An Atlanta cop who kicked down a door and entered a home with his hand on his gun to threaten his ex-fiancee said it was all an accident.

But Atlanta police officer Phillip Barresi was arrested on home invasion charges anyway.

Now the rookie cop, who was sworn in on March 17, is on paid administrative leave until further notice.

Barresi was in uniform on November 28 when he drove to the home of his ex-fiancee’s parents and began repeatedly ringing the doorbell and kicking the door until it broke open.

He then entered the home with his hand on his gun and began making threats, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Fuck the police,” Barresi said after his ex-fiancee’s father threatened to call police before running out the door he had kicked down.

When police caught up to him, he told them he had “accidentally kicked the door open.”

He also told them he “”regretted his actions” but was “extremely upset” because his ex-fiancee had broken into his home first.

His ex-fiancee, who is not named in the news reports, said she did not break into his home, but had merely entered the home to retrieve some personal possessions after having moved out with her baby.

Barresi was also charged with second degree criminal damage to property. He was released from jail Wednesday after posting $15,000 bond.

He is due back in court on December 30 for his preliminary hearing.