The woman who was repeatedly punched in the face by a straddling California Highway Patrol officer on the side of a freeway this summer received a $1.5 million settlement this week.

A whopping amount, especially considering it was finalized within three months of the incident, a rarity when settlements usually take years.

But the video speaks for itself and even the usual apologists found it hard to defend CHP officer Daniel Andrew, who claimed he was merely trying to keep her safe.

Andrew, who has been on the usual paid administrative leave, “elected to resign,” meaning he will probably pop up again in another department.

Investigators say he may still face charges, but none have been filed, so we can assume that none will ever be filed.

Marlene Pinnock, who is bipolar and off her medication, said she believed she was going to die.

According to Yahoo News:

The July 1 video of Andrew punching Pinnock was recorded by a passing driver on Interstate 10 west of downtown Los Angeles.

According to a search warrant made public in court documents last month, Andrew had just pulled Pinnock from oncoming traffic and she resisted by pushing him after multiple drivers called 911 to report her walking barefoot along the side of the freeway.

Andrew then straddled her on the ground as Pinnock resisted by “kicking her legs, grabbing the officer’s uniform and twisting her body,” the warrant said. Andrew “struck her in the upper torso and head several times with a closed right fist,” the records say.

The warrant said Pinnock suffered no signs of physical injury and refused medical treatment. She was placed on a psychiatric hold for two weeks.

Pinnock has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been off her medication for two to three months before the altercation.

In an interview with the AP last month, Pinnock said she believed the officer was trying to kill her.

“He grabbed me, he threw me down, he started beating me,” she said. “I felt like he was trying to kill me, beat me to death.”

Marlene Pinnock and attorney (AP Photo/John Hopper)