A New York cop aggressively arrested a man who was video recording officers from across the street, telling him he was being jailed for “disorderly conduct” for “failure to disperse,” when the First Amendment allows citizens to stand at a respectable distance to monitor and observe police in public.

The Binghamton police office eventually charged Donald Edwards with “disturbing the peace,” according to the Youtube description, which is one of several contempt of cop charges that cops use when a citizen hasn’t broken an actual law along with the two previously mentioned, indicating the cop was just making it up as he went along.

The video shows Edwards didn’t say a word for 45 seconds until the cop crossed the street and began harassing him, so he was hardly disturbing the peace.

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong, my friend,” Edwards tells the cop as he strolls across the street to confront him.

Edwards continually tells him, “I have not done anything wrong,” but the cop ends up attacking him.

The video was uploaded January 29, 2015 and has received less than 200 views, which should quickly change after the video was posted on Cop Block and now on PINAC.

Call the Binghamton Police Department at (607) 723-5321 or leave a comment on their Facebook page.