The violent arrests of two students of the University of Central Florida were partially captured on video, after a woman got into an argument with an off-duty officer and telling him to teach his son some manners.

The scene appeared so bad that the friend recording it began to cry.

The encounter began when one of the students, Deidra Reid, 21, asked an off-duty officer’s son to open the door to an apartment complex’s computer lab where she was reportedly meeting a friend who was a resident.

Instead of opening the door, the cop’s son went to get his father, Brett Parnell, who went to his car and got his badge before demanding to know if Reid had yelled at his son.  An argument ensued, and Parnell told Reid that she needed to leave the property. Reid then told the officer that he needed to teach his son some manners- which is when the situation apparently escalated.

“The off-duty officer allegedly started asking Reid if she lived at the complex and to show him her ID. Reid responded saying she did not have her ID with her and she was a guest visiting her friend. After a heated exchange, the officer said Reid was trespassing and reportedly stormed off repeating, ‘You’re going to jail tonight.’” a witness told the Orlando Weekly.

Reid then reportedly went to get her ID from her vehicle, but Parnell blocked her way.  Another argument began and the officer reportedly told her “you’re going to jail tonight.”

The off-duty officer then proceeded to call in some of his buddies for backup and several police cars arrived on the scene.

The officers claimed that Reid became “combative” and so courtesy officer Richard Nye grabbed her wrist and threw her to the ground.  He claims that she hit him in the face during his assault on her.

“You can see her arm about to pop out of place. She was screaming ‘Help! Help! My arm, my arm,'” Olivia Ferguson, witness and friend of Reid, told Central Florida Future. She also told the news outlet that deputies continued with aggressive force on Reid as she cried out, “I’m not resisting arrest. It’s just my arm, please help!”

Once Reid was in custody, the officers turned their attention to her friends who were filming the incident, including Reginald Lane Jr., 20.

The Orange County sheriff’s deputies at the scene then began demanding that Lane leave the area, but he reportedly would not and kept demanding that the deputies get off of his friend, so they called in even more backup and directed the next round of officers to take him into custody for interference- despite already having Reid in custody.

“I didn’t want anyone to die,” Lane told Central Florida Future.

Lane was reportedly kneed in the groin by one of the officers and attempted to stifle his pain so that they would not accuse him of resisting.  One of the officers also pulled his weapon on the college student.

“I was in pain. I had to hold my groans because I was in pain and [the officer] thought I was resisting arrest,” Lane said.

“I thought I was going to die,” Lane told WKMG Local 6. “When he pulled out that shotgun, I thought my life was over.”

Following the arrests, Reid was taken to the hospital for shoulder pain.  The officer reportedly left Lane in the police vehicle for two hours in pain outside the building.

Lane has been charged with a first-degree misdemeanor offense of resisting an officer and Reid has been charged with a first-degree misdemeanor trespassing on property after warning and a third-degree felony of resisting an officer with violence.

“At this time, any claims of excessive force have been via third party (social media feeds, edited video),” OCSO public information officer Lourdes Clayton wrote in a statement regarding the incident. “As is customary in our agency, this arrest and use of defensive tactics/force will be reviewed by the deputies supervisory chain.”

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