The hashtag #BoycottBlackFriday is trending nationally on twitter right now, and #BlackoutBlackFriday is popular amongst protesters.

Ferguson protesters are crawling the halls of Saint Louis area malls, continuing with peaceful protests over the killing of Mike Brown today.  Across America, these protests are spreading rapidly too.

The nation’s busiest shopping day is becoming a lightning rod for protest movements like Blackout for Human Rights and Words to Action, and promoted by entertainers such as Common.

Voting with your dollars isn’t a new concept, but is taking root strongly amongst those fighting for social justice in America today, and being urged by not only Ferguson protesters, but by those union backed advocates seeking change at Walmart too.  (Disclosure: This author started an independent Walmart boycott in Miami, which continues today, 3 years later, over local matters).

The convergence of anti-Walmart movements and Ferguson protests is happening in St. Louis, but spread across the country as well. Some would say that they’re “bringing a little bit of Ferguson to the suburbs” of America.

Walmart is of course responding with unidentified police guarding their stores.  Bloomberg sent top political reporter Toluse Olorunnipa to St. Louis and is one of the few mainstream media outlets offering full coverage of events on the ground

Protesters are agnry because the procedural shenanigans by Ferguson PD and St. Louis County amount to a de facto cover up. Officer Wilson never filed a lawful report.

The medical examiner skips taking pictures or measurements. How often does the accused testify in his own defense to a grand jury? Totally unheard of!  Would you want it to go down this way if an officer made a mistake at gunned you down? Cops have laws too, just they are free to break them when they need to. We take issue with that concept.

At least one protester mentioned the most recent apparently unjust police shooting of a 12 year old Cleveland boy Tamil Rice, who was executed within seconds by police for holding an air gun.

It’s this writer’s personal belief that Officer Wilson will be worse off without a trial for his cold blooded killing Mike Brown – and the aftermath of the incident – if he really is innocent.  He’ll face civil charges from the family, with a lower burden of proof for guilt, which will become the official investigative vehicle – rather than a proper investigation by the government, of its employee.

Wilson could be tried later, any time within the statute of limitations. Would you want that kind of charge hanging over your head forever?  Overall, the Ferguson grand jury decision, influenced by a corrupt prosecutor represents a gross miscarriage of justice to both parties.

If you’re upset about the Ferguson decision too, we encourage you to join today’s protesters (and I) in a little, no retail therapy.