“Is the system saying that Freddie Gray killed himself?” asked Kevin Moore, who recorded Freddie Gray’s last moments alive as you can see in the video below, “Because nobody’s being held responsible.”

Baltimore prosecutors dropped all charges today.

Last April, a young man entered the back of a western Baltimore Police paddywagon on his own two feet, complaining but otherwise healthy.

He emerged in a coma.

Freddie Gray died barely a week later.

Now his killers have eluded justice entirely.

Six officers were charged.

None convicted.

But Freddie Gray is still dead, his death happened in custody, when theoretically police officers are responsible for the well being, and continued living of prisoners.

Baltimore PD refused to say why they arrested Gray or why the otherwise healthy 27-year-old was in a coma for more than a week after the incident took place.

Later, one of Baltimore PD’s “jump out boysblabbed on Facebook that Freddie Gray had killed himself, only to have his lies debunked, but not before they were fed to the Washington Post who only later realized that they’d been played by the Police PR Spin Machine and publicly admitted that their police source had lied, a lie PINAC debunked days earlier.

Sadly, Baltimore prosecutors were unable to secure a single conviction against the six officers charged in Gray’s untimely demise, after he was arrested without probable cause  for nervously running away from police after they made eye contact.

Kevin Moore was Gray’s childhood friend, and when he heard that Freddie was in trouble, grabbed his cellphone recorded his last known moments alive on his cellphone outside Gilmour Homes in their western Baltimore neighborhood.

In an exclusive discussion with PINAC News last week Moore detailed his profound disappointment after Baltimore Officer Cesar Goodson – who drove the van – was found not guilty in court:

It’s just been frustrating here in Baltimore with the Freddie Gray trials, as of now I haven’t been called one time to testify in four trials and I’m the primary eye witness. None of the officers have been convicted. I’ve been getting mail from the State Attorney, but now I’m confused about what’s happening in [Baltimore SAO] Marylin Moseby’s office.

It’s very time consuming when you have three children and a wife. You just constantly try to keep them out of harm’s way when you’re in the fight for freedom, and I work for a non-profit called We Copwatch and record the police regularly.screenshot-minnesota.cbslocal.com 2015-06-28 02-00-05

Goodson drove the van with Freddie Gray inside on the less than half-mile trip that ended his life. Goodson was accused of giving Gray a “rough ride” which isn’t so unlikely, considering that within days of the death that sparked mass protests a Minnesota news outlet found a sign saying, “Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will” in the back of a Baltimore PD paddywagon.

The first trial of Baltimore cop William Porter ended – ominously-  in a mistrial, after he was accused of both failing to properly strap Gray down inside the van, and also accused of failing to seek appropriate medical attention for Gray after the initial injury was discovered by police.

In May, Lt. Edward Nero was found not guilty too, as the highest ranking officer charged in Freddie Gray’s death.


Six officers were charged in total, one man is dead, and not one of them will be held accountable, individually or as a group.

“It’s scary,” said Moore who can be seen in the video below recorded shortly after Freddie Gray’s death became national news, “When I get my camera and go outside, I never know.”

“I could be next.”