A Texas police officer fresh out of the police academy shot and killed an unarmed college football player who had tweeted his fear of being killed by police.

The incident took place early Friday morning in Arlington after Christian Taylor, 19, drove his vehicle through the front glass of a car dealership showroom, triggering a call from a security company to 911 about an alleged burglary in progress.

Arlington police responded, entering the Classic Buick GMC dealership and shot and killed Taylor, a defensive back for Angelo State University in Texas.

The officer who killed Taylor has been identified as Brad Miller, 49, who graduated from the academy in March.

Miller, who police say was under “field supervision,” had never worked as a police officer prior to being  hired by the Arlington Police Department in September and entering the academy. He is now on paid administrative leave.

Arlington police do not use body cameras, but said they are in the process of doing so.

However, they say they have surveillance video footage of Taylor engaged in “criminal activity,” but not of the shooting itself. And they say he was shot and killed after an “altercation” with police.

Taylor’s family is skeptical of reports that he was burglarizing the dealership by driving his SUV through a showroom window.

Taylor, who was very active on Twitter, tweeting random thoughts about self-improvement, God, relationships and race, had tweeted about his fear of dying young, only a week before he died young.

A little less than a year ago, only days after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, which quickly became a national story and began changing the media’s perspective towards police abuse and killings, Taylor tweeted that he did not feel protected by police.

Today, on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Brown shooting, his death is quickly becoming a national story.

Read his tweets below.