Tennessee sheriff’s deputy Daniel Hendrix had just turned 26 and was partying it up with two off-duty female cops when things went sour, resulting in him being shot and killed by police early Wednesday morning.

The Hamilton County sheriff’s deputy apparently became “enraged” while celebrating with the two off-duty female cops from the Chattanooga Police Department, according to the Times Free Press.

He then pulled out a gun and began threatening the women, which prompted them to flee the home and call 911.

That prompted two on-duty Chattanooga cops responding to the scene, who found him still holding the gun, refusing to drop it.

That was when they shot and killed him. The home is owned by a Chattanooga cop.

Two years ago, Hendrix was arrested for assaulting a female inmate he was transporting to jail, resulting in him being placed on unpaid administrative leave, according to the Times Free Press.

He was also indicted by a grand jury for that incident, but those records were expunged and he was quietly brought back to duty.

In other words, it was all swept under the Thin Blue Line carpet.

But assaulting an inmate is one thing. Threatening fellow cops is another thing.

And that is why he is no longer among the living.