In a shocking video, two Orlando police officers are seen kicking and tasing a man who was on the ground and following their orders.  The incident was caught on a camera by a witness who has stated that what she saw was excessive force.

In the footage aired by WESH, taken by a witness who chose not to release her name, Noel Carter, 30, is seen sitting on a curb as he is repeatedly kicked by an officer before a second officer tases him.  We see Carter being barked at to get on his stomach, which he does.  He is not being combative at any time during what we can see of the assault.

“You see two officers, not one. I don’t see how the person would be a threat. I don’t see that person’s arms in the air. I don’t see that person putting up any signs of violence,” legal analyst Alisia Adamson told WESH. “Not only am I not seeing any signs of resistance from the person on the ground, I see him complying with the orders from the officers.”

The officers had reportedly witnessed Carter “grabbing at his ex-girlfriend while she was attempting to to walk away,” when they chose to arrest and brutalize him. Details on the moments leading up to the video remain unclear, but his arrest was referred to as a domestic violence incident by the Orlando Police Department.

Carter was charged with battery, dating violence, battery on an officer, and resisting arrest with and without violence.

While WESH did provide fair coverage of the incident, they also participated in one trend that many feel is troubling.

Instead of being concerned with the history of the attackers, the police, they immediately seek out the history of the victim.  No matter what crime an individual is accused of, by law, they are entitled to a trial before receiving punishment. What is more important than what the victim did, and is often overlooked, is the history of those who are assaulting someone on the side of the road on the taxpayer’s dime.

“We sent the video to Orlando Police and we asked them for information on who this suspect is, and the circumstances of his arrest.” a reporter from WESH stated.

While it may not have been WESH’s intention, many outlets as well as police departments have taken to character assassinating victims, as it can provide the public with a sense of moral justification even if there is not technically a legal one.  It is time we start asking more questions about the abusers.

The Orlando Police Department has opened an investigation after receiving the footage.