Police in New York City forced their way into a woman’s home Thursday, telling her they don’t need a warrant because they were searching for a felon.

But Diane Malikah Moomin Pinkston said she had no idea who the person was they were seeking and tried her best to keep those New York cops from entering.

However, they bullied their way past her into her home, advising her to sue them, if she had a problem with what they were doing. They ended up searching every room before leaving.

Her daughter captured the entire incident on video, which is posted below. She also posted another video on Facebook providing more background.

This is a breaking story and we’re trying to get more details, but Pinkston also reported on Facebook that her original video was removed, which is why we reposted it on Youtube.


Diane Malikah Moomin Pinkston

UPDATE STATUS We are OK guys. Thank you guys for all of your concerns. I received some private messages as well. I may…

Posted by Diane Malikah Moomin Pinkston on Thursday, April 9, 2015