Philando Castile’s crime was being born a black man in an age where bigotry and racism should be a thing of the past and yet it oozes and seeps out from the cracks and the holes in the façade, that is used to disguise it under the guise of Law and Order.

Philando Castile

Just a few days after Independence Day on July 6th, 2016 Philando, Diamond Reynolds, and their little girl were returning home from shopping when they encountered Officer Jeronimo Yanez , the person that would end Philando’s life and forever changed Diamond and his little girl’s lives in just 62 seconds.

Diamond Reynolds and Daughter

According to the dash camera video and Officer Jeronimo Yanez‘s statement, the traffic stop was initiated because ” I just knew that the driver matched the physical! Description.”

And that is why 62 seconds later after asking for identification and being told by Philando that he was armed legally, Yanez summarily executed Philando for absolutely no reason other than his own cowardice after Yanez profiled Philando Castile.  Some will say that Yanez is also a person of color and they would 100% correct his color is blue