A North Carolina police officer is under investigation for using excessive force during an arrest in an incident caught on camera.

The excessive force situation transpired on Tuesday, when 26-year-old Malcolm Glenn Elliott II fled the scene of a hit-and-run.

When the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers caught Elliott, he was told to put his hands up and get on the ground. All the officers then descended opon Elliott to make the arrest.

But one officer, as seen in the video, decides to repeatedly hit Elliot in the face and backside.

According to The Charlotte Observer:

The video was obtained by WBTV, the Observer’s news partner. The person who recorded the video asked to remain anonymous, but said police on the scene told the man to put his hands up and get on the ground. The witness said the suspect complied and was surrounded by the group of officers and one was beating on the man’s back.

The witness says the man did not appear to be resisting police.

The names of the officers involved have not been released.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is also the subject of another lawsuit in which two officers illegally searched the genitalia of two men for drugs.

The internal affairs division is currently reviewing the video to decide if this was a case of excessive force.

However, the initial news release stated:

“The suspect resisted as officers attempted to restrain him and continued to pull his arms away from officers as they attempted to place him in handcuffs. One officer delivered strikes to the suspect’s back in an effort to gain compliance and take him into custody.”

Elliot is currently in the the county jail, he was charged with hit and run, resisting arrest, and driving while license revoked.