Californian cops bullied a man with a camera after he advised his friend not to answer any questions during some type of traffic detainment.

It started with a University of California cop stepping into the man’s personal space, forcing him backwards, ordering him to “get that camera out of my face” as he stuck his fat face into the man’s camera.

Officer T. Magaña accused the man of “impeding” as he impeded on the man’s right to record.

“You’re about two seconds away from going to jail for impeding,” he said.

“Section 148 of the Penal Code. You understand that? Make sure you get it on camera.”

A second cop, a deputy from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, then got into the man’s face, accusing him of breaking the law by recording.

“They’re having a personal conversation,” the deputy said.

“It’s illegal for you to record their conversation.”