New York City police continue to rule the boroughs with that Blue Mafia style of policing as can be seen in the latest video to surface where three cops were trying to detain a 12-year-old student who didn’t appear to be resistant when a fourth cop dressed in plainclothes ran up and started throwing body punches, apparently in an effort to save his hero friends from losing their lives to the non-resisting youth.

The original video, which you can see here, is at more than eight minutes, but we edited down to less than two minutes because that’s all you really need to see.

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Actress Sarah Doneghy recorded and exposed cops beating up a 12-year-old boy.

It was the typical hair-trigger response we’ve seen from so many cops this year and it didn’t go too well with the woman recording the scene, an actress named Sarah Doneghy.

According to the Daily Mail:

It comes in the wake of explosive protests against police violence following the death of Eric Garner, and a jury’s refusal to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo who killed him.

Hundreds of people were arrested in New York during the daily protests that lasted for a week. 

An NYPD spokesman told MailOnline: ‘The incident is under review and the allegations have been referred to our Internal Affairs Bureau. 

In other words, nothing will be done because the cop is protected. He is a god. The rules and laws don’t apply to him.

But if anybody has his name, please post it below, so we can at least dig into his background.