A Chicago police officer stepped out of a patrol car with her phone recording before snatching a camera from a citizen who was recording her, handcuffing him and telling him he had no right to record her.

“Did I give you permission to record me?” the cop demanded to know.

“I’m recording the whole situation that is going on,” the man said.

The cop then demands his identification before the video turns off.

The incident begins right after the 2:10 mark.

The first two minutes of the video show a bunch of cops kicking a group of citizens out of a public park for reasons that are not clear.

It appears as if the citizens were not doing much more than receiving therapeutic massages from a woman who had her massage chair with her and was telling the cops she is a professional and they intend to come back the following day.

One cop tells her they are only trying to “reduce crowds” to “reduce the potential for violence” and mentions smoking and drinking, but the people in the video don’t appear to be doing any of that.

The woman is trying to rationalize with the cop, telling him that that Garfield Park is the safest place to go because so many other parts of Chicago are violent and that they, themselves, monitor the park for potential violence.

The female cop then arrives on the scene, proving that the safest place to go for this group is completely unsafe from cops.

It was only a few years ago where it was illegal to audio record cops in Illinois without their consent, but that was determined to be unconstitutional. 


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This Chicago cop apparently never received the memo that they can’t arrest people for recording them anymore.