A New York sheriff’s department said it destroyed a man’s home during a standoff in order to reach a peaceful resolution as well as to protect the armed suspect inside, but the man ended up killing himself anyway.

Nevertheless, the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office is satisfied that none of the more than 100 officers from multiple agencies were hurt during the 60 hour standoff.

Sheriff officials say David Cady, 36, took his own life because he had made up his mind not to go back to jail.

His crime: failure to appear to court on a felony drunk driving charge.

Sheriff officials explained in a press release “it became necessary to breech part of the outside area of the house to ensure the safety of all involved.”

But a Youtube video, posted below, shows they did a little more than breech part of the home.

In fact, it appears as if they firebombed the home.

However, they insist they didn’t fire a single shot.

According to the Ithaca Journal:

Cady was convinced he would go to jail over his arrest warrant, Tompkins County Sheriff Ken Lansing said.

The warrant stemmed from a guilty plea to a DWI charge on Dec. 18, 2013, his second such conviction. Tompkins County Judge John Rowley placed Cady on six months’ interim probation pending sentencing on the felony conviction.

By the summer, Cady apparently failed to appear for some of his court appearances, and Rowley issued an arrest warrant on Aug. 26.

Lansing said deputies tried to apprehend Cady throughout the fall. He eluded law enforcement until deputies showed up on his doorstep the evening of Dec. 30.

The serving of an absconder warrant turned into an armed standoff when Cady fired a gunshot in the direction of police from a window of the home. A phalanx of law enforcement from agencies across the region descended on Hornbrook Road to root Cady out in what Lansing called an operation to protect police, the community and the suspect.

The police tactics — which Lansing defended as standard techniques to force a peaceful conclusion to a standoff — left extensive damage to the walls of the family home. Hours after the standoff, the home was condemned by Danby Code Enforcement.

Despite all their safety precautions and concerns for everybody involved, Cady’s wife and kids are now homeless.

The local church is hosting a chicken and biscuit dinner this Friday to help them get back on their feet.

Here is the sheriff’s press release:

The Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office has concluded the initial investigation of the events that transpired on Hornbook Road in Danby, New York from December 30th to January 2nd, where barricaded subject, David Cady, age 36, fired at police during their attempt to serve a Felony DWI arrest warrant.

Cady was found deceased inside of the residence January 2nd at approximately 8:00 AM. A preliminary autopsy was performed at Lourdes hospital on January 3rd and determined that Cady’s cause of death was from a single, self-inflicted, gunshot wound.

From the investigation, the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office learned that Cady possessed multiple firearms, ammunition and had been traveling to Pennsylvania to purchase ammunition in preparation for a possible stand-off with police. Cady also reportedly told outside sources that he was not willing to go back to jail.

As the stand-off progressed, law enforcement officers took shifts in order to keep the situation safe and secure for the community. The Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office contacted several agencies in surrounding counties and states to obtain additional manpower, equipment and expertise in the hope of bringing about a resolution and peaceful outcome. Assistance was also provided by the Tompkins County District Attorney’s Office at the scene.

Eventually, law enforcement knew and anticipated needing to enter the residence, in order to take the subject into custody. Based upon the information being developed through interviews and practices used by other agencies in the past, it became necessary to breech part of the outside area of the house to ensure the safety of all involved.

Sheriff Lansing reports that constant efforts were made throughout the ordeal to communicate with Cady through the use of a land-line, cell phone, and other law enforcement equipment. Cady was observed, on several occasions, moving throughout the house carrying a long gun. The last time he was observed was late Thursday. All attempts to communicate with Cady were unsuccessful.

After the discovery of Cady’s body on January 2nd, law enforcement located multiple long guns strategically placed throughout the residence.

Sheriff Lansing reports that efforts to raise funds for David Cady’s family are being taken on by the Danby Federated Church. Any donations that the community members would like to make should be made out to Danby Federated Church 1859 Danby Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850.