With several high-powered rifles pointed at Thaddeus McCarroll, a St. Louis County police negotiator told him they meant no harm.

“Thaddeus, do you know we’re not here to harm you?” a cop who identifies himself as “Jason” says.

But less than two minutes later, they opened fire on the 23-year-old man, claiming he had come charging at them with a knife in one hand, a Bible in the other.

McCarroll was pronounced dead at the scene, the seventh citizen killed by St. Louis area police since the shooting of Michael Brown last summer.

Police released body cam footage of the standoff leading up to the moment they shot McCarroll, but the video doesn’t show him charging at them with a knife because the camera was pointed in a different direction.

St. Louis County police say the standoff began when McCarroll’s mother called them, asking for help with her son, who was acting “not normal.”

She told officers on scene that her son had locked her out of the house and was armed with a knife. She further stated the subject was talking about going on a “journey” and a “mission” and mentioned a “black revolution.” Officers could see the subject through the front window of the residence, walking around the inside of the house with several knives and a Samurai sword.  

Considering the standoff lasted more than an hour, we imagine there might be more video footage in the possession of police, if they had the foresight to direct their dash cams in the direction of the home.

Police say they initially shot him with a rubber bullet, but that only caused him to come charging at them, which made them fear for their lives and open fire.

In July 2014, police were called to the home because McCarroll was under “mental distress,” but according to Fox 2, he was “subdued and taken in for professional treatment.”