PINAC reporter Jeff Gray was video recording from outside an indistinguishable building in Jacksonville today when it began speaking to him, a booming female voice telling him he was not allowed to take photos.

The voice, which was obviously coming from somewhere inside viewing him with a camera, almost seemed to be able to hear Gray speaking ¬†back, telling him he must walk to the building’s front gate, which he did, careful not to enter the property of the building.

A man then came walking out, acting as if he was going to physically confront Gray, reading the Photography is Not a Crime label on his shirt, telling him that it was a crime to take photos of a private building.

The man said he was going to call police, but they never came, even though Gray and Epic Old Guy Tom Covenant remained on the scene for several minutes.

The building at 8258 Baycenter Road, appears to belong to Wells Fargo.