The San Antonio cops who viciously beat a man while photographing his wife’s business were suspended for a whopping 15 days, which was quickly reduced to five days after the cops met with the police chief, who then quickly retired.

And the cops didn’t even have to serve the reduced five-day suspension, using accrued leave time instead.

Meanwhile, Roger Carlos, the man they beat whom they confused for another man they had been pursuing, is trying to pay off $15,000 in medical bills as a result of his injuries.

But Chief William McManus at the time told the local media that he didn’t think Carlos’ injuries were so bad.

However, he also refused to look at photos of his injuries when the KENS 5 offered to show him.

Former Chief McManus, who refused the I-Team’s offer in July to look at photos of Carlos’ injuries, said at the time he had not seen anything that indicated the officers used excessive force.

The incident took place May 2014 and was reported on PINAC two months later as Carlos reached out to the local media.

A San Antonio man taking photos of his wife’s soon-to-be medical practice was attacked by a plainclothes cop who roared up in a pickup and hopped out, ordering him to get down, striking him in the face with what appeared to be a handheld radio before he could even comply.

Two uniformed SWAT team members quickly joined in, striking Roger Carlos in the head about 50 times with fists and elbows before handcuffing him. satisfied that they had their man.

Except the real man were looking was someone else whom they had chased for miles down a freeway at 80 mph before he pulled into a parking lot, ditched his car and ran.

When the dimwit cops pulled off the freeway and spotted Roger taking photos outside his building in broad daylight, they pounced on him, figuring a fleeing fugitive felon would stop and take photos of a random building during his getaway.

It was only when a fourth cop pulled up and informed the three cops that they had already arrested their man down the street; a 27-year-old named Josue Rodriguez who was charged with illegal gun and drug possession, accused of driving around with a sawed-off shotgun and 20 grams of methamphetamine.

Chief Anthony Trevino, who replaced McManus, defended the reduced suspension, released the following statement Thursday:

This case was thoroughly investigated in detail and discipline was imposed after careful consideration of all factors. The outcome in this case is indicative of our desire to serve our public and protect the rights of all involved.

The story only came to light this week because the local media decided to inquire. The initial 15 day suspension was most likely given to appease the media, who didn’t even bother reporting about it. Little did they know, the media would eventually inquire.

Not that it makes a difference as this department obviously has no shame.

As you can see below, Carlos bears an uncanny resemblance to Rodriguez, if you happen to be blinded by unbridled rage.


Roger Carlos

Roger Carlos

Josue Rodriguez

Josue Rodriguez