After police in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, responded to the wrong address, they said they were greeted by an 88-year-old woman answering the door armed with a knife, who proceeded to slap an officer, after telling him there was no crime at her home.

Phyllis Stankiewicz, 88, was minding her own business and going about her day on Thursday afternoon around 3:50 p.m. when police began banging on her door and announcing themselves.  The officers were responding to a call regarding a disturbance involving someone with a baseball bat, but they were a block away at the wrong home.

The elderly Stankiewicz is said to have answered the door with a knife, which she was brandishing at the officers, “waist level”.

“There’s no crime here! Get out of my house!,” Stankiewicz allegedly yelled at the officers.

Stankiewicz reportedly began moving towards the officers, unrelenting, ordering them off her property.  One of the responding officers wrote in his report that she was moving towards him with the knife, until it “was just about sticking it into my stomach.”

At this point, one of the officers grabbed the knife, but the elderly woman continued trying to push through them.  The officers warned the woman not to touch them, which resulted in her allegedly slapping the officer across the left side of his face.

Following the slap, the officers decided to place her under arrest, which they claim she resisted.

“Stankiewicz continued to resist while they tried to place her into custody, requiring her to be placed on the ground to do so.” The Berkshire Eagle reported.

Stankiewicz was ultimately charged with assault and battery on a police officer and was released on her own recognizance on Thursday after being booked.  On Friday, at her arraignment, she plead not guilty.

A pretrial hearing in the case is scheduled for August 21.

It is unclear if police found the person waving around a baseball bat, while these cops were busy taking down Grandma.