Charlotte police finally respected the will of Keith Lamont Scott’s family and released two official videos of his last moments in a police killing that touched off peaceful protests, deployment of riot police and eventually violent protests and looting.

But audio is redacted.

Dash cam video reveals that Keith Lamont Scott only lived ten seconds after exiting his car.

There’s definitely not an immediate threat by Scott to the four police officers with arms drawn, even slightly noticeable in the dash cam video.

No gun is visible at any time.

Part of the Charlotte police’s initial unproven claim to justify the shooting of Scott – for which no probable cause has yet been given – is that they gave “clear warning” audio in the body camera video below, nor in the dash camera video which illustrates what commands or verbalizing happened by the three officers on the scene, one of whom is clearly uniformed as seen in the dash camera video.

Open carry is lawful in North Carolina

According to NBC News, Charlotte’s police Chief gave this statement at a press conference:

“The officers gave loud, clear, verbal commands which were also heard by many of the witnesses,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Chief Kerr Putney said at a news conference Wednesday morning, noting that the fatal confrontation unfolded “in a matter of seconds.”

Click To Enlarge: Dash Camera Still Shot: Keith Lamont Scott Killed By Charlotte Police

Click To Enlarge: Dash Camera Still Shot: Keith Lamont Scott Killed By Charlotte Police

Surrounded by Charlotte officers, Keith Lamont Scott backed cautiously away while they yelled, before at least one of the three Charlotte-Mecklenberg police officers shot him dead.

Charlotte police still claim he had a gun.

Regardless, the conclusive dash cam video does not visibly depict Scott as holding a gun.

While it doesn’t prove the negative that Scott was not holding a gun, the legality of carrying a gun in North Carolina isn’t debatable.

No gun license is required in North Carolina.

Only today, in advance of the release of the shocking footage which depicts the horrifying last sighs of Keith Lamont Scott as he died in handcuffs, surrounded by police officers who silently listened to his final moments.

After Scott died, the officers called for medical help.

Just today, in advance of the release of these videos Charlotte’s Chief Putney claimed that officers believed Scott was rolling a marijuana blunt, but this is the first time they’ve mentioned it, which may indicate a posthumous discovery, but isn’t supported in any way by the released video evidence either.

Police understand that there’s no libel or slander laws restricting statements about the dead.

That is how the Police PR Spin Machine works.

Days later, after keeping the public in the dark, police leadership aren’t looking for the truth, nor justice.

Charlotte’s Police Chief just tried to spin probable cause days after the shooting, as if he’s these officers’ criminal defense attorney or union boss.

The release of these two videos raises as many questions as they answer.

But Charlotte Police have answered a key question to the public.

Police did in fact tell quite a few lies about how their officers killed Kieth Lamont Scott.

Ed. Note: Dash camera video is processing on YouTube below due to its large size. Feature image is captured from dash cam video.