St. Louis County police have released an additional two video clips from the Tuesday night police shooting of an 18-year-old black man whom they say had pulled a gun on an officer.

The new clips, one which is a continuation from the first clip they released, the other a clip from a difference surveillance camera, still do not show the alleged gun that Antonio Martin had pulled out on the Berkeley police officer before he was shot.

That part was cropped out.

But one video shows the officer reeling backwards as he fires his gun, falling on his back as his flashlight goes sprawling. The officer quickly hops back up and runs behind gas pumps, indicating that Martin either had a gun or that the officer truly  believed he had a gun.

St. Louis County police, which is investigating the incident, said they cut out the portion where Martin’s body falls to the ground out of respect for his family, but in doing so, they also cut out the portion where we might be able to see the gun falling from his hands as police said they found it near his body.

The second video released is from a different angle and doesn’t show the actual shooting but does capture Martin’s friend running from the scene into the store, indicating he was looking for cover rather than just trying to escape. That video is also cropped from the bottom.

The dimensions of the two new videos are 640 x 360 while the dimensions of the first video is 640 x 480, meaning they cropped 25 percent from the height of the newly released videos.

In the video from the second camera, this would be the portion where Martin’s body falls to the ground as well as give us a better view of the alleged gun.

I’ve included screenshots showing the actual dimensions on Youtube below.

Police also released two videos from a press conference but the audio is so horrendous that it’s impossible to listen to from my end.

Meanwhile, demonstrators continue to protest the shooting, including some who threatened a news crew, ordering them to leave the area.

There is no word yet on the identity of Martin’s friend who ran into the store after the shooting, who would probably be able to provide the most accurate account of what took place, given the fact that police are purposely manipulating the video evidence in the name of compassion and respect towards Martin’s family.

But Martin’s family is saying they want to see the actual evidence because they are not buying the official story. So police would be doing everybody a favor, including Martin’s family, by releasing all the footage without it being cropped.






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