Biting testicles is not included in any “use of force” policy, but apparently Anne Arundel police officer Michael Flaig doesn’t know any better.

Now he is without a job after resigning from the Maryland police department as a result of this incident.

The 31-year-old Flaig bit the testicles of a man in a drunken fight while he was off-duty at a May 2015 Cinco de Mayo party outside of a Baltimore night club. The incident location was at the intersection of South Linwood and O’Donnell Street behind Looney’s Pub.

Flaig was reportedly drunk and groped the backside of a female. A male friend of the female straddled Flaig while police were on the way; it was then that Flaig was in close enough range to bite the testicles of the unidentified man.

In obvious pain, the victim man released Flaig. The victim was bleeding and required medical assistance on the scene.

Before police arrived, Flaig left the scene and walked inside the nearby Claddaugh Pub. Court documents show Flaig was found on the second floor of the bar with blood stains on his shirt and appeared inebriated.

“Mr. Flaig had blood shot eyes, slurred words and a strong odor of (alcohol) coming from his person”

Once police arrived, Flaig, the ten-year veteran, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor second-degree assault, public intoxication and endangering the victim’s safety.

Spokeswoman Jacklyn Davis stated:

“Police officer Michael Flaig, 31, of Anne Arundel County, left the department for unspecified reasons on Sept. 25 for personnel problems.”

The Anne Arundel County Chief of Police, Timothy J. Altomare said:

“These charges are disturbing and we have an obligation as police officers to conduct ourselves in a professional manner on and off-duty.”

Recently, the Anne Arundel Police Department held a mental health training session for its’ officers.

Flaig’s attorney, Peter O’Neill, tried to justify the incident as work-related stress instead of tequila-fueled aggression:

“Flaig’s behavior may have been a side effect of job-related stress.

Flaig experienced long term distress that impacted his actions earlier this year. I think you can find a direct correlation of emotional trauma that was never properly treated.”

Flaig was convicted of public intoxication and endangering the safety of another person. In a plea deal, Flaig’s assault charge was dismissed. He was sentenced to one year of probation.

The fact that he was allowed to resign and has his assault charge dismissed means he is eligible to work as an officer in the future.