As hundreds of protesters marched down the street in an anti-police brutality protest in New York City, a group of NYPD cops walking among them turned to a man recording them from the side, threatening to arrest him if he did not get back on the sidewalk.

The cops were from the department’s Technical Assistance Response Unit, whose job is to video record protesters, so one of the officers was even carrying a camera as he threatened the man with arrest.

The man was shooting video for the Youtube channel, Copwatch Patrol Unit, so he stepped on the sidewalk and continued recording.

The two men exchanged heated words as protesters chanted, “whose streets, our streets” as they marched down the street in the background.

“Don’t get off that sidewalk or I’m going to arrest you, you hear me?” a cop named Kilcoyne threatened.

“Do what you gotta do,” the man with the camera responded.

An NYPD captain intervened and ordered the man to keep moving. The video was uploaded December 25.