Denver cops were caught on camera repeatedly punching a man in the face, causing his head to bounce off the pavement, before  tripping his pregnant wife who was pleading with them to stop, causing her to fall flat on her face.

But then they realized another man had been recording them.

One cop can be heard saying “camera” before storming up to Levi Frasier, snatching his tablet against his objections, deleting  footage and handing it back, confident they had destroyed the evidence.

But Frasier had his tablet synched to a storage cloud where the video file ended up before it was deleted, which is how he was able to provide Fox31 with the footage.

The news station, in turn, did an excellent job, dedicating more than six minutes to the segment.

Denver police, of course, have gone into complete spin mode, telling reporters they had not seen the footage after two days of receiving it, but insisting that Frasier visit them at the station anyway to file a complaint, which is really just an invitation to more intimidation tactics.

According to Fox31:

Levi Frasier was on his way to work when he saw police activity and pulled over his van to get a better look.

At first, he said, undercover narcotics officers asked him to “help them” get the suspect under control.

Frasier said he grabbed his Samsung tablet and started recording video.Frasier said that before he could react, Jones and Evans arrived. They told him to get back.

It is apparent from the video that at least one of the officers saw Frasier. The word “camera!” can be heard on tape shortly after Jones punches Flores.

Frasier said, officers on scene threatened him with arrest, demanded he turn over all photos and videotape to them and then seized his tablet over his objections.

“When he took it, I said, ‘Hey! You can’t do that. You need a warrant for that!’ and he said, ‘What program did you take the video with? Where is that?’” Frasier said.

He said police ignored his objections and dug through his personal photos without obtaining a court order.

“The first officer that comes up to ask me about my witness statement brings me to the police car and says we could do this the easy way or we could do this the hard way,” Fraser said. “It was taken as ‘You can either cooperate and give us what we want or we’re going to incarcerate you.’”

Although official police reports mentioned an officer thought Frasier took video, there is nothing written about taking, searching or possessing his tablet. That’s something Frasier swears occurred.

By the time the officer returned his tablet, Frasier said, the video file was gone.

“I couldn’t believe it. My heart dropped. I know I just shot that video, like it’s not on there now?” Frasier said.

After Frasier got home, he said he synched his tablet with his electronic cloud. Within a few moments, the video file reappeared.

Police claimed in their report that they noticed a suspected drug dealer stick a sock in his mouth when he saw them approach, so they had to repeatedly punch him in the face to keep him from choking, even if it did land him in a hospital bed as you can see in the above photo.

They also had to punch him because another cop who was placing the suspect in a chokehold had his arm underneath the suspect, causing the officer intense pain and injury. That cop’s arms are posted below.

They also claimed they had to trip the man’s pregnant wife because they were fearing that she would kick them.


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