A power-tripping Fort Lauderdale police officer was caught on video pushing a man down on the ground before slapping him hard across the face when he wouldn’t stand back up at a Broward County bus terminal.

All because the man allegedly told him to fuck himself.

The video, recorded by a witness, was uploaded Sunday and so far has less than 500 views, but that will probably change soon as it is getting attention from the local media.

The elderly man may have been homeless and he may have even been intoxicated, judging by his unsteady gait, but at no point in the video did he come across aggressive to the cop nor did he appear to be a danger to others, unlike the power-tripping cop.

As a result, the man recording was very secretive, hiding behind a female companion much of the time.

When the cop searches him, he pulls out syringes, according to the witness, but that could easily mean he has a legitimate medical condition and was returning from a hospital or pharmacy.

After the cop knocks him down, he orders him back up, but the man doesn’t immediately comply, telling him he doesn’t want to stand up.

That was when the cop slapped him across the face.

“I’m not fucking around with you,” the cop tells him. “Don’t fucking touch me.”

Local 10 identified the man as Bruce Laclair and the cop as Victor Ramirez,  who is 34 years old, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune police database.

Laclair, 58, was charged with trespassing. It was his only arrest in Broward County, according to the county’s database. He lives in Key Largo, according to his Facebook page, but a search through the Monroe County website resulted in not a single arrest for Laclair there.

A witness told the news station that Laclair was being escorted out of the terminal when he asked to use the restroom.