A Louisiana sheriff’s deputy with serious anger issues was arrested over the weekend on home invasion charges after storming into a home and punching a man in the face.

Surprisingly, Jonathan Lavoi, a Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s corrections officer, was placed on unpaid administrative leave.

Lavoi, 38, was taken into custody by fellow deputies Saturday after the sheriff’s office was alerted of a disturbance.

The incident apparently stems from a dispute involving Lavoi’s ex-wife, possibly the man she is dating, because Lavoi rushed past her and into a bedroom where he punched the man in the face.

Lavoi was found at his home after the incident. He told law enforcement officers that he was enraged when he entered the home and punched the victim in the face with a close fist.

“[I was] extremely angry,” Lavoi told officials.

Lavoi was later released on a $5,000 bail. His ex-wife told deputies, according to the Associated Press and The Advocate that the man who he struck suffered a cut on his lip.

FOX 29 KVHP reports that Lavoi was arrested Dec.5, according to a press release sent by Capt. John Babin.

Babin said officer Lavoi will be on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.