If only this happened every time a law enforcement officer was caught doing something questionable, we would live in a very different time, but sadly that is not the case.

What started off as a Facebook live stream with an Uncle and his Nephew, hanging out listening to some jams and acting the fool, resulted in a paid suspension and eventually the officer resigning. A 20-year career ended by a video.

This has all happened since Monday, May 29, 2017, “Memorial Day” when former Mission Police Officer Manuel Casas was captured on video, with a person who has been identified as his nephew, jamming to music while singing along. As the 20 minute video progresses, it really does not seem to be any big deal until the nephew breaks out a baggie of what appears to be cannabis and calls it drugs. The cherry on top is when, during the video the nephew tells Casas there are “cops” around, to which Casas responds, “I am a cop — like, hello!”