities Daily Planet
    brings our attention to this story: St. Paul cops allegedly taser and
    arrest black male for sitting in public space. City Pages provides some
    details: St. Paul police roughly arrest black man sitting in skyway

    Do you have to identify yourself to the police? It depends. When driving
    yes – driving is a privilege. When walking (in Minnesota) no – “police
    can never compel you to identify yourself without reasonable suspicion
    to believe you’re involved in illegal activity.” Minnesota is not a stop
    and identify state, unless the police have “reasonable suspicion”


    • Ordinary Citizen

      As usual, there’s the “black” side of the story and “white honky cracker” side of the story.

      Before the young urban fellow in question started recording with his cell phone, he was asked by a bank security guard to leave an ’employees only’ section of the sky mall, which he refused to do. Multiple times. So the bank security guard called the cops.

      Who asked the frisky and jolly urban fellow to identify himself. Which he refused to do. Multiple times. So the cop called for backup.

      Who asked the chatty and urbane urban fellow to stop making his forward progress towards the daycare where his children were staying. Which he refused to do. Multiple times. So the cops went…umm…what’s that cop lingo? ‘Hands on’?

      So the cops deterred the sprite and physically active urban fellow with several methods of restrainment. Multiple times.

      Eventually, the completely restrained and absolutely peaceful law enforcement officers charges charged the quixotic and recalcitrant urban fellow with trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstruction of the legal process.

      And wouldn’t you just know it? In a short order of time, all charges were dropped and the upright and honorable urban fellows phone was returned to his possession. Whereupon, he uploaded the video from the phone to web.

      The newly empowered and enboldened urban fellow is, of course, breathlessly waiting the outcome of his complaint to the Internal Affairs bureau.

      As are we all.

  • ben dover
  • inquisitor

    An example of how it turns out when trying to talk down a knife wielder…


  • LoneStar

    The cops’ reaction was horrendous, but it’s funny the double-standard both in the article and in the comments. If it had been four white guys who called two black cops “niggers” the coverage would have been far more dramatic and condemning of their actions.

    • WhatMoreCanISay

      That was ugly. Good thing he didn’t actually say it to the cop, but among the other passengers when the cop walked away. He might have actually shot someone if he’d heard it…and everyone would have justified it.

  • Geezer

    The soul you save May be your own. Repent, Get Saved, Get Raptured. Jesus Christ is waiting and watching.

  • noonereally

    The Chief of police is now deleting posts regarding this story, even sharing simply the video itself, on his official BPPD facebook page.





  • Fuck Carlos Miller

    Fuck you Carlos Miller you cunt

  • http://thelashow.com/ smuggar

    another fat cop

  • fucthepolice

    Liberty grows where cops are planted