Three days after California police shot and killed an unarmed man breaking into a Subway restaurant, they released a photo of the BMW tire jack he was alleged to have used to break into the store.

And it looks eerily like an assault rifle.

However, if the jack looked just as it did in the photo released by the Bakersfield Police Department, then let’s look at photos of the tire iron taken immediately after they shot and killed Jason Lee Alderman Saturday night.

Not a staged photo where they could have easily shaped the tire jack to look just like a gun.

After all, police throughout the United States are renowned for twisting the narrative in their favor.

Why should we expect this to be any different?

According to Bakersfield Now:

A two-officer patrol unit was in the area around 11:20 p.m. Saturday on an unrelated investigation when they heard breaking glass, according to the department.

The front door to the Subway was shattered, and a car – a white BMW – was backed up to the restaurant.

Alderman was seen standing behind the counter with a covering over his face and head, according to police.

The officers got out of their car and approached the Subway. Alderman walked toward the front door and looked to be holding a rifle, according to police.

Alderman refused several orders to “drop the gun,” the police department said. Alderman “raised the object in the direction of the officers,” and Senior Officer Chad Garrett, a four-year veteran, shot, according to the department.

Police say that Alderman, 29, had backed his white BMW into the Subway restaurant, then used the tire jack to to shatter its front door to burglarize it.

According to Bakersfield Now:

A check of local court records show several criminal cases involving Alderman. The cases include charges for drugs, alcohol, battery on a peace officer and vehicle burglary.

Sgt. Grubbs said there were other witnesses to the Saturday night incident, but they heard it — they didn’t actually see what happened.

Grubbs said the only person who saw what happened is the officer who spotted Alderman, and then fired the shots. That officer has been interviewed, but the investigation is just getting started.

“I was on the scene the other night, and the Kern County District Attorney’s office was there, they had a couple of representatives from their office there,” he says. Grubbs says that’s another set of eyes, and his office welcomes that.

Grubbs told the local media that this is the seventh police shooting for the Bakersfield Police Department this year.

But he did not say whether or not there are photos from the scene taken immediately after the shooting, which would provide more answers than the photo they released today.