An Alabama man has mysteriously died after being pepper sprayed and handcuffed by police officers on Friday evening.

Anthony Ware, 35, was sitting on a porch at an apartment around 9:20 p.m. when someone called the police on him claiming that he was holding a gun.

As six Tuscaloosa police officers approached him, he fled into the woods.

He reportedly had an open warrant for attempting to elude police in a previous encounter.

Once the officers caught up to him, Ware reportedly resisted arrest and was pepper sprayed before being handcuffed.

As the police were leading the handcuffed man out of the woods, he collapsed.

Police say they administered CPR at the scene in an attempt to resuscitate him, but he died at the hospital an hour later.  He was unarmed and no gun was found on the scene.

His cause of death remains unclear at this time, according to WVUA.

While pepper spray is often incorrectly referred to as non-lethal, when combined with allergies to any of the ingredients, asthma or a heart condition, the effects can prove to be fatal.

“You have people who die after they have been sprayed,” Steven Beazer, president of Advanced Defense Technologies, a major producer of pepper spray devices, told the LA Times back in 1995.

“Does pepper spray have a role in some of these deaths? I will say yes. It is going to have an effect. These are weapons… Clearly, this is not a breath freshener or an underarm deodorant.”

A study by the ACLU found that a person dies on average, once out of every 600 times that oleoresin capsicum, or pepper spray, is used.

The incident was captured on dash and body cam, but the department has stated that they will not be releasing it until their investigation is completed.

The preliminary results of the autopsy are expected to be ready on Monday.

None of the six officers have been suspended or placed on administrative leave.