Detroit police dragged a woman face-up off a Delta flight Monday morning in the latest viral video of police interaction with the public.

In the video, an officer drags the woman by her wrists up the carpeted aisle. At the front of the plane, a second officer grabs the passenger’s ankles and lifts her through the exit.

Delta Air Lines states the passenger was removed for failing to comply “with boarding and baggage check procedures.”

During Delta Flight 2083’s departure preparation that morning from Detroit to San Diego, the unnamed woman displayed aggression towards the attendants, NBC News reports.

Passengers on the flight added that the woman walked past gate agents without showing identification.

Officials confirmed passengers’ accounts that the woman boarded the plane without showing her ticket or identification, prompting an initial call for Delta personnel.

When Delta employees approached the woman, they say she became uncooperative and belligerent.

The woman refused to leave the plane after police arrived on the scene, which led to police forcibly removing her while another passenger recorded the incident with his cell phone.

One passenger is overheard saying in the video”Oh, my God” as police drag the woman down the aisle with her eyes partly rolled back. Passengers can also be heard talking about a taser being deployed, but that is not evident on the video nor was it confirmed by police.

The flight was able to continue without commotion, reaching its destination in San Diego only with a slight delay.

Delta spokesman, Trebor Banstetter, confirmed with ABC News the passenger failed to comply with procedures and removed from the flight, issuing the following statement:

“Delta Flight 2083 DTW to SAN incurred a slight departure delay due to a passenger not complying with boarding and baggage check procedures. The passenger was removed by local law enforcement, and the flight was able to continue without further incident.”

The woman remains in custody under pending charges according to Delta spokesman Anthony Black.

Twitter users are accusing Delta and Detroit Airport Police of using extreme and “abusive” measures to remove the woman from the aircraft. Users point out that the same harsh treatment was not used on a man previously using misogynistic slurs on women and Trump supporters on another Delta flight heading to Pennsylvania in November.

However, that passenger ended up banned for life from Delta.

Delta has not released another statement concerning the latest incident.