It took almost eight painstaking minutes for the dimwitted cop in this video to realize he was being recorded, which was when he turned to the man with the camera and told him it was “technically illegal.”

But it also took the cop 24 hours before realizing he had forgotten to issue a citation to a man he had pulled over the prior evening, which is why he had the man meet him at the gas station the following night in an attempt to get the man to sign it.

It is not clear where the incident took place, but it might as well be Mayberry judging by the Barney Fife ineptitude of the cop.

The man who is being asked to sign the citation is arguing that he shouldn’t be given a citation more than 24 hours after the alleged traffic violation.

The cop is telling him he will be arrested if he doesn’t sign it.

He also admits he routinely forgets to issue citations to people he pulls over, requiring him to track them down the following day to do so.

The man’s friend is standing off to the side recording the exchange when the cop turns to him at 7:40 and tells him he is breaking the law because he did not let him know he was being recorded, even though it should have been obvious to anybody observing the conversation.