Sunday, May 14, 2017, Ricardo Levins Morales captures a Minneapolis Metro Transit Officer on video, asking a man under suspicion of not paying his fare for the train, about his immigration status. Mr Morales then interjects and asks, “if they are authorized to act as immigration police?” the officer simply shrugs his shoulders, as if he did not know if he is or if he is not. The Officer then responds “No, Not Necessarily” Then Morales continues and tells the Officer that “it is very touchy, legal territory” the Officer responds as if he did not hear Morales, so he repeats himself, “ I would stay out of that, it is touchy legal territory” and “ I would not act in behalf of another agency, if , I were not legally empowered to do so “ the Officer’s response “Okay”.


Metro Transit’s Police Chief John Harrington release a statement…….



Without this video, this individual would still be employed and able to continue acting outside his scope of authority, creating issues in the community and liabilities for his employer. Chief Harrington should be commended on his swift decision to terminate this person.