As Andrew Henderson was coming home from work, he saw a bunch of police cars at the bank near his house in Little Canada, Minnesota. Having provided useful video for a local reporter in the past, Henderson pulled out his camera and starting taking photos and video.

Before long, Henderson was approached by a man in black investigating the crime scene.

“What are you taking pictures of? Are you taking pictures of us?” asked the crime scene investigator.

Unfazed, Henderson responded, “I’m a citizen photojournalist. Is there a problem with that?”

“Can I see your ID?” the investigator immediately replied, as if trained to demand identification from photographers.

Instead of providing identification to a man in plainclothes who may or may not be cop – and certainly didn’t have reasonable suspicion that Henderson committed a crime – Henderson stated the following:

“I’ll tell you what. One year ago to the day, my camera got taken away from me for taking pictures, so no, you can’t see my ID.”

It was actually two years ago, but Henderson said he got nervous. Plus, time flies when you’re actively making a difference as Henderson started doing after his initial arrest.

Immediately, the investigation realized who Henderson was, blurted out, “Ohhhhkay,” and walked away.

After standing up for his right to record and making a name for himself in the community with his campaign for city council, Andrew Henderson was not about to let his rights be oppressed by anyone, and the man in black knew it.

That’s the power of knowing your rights and standing up for yourself.

In fact, earlier today as he walked into the St. Paul Police Department to make a public records request, which they call “data practices act request,” he caught employees checking out his Youtube channel.

By the end of today, Henderson should know whether or not he was elected to the Little Canada City Council.

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