South Florida cops were arresting a legless, wheelchair-bound woman for trespassing when they dropped her on the ground, leaving the handcuffed woman on the ground for more than a minute as the woman demanded they help her up.

But instead of helping her up, one Miami-Dade police officer turned to a man video recording the incident, demanding to know what he was doing.

The man, Jay King, told them he was waiting for his friend, so the cop left him alone, but still did not bother trying to help the handcuffed woman back on her wheelchair, whose legs were amputated because of diabetes.

The woman accused them of slamming her to the ground, but the cops said she was at fault for that, even though she was handcuffed and legless.

The incident took place Saturday night in front of a gas station where 52-year-old Mary Brown was panhandling. The video was posted today on local media.

Now the Miami-Dade Police Department is saying they need “additional resources to aid them in facilitating the transport of disabled individuals.”

In other words, they want more money to train them to do something they should have learned in the academy.

According to WSVN, which was the first to report the story:

Mary said her legs were amputated from the knee down because of diabetes. She lives a few blocks down from a South Miami-Dade gas station, where she panhandles.

Miami-Dade Police said they were arresting her for trespassing, Saturday. According to Brown, they didn’t know how to properly handle someone in a wheelchair.

“I asked for help, help, help, over and over again,” Brown said. “No one came.”

Jay King, who took the video of the arrest, said the officers should’ve helped Brown up.

“It doesn’t have to go that far to where you can’t at least pick her up off the floor,” King said. “No matter what she did, it wasn’t that bad.”

Miami-Dade Police said they reviewed the video and released a statement that says they “realized that as an agency we need to provide our law enforcement officers additional resources to aid them in facilitating the transport of disabled individuals, so that situations such as these are handled in a more amicable manner in the future.”

The cops eventually called an ambulance to transport her to jail and she was released the following morning.

The cops were wearing body cams but those videos have not been released.

UPDATE: Miami-Dade police released body cam footage from the incident, which is the first video posted below, above the original video.