UPDATE: Related to a story titled “Man on Fire, Attacked By Police”, Mayor Steven Fulop ordered the suspension of four Jersey City Police Officers including a Lieutenant with 24 years experience for “acting outside of guidelines” this suspension is very rare, as it is without the benefit of being paid. Suspended were: Lieutenant Keith Ludwig and Officers M.D. Khan, Erik Kosinski and Francisco Rodriguez.

According to a report from ABC 7,

Fulop and Jersey City Public Safety Director James Shea said they had concluded the officers violated several guidelines during the chase.

Shea said Ludwig, a 24-year veteran of the force, has an “excellent” record, and that the four officers, one of whom has been on the force for a year, “are average police officers.” He didn’t say if any had had previous disciplinary violations, and he wouldn’t say if any of the suspended officers were the ones seen on video kicking Feliz.

“We repeat our call for a full and impartial investigation into this incident,” Carmine Disbrow, president of the Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association, said in an email to the Associated Press. “Unfortunately Mayor Fulop continues to indicate that he has no intention of allowing this to be the case.”

M.D. Khan, booking image June 2016 “armed robbery”

In a side matter, Officer M.D. Khan was charged and arrested in June of 2016 accused of committing the act of armed robbery against his brother in law as reported on NJ.com