Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy pulled a woman over for a minor traffic violation, yanking her out of her car and throwing her into the back of a patrol car after she attempted to video record a deputy attempting to search her car without consent.

The incident, which took place in Temple City on November 6, left Veronica Tomas-Castro traumatized where she tries to avoid the Los Angeles municipality during her daily commutes.

The deputy who pulled her out of the  car, Bradley Dietze, is supposedly “under investigation” after she filed a complaint with the department.

In fact, when she walked into their department with her son to file a complaint, a sergeant felt compelled to pull out his camera to record her. Although we can be certain that Dietze will not be disciplined, her complaint will remain in his file for five years.

And we imagine that file is growing considering this is a $93,000-a-year making deputy whose domain on his personal Facebook page reads “Dirty Dietze.”

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Call the LASD Temple City patrol station at (626) 285-7171 to share your feelings about Deputy Dirty Dietze.



Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Bradley Dietze

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Bradley Dietze

Bradley Dietze when he's not violating the rights of citizens

Bradley Dietze when he’s not violating the rights of citizens