A Tennessee woman not wanting television reporters to photograph her junkyard figured the best way to prevent that was to attack the reporter.

And she was right.

Now instead of the junkyard being the main focus of the story, junkyard owner Nancy Ellis is the main focus of the story, taking an otherwise mundane local story to an international level.

As of now, the New York Daily News, the Huffington Post and the Daily News is reporting on the story, not to mention Photography is Not a Crime.

The story evolved when Local Memphis began investigating reports of a “downtown eyesore” that the Downtown Memphis Commission wanted cleaned up. A sleep-inducing story for most of us, including most Memphis residents.

In fact, Local Memphis still managed to make it a sleep-inducing story despite the attack.

Thursday afternoon, Local 24 Senior Investigator Jeni Diprizio went to the property to see what it looked like and try and get answers from the property owner.

The property sits in an area that is in the middle of $200 million worth of construction and renovation. It is why the downtown Memphis commission wants the property cleaned up.

After the reaction by the property owner’s daughter, it is no surprise the Downtown Memphis Commission hasn’t had any luck making that happen.

“It’s a ridiculous junkyard in the core of downtown with a huge rusty crane,” said Paul Morris of the Downtown Memphis Commission.

The property is owned by C. Ellis and Sons. What looks like rusted equipment that hasn’t been moved for years sits on the property. Something the owner’s daughter, Nancy Ellis, denies. She insists the property is actively used for storage.

“We’ve looked at Google maps over time and we’ve never seen that crane move. But none the less, I think it is the position of the property owner that the crane moves and its part of their operation,” Morris said.

Yawn. Wake us up when the crazy lady goes psycho on the reporter.

Or better yet, let’s just turn to DiPrizio’s tweets to get the real story. Memphis cops showed up and told Ellis that the reporters had the right to record. The videos are below.

Jeni DiPrizio