Canton, Ohio police officers responding to a report of suspicious individuals, shot a teenager he claims that he saw a gun in the dark, the body camera video starts with the officer running in the dark after someone with no light or warning and then he starts yelling “get down” and then the shooting starts. The video continues to document a foot pursuit that lasts a few more seconds when the shooting victim is trapped against a wooden fence. The accused, Jashaun Malik Nickol can be seen lying on the ground writhing in pain grabbing his leg, where he was shot by the officer claiming he a saw gun.


The common story of officers claiming to see dangerous things in immediately fear for their life and how they respond by shooting. In this case, the victim survived and has been charged. I have not read anywhere that a firearm has been recovered or even discussed by the Canton Police Department.

Jashaun Malik Nickol


This is likely another case where the citizens will have to foot the bill while on enforcement continues to act as if every citizen is out to kill them.