Here is the body cam video Albuquerque police released to the media from the shooting death of Jeremy Robertson in July, a man they claimed was killed because he made officers fear for their lives.

However, the footage begins in the minutes after Robertson was killed, leaving us no way to verify their claims.

Although the Albuquerque Police Department has issued more body cams to officers than any other police department in the country, they claim there is no footage of the actual shooting.

According to the Associated Press:

Albuquerque Police Department spokeswoman Janet Blair says no lapel video of the shooting exists.

Albuquerque police said agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were seeking to take Robertson into custody when he fled from detectives at a gas station. As Robertson ran away, authorities say he pulled a handgun from his waist before he was shot.

Albuquerque police also have been under scrutiny for 41 police shootings — 27 of them fatal — since 2010.

At :30 in the video, there appears to be a pistol across the sidewalk from Robertson’s lifeless body. The cops that walk up to him with guns drawn begin barking orders.

An ATF Agent eventually walks up and handcuffs his body.

One cop can be heard suggesting he may have shot himself. Another cop said he had been jumping the fence and may have “accidentally” done something but doesn’t complete his sentence.

However, police have already confirmed he was shot and killed by two officers, Anthony Sedler and Ramon Ornellas, who have shot and killed a combined four citizens since 2010.

Police have not said whether or not these officers were wearing cameras.