A video recorded by a man named Henley Sexton shows University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing, who was charged with the murder of Samuel Dubose this week, massively violating the rights of two men during a 2014 traffic stop.

The situation with the power tripping cop becomes so tense that the men he has pulled over actually call the Cincinnati police and request they come to the scene.

The 18-minute long video is intensely frightening given the body camera footage we have seen from the Samuel Dubose murder.

Tensing is seen trying to open the door to the vehicle, refusing to call his supervisor and refusing to explain why he is attempting to arrest these men.

“Step out of the car,” Tensing demands.

“Whats the charge?” The driver asks.

“Step out of the car,” Tensing demands again.

“For what?” The driver asks again.

“Step out of the car,” Tensing continues to demand.

“What am I stepping out of the car for?” The driver asks again.

“Step out of the car.”

This exchange continues back and forth, and the men request a supervisor.

“Can I request a supervisor?” One of the men asks.

“Can we not get a supervisor?” The other man in the vehicle asks.

“It doesn’t matter, just because you ask I have to provide that?” Tensing refuses to provide a supervisor.

Another UC Police Officer who arrives at the scene begins speaking to the men in the vehicle calmly, they ask why their requests for a supervisor are being ignored.  The second officer states that they can in fact request a supervisor.

At this point, one of the men in the vehicle calls the Cincinnati Police Department and requests to have a city officer on site.

“Stop moving around, stop putting your hands in your pockets,” Tensing says.

“You’re the one with the gun,” the detained man exclaims.

Once a Cincinnati Police Officer arrives on the scene, the situation is deescalated and the men are allowed to continue on their way.

Tensing is seen looking like a wounded puppy after being no match for these men who knew their rights.

Editor’s note: PINAC originally posted the video two days ago on the initial story about Tensing as an update, but at the time, we didn’t have the chance to break it down as Cassandra did here. CM