Iowa City police are patting themselves on the back for stopping an unarmed black man at gunpoint and not killing him.

Even the man they stopped, Iowa Hawkeye football player Faith Ekakitie,  congratulated police for not killing him – even though he admits he was in complete fear for his life last Wednesday when police pointed four guns at him and informed him he “fit the description” of a bank robber.

However, he blames that fear on the media for making him think he could have been killed in a case of mistaken identity because he found the experience to be rather pleasant after the initial fright, saying police handled “a sensitive situation very professionally,” according to a Facebook post that has gone viral.

In that post, he admits he did not hear police at first because he was wearing headphones and at one point, reached into his pocket for his phone and lived to tell about it.

Body cam videos of the incident were released Tuesday, showing the cops detain Ekakitie at gunpoint, then frisking him and going through his backpack without probable cause or permission, then informing him that a black man dressed in black had just robbed a nearby bank.

Police say they realized he was not the suspect within two minutes, but the video shows, they seemed to be searching for warrants and did not seem in any hurry to catch the actual suspect considering the bank had just been robbed and the suspect was last seen on foot in that exact area.

In fact, it’s been a week since the robbery and nobody has been arrested, even though there have been two other similar robberies.

The suspect in this case is describe as a tall, slender black male wearing a black hoodie (with the hood up), black pants and a black mask.

And although the man who robbed the bank is described by police as a “tall, slender black male wearing a black hoodie (with the hood up), black pants and a black mask,” Ekakitie weighs 290 pounds and stands at 6-foot, 3-inches. And he was not wearing a hoodie.

Ekakitie was in the park playing Pokemon Go and was, indeed, lucky he was not killed because we have written about police killing men who may not have heard their orders because of their headphones.

His Facebook post has been well-received by police officers throughout the country, who relish in the fact that a man did not mind having his Constitutional rights violated in the name of safety.