The Lynn Police Department in Massachusetts received a public records request from a Bay State Examiner reporter recently and responded by breaking the law.

In Massachusetts, public records law stipulates that a written response is required within 10 days of a request being received, but ten days after a Bay State Examiner reporter requested some public records, she had still received no written response.

Maya, the Examiner reporter, dropped off her records request and was told that one lieutenant handles all the department’s record requests, and he was on vacation.

The police clerk who processed Maya’s records request also told Maya that it was illegal to record her, a statement which is not accurate.  Massachusetts prevents the secret recording of another, but Maya was openly documenting her records requests.

Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger left Maya a voicemail stating that her request was being processed, but as of now Maya has yet to receive the records she requested, and the department is in violation of the law, having failed to provide any written response within 10 days.

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