“They shot the boy… He was trying to get back in the car.”

At 9:20pm on Tuesday, Jerame Reid was stopped in a residential neighborhood in New Jersey by Bridgeton Police Officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley. Instead of a routine traffic stop, Reid was shot and killed by the officers.

Ben Mosley, a retired deputy county sheriff, saw the whole thing from his bedroom window, according to a news report.

“They shot him. They shot the boy… He was trying to get back in the car,” said Mosley. “I saw a disarmed man go down to the ground and get shot. That’s exactly what I saw.”

According to Mosley, after Reid had stepped out of his car, the police were yelling for him to get on the ground. When Reid turned and tried to get back in the vehicle, the police shot him.

After the shooting, police waited to release a statement identifying Reid and explaining what led to the shooting. While the police have now identified Reid, and the press has reported that Reid previously served 15 years in prison on attempted murder and other charges for shooting at New Jersey State Troopers as a teenager, the police have yet to explain what led to Reid being shot and killed on Tuesday.

The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office have only stated that Officer Days and Officer Worley stopped Reid’s car, that it had two occupants, and that during the course of the stop a handgun was revealed and recovered. Officer Days, a rookie, and Officer Worley, who has faced disciplinary action in the past for insubordination, have both been placed on administrative leave, but as of Friday afternoon there has still been no official explanation for why the police officers shot Reid.

According to Bridgeton residents, the officer’s behavior is unsurprising.

“This cop’s been doing this to everybody around here, ” said Bridgeton resident Ricky Young. “He running around like he Robocop. They shot that man for nothing.”

Video footage of the incident shows a police SUV parked behind Reid’s car, but does not reveal much else.

PINAC recovered audio of the police dispatch, posted below, where an officer can be heard shouting, “Shots Fired,” but the original source pulled the recording.

Until more witnesses or police come forward with their account of the story, we only have the words of a retired deputy county sheriff to go on.

Once again, here are Ben Mosley’s words, perhaps the next phrase people will start putting on t-shirts. “They shot him. They shot the boy… He was trying to get back in the car,”

Going forward, people will point to Reid’s criminal record, which his wife Lawanda has acknowledged.  “My husband was no saint; he was not perfect — he had a background,” she said.”But he walked out of there (prison) a free man. He was destined to be someone great, if given a chance … And they took him from me. They took him from me. For nothing.”

Reid served his time. His past is no excuse for killing a man in cold blood.

The Bridgeton police have some serious explaining to do.

Ed. Note: Story updated on 8/20/15 to reflect the original audio file being removed from the internet.